Sarnia and the Blue Water Bridge

Millions of people cross over the Blue Water Bridge between Sarnia and Port Huron, Michigan every year. It’s a major transportation route to the US. Sarnia is a nice place. My parents liked nice places and this is where I was born.

We were going to go out on a 50 foot sailing ship with Bob’s cousin, Mike, the skipper, but he felt the conditions were’nt good so we didn’t get out on Monday. Too bad, I was really looking forward to my first time on a sail boat. But we understand about Mike’s health ability to handle the rough seas. It looked like an approaching storm.

His boat is more like a yacht. It apparently has everything automated so the captain can control the sails and masts from his easy chair. If I get out for a cruise, then I’ll certainly post the pictures here.

The roving Collins family.  We are part Gypsy. My parents lived in Port Credit in Toronto, Point Edward in Sarnia, and Allendale in Barrie. These are 3 of the most beautiful towns in Ontario. My mother said they liked the water. I have to agree. Living near the water is better. Sitting on the shoreline is very soothing and boating is fun.


Bluewater Bridge  in Point Edward crossing over to Port Huron Michigan

My mother had 10 kids. My father fought the Germans for 5 years in Europe during World War 2. And he had rheumatic fever as a child which ruined his heart valves, yet he still went through the stress of deadly combat for 5 years. How can you do anything in your life that would compare with what they did? It makes our lives seem insignificant except for the fact that we were their hopes and dreams.

Sarnia, Ontario

I still have a whole separate family here. I went for a visit and stayed at my sister in-laws place (that’s a story in itself), and went to two big parties that weekend.

One party was out in Bright’s Grove, just north of Sarnia, where Mike Weir is from. He’s the head pro at a golf course there. I’m a Mike Weir fan. Too bad he’s lost it. Golf really needs a good guy like him. I suspect Mike has the life he really wants with his wife, not the pro tour. The party was for a save the turtle charity (down in the Caribbean somewhere.) I asked if it was for the turtles down at Canatera Park, and it got a few laughs. Seriously.

The party was at my sister in-law’s landscaper’s property, and a little like a bush party with the big bon-fire. They hired a reggae band for the evening.

I met two lovely women from Bright’s Grove (one’s daughter was about to go to Toronto for the Miss Teen Canada competition). We invited her and her friend to our family party, the next day at MJ’s house. This woman was nice so the daughter must be a great girl. She’s pretty, but there’s more to it than beauty.

MJ’s House

MJ’s house is beautiful, extraordinary really and few people have the luck to experience living like this. This place is a story unto itself. Well, here’s some pictures of this fantastic place that she and her second husband built from a dilapidated property that was up for sale. They put a lot of sweat equity into this one and it was worth it. Hard work that must have tested her religious beliefs.  It’s amazing though and you can see that it has tons of character. A playground for kids (and adults).

I enjoyed leisurely floating around this pool for hours. That’s MJ, Bob and Lynn relaxing next to the house.


The landscaper did a nice job on the property. It was a great setting for a party of 70 people! My nieces, nephews, and their kids along with Lilly and Betty were there too. The kids had a great time in the pool. Sorry, taking pics would be too invasive of their privacy.mjs-pool2


What a kitchen and dining area, with direct access to the pool. The ultimate place to retire really. Get your laptop and newspaper out on the deck and a drink and you’ve got the best situation possible.mjs-kitchen



Okay, let’s head over to Canatera Park. When we were kids, my older brothers and sisters lived at this park on the beaches.


The Lighthouse over on Port Huron. Port Huron has a brand new region with great restaurants and shopping, just up the shoreline a few miles.port-huron-lighthouse

That’s the Pt Edward Casino below in the distance. We had breakfast there the next day. The restaurant has an outdoor patio next to the river. You can watch all the freighters, speed boats, sail boats, dingys and jet skis passing by.sarnia-casino

A great view from Bob’s building down on the Waterfront.sarniadowntown

This is a house on the side of Canatera Park. Had to take a picture because it is so beautiful. Very original, with character and a stone facade which made it look grand.canatera-park-beautiful-hou

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Do you have any thoughts or memories of the blue water bridge and the point edward area? How about Canatera Park? I’ll bet you do.  Did you know they have debit card capability at one of the new chip trucks under the bridge?


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