Retro Thursday — Phil Collins & Genesis

collins-phil-photo-phil-collins-6202244You probably know who Phil Collins is. Your kids would know his voice for sure. He’s an English rocker from the 70’s believe it or not.  His life makes a very fascinating story.

When you see the video below, you’ll see how the Disney people got the idea for the spate of kids fantasy movies during the last 15 years. Watch the video and listen to the lyrics. “beast that could talk, read the sign.” He’s not the usual musician. He created the musical and lyric foundation for a whole generation of kids —- Generation Y.

How many kids were put in front of TVs with video recorders/dvd players with cartoon movies with Phil Collins songs and lyrics? All of them. He’s in the childhood memory of a whole generation. That’s why we loved Genesis music too. It was rich with real meaning. And the music was exceptional. That’s why the music/movie producers picked him.

Genesis was a Top Musical Group for many Years

The group Genesis was a top rock music group in the mid 70’s to the 90’s. They appeared on Saturday Night Live with a weird song and act by Peter Gabriel who later left the band.  The band was very talented musically but they needed something new so the got a new drummer named Phil Collins. They couldn’t have known how much he would change their course or the level of success they would achieve, particularly Collins himself. He had tremendous and seemingly endless talent. He was the future and they followed.

At first Collins wasn’t allowed to write songs. Fortunately, his voice sounded a lot like Peter Gabriel’s which was very handy since a lot of Genesis fans were angry about his departure.  The emotional debate about Gabriel leaving the band went on for decades and the band members were worn out by it.

Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford owned the Genesis name and they began to defer to Collins to shape the band into one of the most commercially successful ever. The band needed a new direction, one where the songs were more like pop music and shorter in length for radio. As the years passed, it was apparent that Phil Collins had the panache and skills they needed. They couldn’t foresee of course that Phil Collins would be the music producer for endless Disney type kids movies in a couple of decades.

The era of long ballads would disappear, but Genesis would be the last to leave it.  Here’s a song that shows what Phil Collins was beginning to bring to the band. It is still the typical Genesis song (but without the booming heavy keyboards). It’s a fun ballad off of an album that was truly excellent. Genesis always had great lyrics with a real story. A trick of the tail. The place he sought in the deep distance, was his home.They got no horns and they got no tail.”

And this is from one of those kids movies he did the music scores for. There’s so many of them, they lost count.

And one of their biggest commercial, radio hits “Turn it on Again.”

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