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4K Digital Marketing is the Next Wave for Realtors and Travel Companies

High Definition Yet One more Advantage for Smart Realtors and Travel Agents

It seems almost a monthly event where new technology impacts web design, video,  or digital marketing. The recent leap in TV and tablet display technology called 4K or ultra HD TV is one such development that will have an impact on web design and the web experience people expect.

Luxury real estate agents should pay closer attention to 4K and the corresponding boom in Internet bandwidth being ushered in. It’s exactly these technology waves that successful people surf on. This is where the big money is made.

Smart people see these waves coming.

For realtors and travel companies, 4K is a powerful way to produce engaging content, lift Google rankings, drive social media engagement and reach, and generate new leads.

And this is just the latest way of uplifting your marketing strategy, growing leads, and creating an unbeatable unique value proposition — one bit of progress that could enable all the other areas of progress. I see it as a platform for taking your entire business to a new level.

Hi Def’s Already Here, but 4K is next

4K has been around for a while, however it’s just in 2015 that sales of hi resolution displays have rocketed (up 143%). They’re getting ready to produce 8K displays, just so you know!
The amazing hi definition clarity is 4 times that of HDTV. And the colour range, low power LED and very fast refresh rates (120 Hz) that the latest 4K displays and new smartphones/tablets enable a whole new level of visual experience. And the new smartphones put 4k right into your hands.

For those marketing luxury properties, and those in the travel and entertainment marketing field, 4K HD is a new pipeline to wealthy consumers. First marketing adopters build a first to market advantage, so you should get a jump on this one or another wave will pass you by.

It’s the affluent with a taste for new technology and extraordinary experiences in particular who are first consumer adopters of these TVs and devices. Cable networks are already paving the way for broadcasts in 4K HD. Rogers is offering a new service for $250/month in 2016. The vivid clarity of 4K is eye grabbing. It does make a better emotional impact. And if it’s more engaging, it’s more persuasive as a marketing medium.

4K Marketing to Wow Homebuyers and Travellers

Using 4K HD in your Web designs, home listings, and videos, or travel destination videos is definitely taking things to the next level. And I combine travel and real estate deliberately because the wealthy see them as an integral part of their lifestyle. And foreign buyers must travel to view your properties. You need to prove to them it’s going to be a worthwhile trip.

And of course, travel agents can make big waves on their own by using 4K travel videos.

A first time approach to 4K marketing might be to incorporate 4K property pictures and property videos into your blogs. Your IDX listings likely won’t have anything 4K soon. The bandwidth needed is ridiculous. This is probably something you and your HD web designer will need to do yourself. There are drone videographers who have 4K cameras and editing equipment, so they’re ready when you are.

Fast adoption of HD Tvs/displays/tablets in Asia and the US means home buyers and travel consumers will gravitate to websites and Youtube pages that use 4K. Your current website and social pages probably won’t look too hot in the new displays. You’ll cringe when you see them.

As for your own selling aid, (e.g., your new iPad), these new higher resolution devices can create a more compelling experience for homebuyers that you’re showing homes to. Your own brand will rise by riding the crest of this new technology.

And for foreign property investors looking at what you have to sell in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto, it means giving them a more reassuring look into available investment property from downtown condos with sweeping views expansive countryside or seaside estates. Nothing hidden — total transparency that builds trust. It’s all about trust in the $1 millon+ market.

There are 2 million real estate agents and travel brokers in the Americas. How many will ignore great opportunities when they appear? I hope you’re one that decides to incorporate 4K into your value proposition, spruce up your Google rankings, multiply your mls views, and supercharge your social media results.

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