Wasaga Beach 2013

Only 8 weeks left in the summer so I decided I’d better go visit my cousin up in Wasaga Beach on Saturday afternoon.  Wasaga — the icon of summer and wicked sun burns.

It was warm enough but not much sunshine this weekend unfortunately. Took some pics with my old iPhone. The water was warm enough for a good number of swimmers.

Bob and Jane are so lucky to live here and they travel down south to Florida and Texas during the winter. Lots of golf for Bob. What a great life that would be.

Para Surf Boarding at Wasaga

Had the good fortune of meeting a parasail surfing instructor and watching him teach a couple how to para surf.  They picked it up pretty good so this seems to be an accessible sport for anyone. I’ve wanted to learn this sport so just checking out the prices. It all comes  down to money. If I’ve got the dough, it’s a done deal.

They need to inflate the sail they use. That keeps it above water when they’re out there. Not sure how hard it is to get going again once it falls in the water, but I’m sure you learn the technique soon enough. The water’s shallow too so you can stand up and get it to work.  Some areas of Wasaga Beach don’t have many swimmers, especially before the big summer rush.

Sorry about the pic quality. This is from my aging iPhone3S.

parasail-surfing2There are some beautiful homes in Wasaga Beach as well. Wasaga Beach real estate is a affordable but it’s mostly retirees and millionaires that are moving here. They have their own Walmart and Superstore now so the community is self-sufficient. Far cry from the old days of simple shanty like beach bungalows when I was a kid. We sure loved going here as a kid. I don’t know how my mother afforded a beach rental back then. She was amazing.

Here’s an exceptionally beautiful home I thought you might enjoy seeing. It was open house not surprisingly, but I didn’t have time to go in. I was walking around beaches 4, 5 and 6.  This 50 Dunkerron Ave and goes for a reasonable $849,000!

wasaga-beach-real-estate2There’s plenty of water sports including Sea Doing, and Kayaking going on.


When you’re there, visit Grandma’s Beach Treats for an ice cream cone. The ice cream has incredible flavour. Not sure what’s in it, but it tastes so unique and fresh.



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