YouTube to MP3 Conversion Sites

Hoping to enjoy more music you can take with you on a walk, drive, hike, or when working remotely?

YouTube offers an incredible selection of music in every music genre imaginable and you’re sure to find new ones and new groups/artists you’ve never heard before. It’s a fact that most music listeners are first introduced to new music via YouTube.


It’s the world’s 2nd most popular search engine with billions of searches monthly. Don’t forget to bookmark my blog, as we will be releasing a post on how to rank high on YouTube — a YouTube ranking strategy which is vital for music artists hoping to create revenue on the platform. You might consider it another type of advanced SEO.

For those Who Can’t Always Stream Everything: Download Converter Sites Have a Place

While YouTube is generally a good experience, the frustrating part is that it’s not practical to stream videos from your mobile phone or via cell connection in your car radio.  And you can’t always rely on your cell provider’s wireless physical coverage to give you consistent access.

One drive through the mountains or a long jet trip leaves you without your favorite music. That’s just not right. But Google considers YouTube videos as its property or the artist/creator’s property, and thus be legally able to shut these sites out of the Google search rankings (due to YouTube’s terms of service).

Downloading videos is a grey area legally. And most videos are large files, after all, they’re meant to be visual entertainment as much as audio.

So while some listeners can use live streaming to enjoy their music, many others have technical limitations. Using a YouTube video converter is a great way to capture the song in the MP3 or MP4 format and store it on your laptop or mobile device to play with your audio app.

YouTube’s Music Streaming Isn’t Always a Viable Choice

When you live stream a YouTube video on a mobile device, YouTube forces the screen to be on while you’re listening. It won’t play in the background. In effect, it will run your device’s battery down quickly because of power used for cell phone tower reception, powering your ear buds, and the screen being on. You might get a half hour at most of music enjoyment before your battery runs out.

For all of these reasons, it’s better to download the YouTube Video to play later in your audio app, running in the background thus using very little energy. You can play your songs and compilations as many times as you want and anywhere you want to.

A YouTube to MP3/MP4 converter is a service we love to have and these sites are very popular.

Thankfully, there are a a host of online video conversion websites available to assist you in converting your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 audio formats. MP4 format may offer much higher quality sound vs MP3 format, but most users are happy with MP3 music quality.

Warnings About Online File Conversion Sites

Before you surf to these URLs below, remember that some of them are shady and even criminal. They may try to infect your device or hard drive, or send you to malicious websites. Do not visit them until you have a high quality virus scanner and firewall protecting your device.

If you’re using a public WIFI, be extra careful, and consider using a quality VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to protect you from harm.

Each of these listed YouTube video converter websites comes with specific capabilities and risks. Almost all of them try to redirect you to another page where they hope you’ll click on something so they can make money. But those redirects are often opportunities to infect your device with unauthorized code, viruses, apps, or cookies to disturb your browser and abuse your trust.

You can check the site for serious issues by using SUCURI’s malware scanner at ( SUCURI is a tool used by the pros!

Uncertain Outcomes

Some of the conversion sites will not deliver the MP3/MP4 file and you’ll get a dead response. Others will take a long time, so you’ll need patience. Others still will create your file and make it ready very quickly with no hassles. Some ask for a trial subscription to their software which may be fair if you’re downloading many files. They just want to send you some email offers, or they could spam your email box too!

If you’re confused about what to do on the video converter website, that’s not good. It may be designed to trick you. If everything is not laser clear to you, leave the site and close that browser tab.

Scan Your File for Viruses and Malware

After you download files, it’s wise to scan the downloaded mp3 files with your web security software.  Also delete your cookies and history in your Edge, Safari, Firefox or Chrome browser. If you don’t, you might experience some new surfing delays or browser freezes which means you must clear your cookies! The worst is if they actually install some malware on your computer which could create an opening for malicious hackers.

The downloader website owners might complain that you used their service for free and didn’t trade for fair value. They might show legitimate banner ads which if you clicked on, would generate some AdSense cash for them.

Remember, it could be worse if you actually click on some of those links on a redirect page. Google may not know about the page being redirected too and can’t help you. Sleazy operators may try to trick you with fake download buttons, which are actually ads or buttons which launch a virus. An advertisement is alright but the other malicious attacks are not acceptable.

Just because the site ranks at the top of Google or Bing search results does not mean it won’t attack your browser. If Google allows these dangerous websites in its index, then perhaps they don’t like users downloading YouTube’s essential property even though the content isn’t really theirs. It’s a strange lack of validation that allows some of these bad sites to rank in Google results thus gain legitimacy with search users.

You will have to try several of them. Some won’t convert YouTube video files over a certain byte size. Many times you’ll be required to download a software app to allow you to convert those big files of more than 100MB (about an hour long YouTube video).

Of recent, Google has blocked many of these file conversion sites, but no details are provided about that. Certainly, it’s good if they’re blocking those proven to be malicious.

The whole YouTube to MP3/MP4 controversy thickens when we learn that YouTube Premium service allows you to do the very same downloading of music videos for offline consumption. There is no limits on videos and music you can download via your Premium account. It’s a good deal!

So if the risk of FREE YouTube converter sites is too much to bear, you may want to pay the YouTube Premium monthly subscription price, which is pretty reasonable really.

  1. ytmp3cc may be one of the top file download sites online. It often has monthly visitors over a million, however as this graphic below from tells us, they may have received a sudden penalty for bad behavior, which they seem to have recovered from. That may be a good sign, or could be something else.  We don’t know, yet when you try to convert your YouTube file, you’ll get pop ups and warnings. And there is a button that will download an installer file on your device, so this isn’t good. Be careful on this site.
  2. Works fast but redirects you to which results in an additional firewall warning:

    I typically download the file anyway, trusting that Norton 360 has everything covered, however they may not actually have it covered.
    Online Video Converter as you can see in this graphic allows you to download in a variety of audio quality, and you can also download videos from Vimeo. It failed twice when I tried and a malicious website warning came up, and the page redirected to a suspicious download page with links that were blind. I’ve had bad experiences on this site and Spyfu reports it has lost its traffic.  I would avoid this (fake video download site).
  4.  youtubemp3free is free, fast and seems legit. It has redirects, but didn’t create warnings.
  5. has the same response as other undesirable file conversion sites, with a redirect to which hopes to install something unpleasant on your browser. Here is the suspicious page you’ll encounter (don’t click on those links):
  6. offers a YouTube to mp3 conversion, but it will redirect you to another site.
    YTMP3FREE delivers the file, and hits you with pop ups and a page with AdSense ads. Keep in mind, that Google Adsense has strict policies regarding pages where their ads are displayed. So the redirect to is okay because they can make a little money for you using their server. They spawned no malware warnings on my download.
  7. is yet one more sketchy download site you should avoid. They could go legit and put ad banners in the page and do very well, but instead they redirect you to something seriously dangerous, according to Norton Firewall. It’s important to stop right away and close the tab in your browser window. Don’t take chances.  Red is never a good color.
  8.  This French download converter site lets you download quick, but it spawns an alert and spawns a new page that never loads. That might be a bad sign. Close the tab and scan your music file.

Installable Youtube Video Conversion Software

In addition to online youtube to MP3/MP4 conversion tools, there are downloadable software apps you might use as well. These sites must be verified by Sucuri, and validated by a software rating site.

And you can find fantastic music on SoundcloudBandcamp, Beatport and Spotify. Enjoy your music but don’t forget to support the actual artists as they need the funds to make more of the tracks you love.

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