Wingsuit Flying Video – Dangerous Pastime

Wingsuit Flying Video

This video is excellent and really gives you a feel for how dangerous this sport is. The jumper is Espen Fadnes, the world champion wingsuit flyer, about his life and how he evolved into the sport of wingsuit flying.

Typical rebel, probably a right-brain dominant, frustrated with boring, dull commonplace lifestyles/activities and found the one activity/passion that didn’t bore him — flying by rocks at 110 mph.

Their lifestyle is an interesting thing to study. Some of them travel the world visiting incredible spots such as Rio De Janeiro, Hintisberg, Stryn, and Tianmen Mountain. They like living in the moment with no awareness of the past or future, and I guess that’s a vital component of any risky behaviour — being forced or compelled into the moment.

(We’re taught to assume that right brain dominance is the result of brain damage at birth. Really, this is the traditional view of anyone who doesn’t conform to normal conservative behaviours. In fact, these guys might actually normal for human beings, giving us insight into what has been cut out of what a human being should be like. They sure like having fun. Our culture and beliefs erase much of our natural selves. It’s just interesting to see what people are like without enculturation. And I’m not talking about bizarre, freakish behaviour — I’m refering to natural behaviour).


The Viper has been designed for pilots who want the maximum flight performance in distance and time. The unsurpassed flight capability of the suit make the Viper the weapon of choice for experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers and competitive wingsuit skydivers.

They don’t seem to plan ahead too much but they know they need a certain amount of height to get flying and maneuver. On that basis, they really are taking a gamble. I’d think you’d want to have topographical maps and plot out every element of the flight line. That’s how I’d approach it. But I guess these guys are good enough to get it done without extensive down to the inch flight paths.

Each of them is trying to outdo the others for stunts which steadily increases the risk. Some fo them are flying through small holes in mountains for instance, or knocking balloons near the ground.

They will have to plan things more carefully. The wingsuit superstars of tomorrow will be very intelligent, and have good analytical skills which isn’t typical of the personality types of these wingsuit pioneers. The suits will evolve too and the flyers will be very thin. Less weight gives more flight time = more stunts in one run.

It’s a really exciting sport for sure and they’ll find a way to make it more safe.  They’d better because there’s a lot of guys getting into this.

See more wingsuit flying by Jokke Sommer and Jeb Corliss. You can see their

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