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More Supplements!?

Of course. Look, your food doesn’t give you what you really need. And you’re getting older and your digestive system just doesn’t extract what it used to.  If you’re young and eat junk, drink too much booze, and don’t exercise vigorously, that’s not natural. By the way, there’s chemicals in your salad, milk, water, juice, bread, chicken and fish.

Anything you ingest from our food and water system is deadly.

Starting now with supplements is like opening up a savings account for your retirement.  Your number one goal should be to keep your arteries clean. Next, you want to keep your blood pressure down and add as many anti-oxidants as you can. From blueberries to grapeseed to krill, you can load your system up with supplements that will protect your tissues from free-radical damage. You can supercharge your liver with MSM and lecithin.

I’m trying out some new supplements: K-2, Probiotics, and Male Energy.

A lot of people have trouble with calcium build-ups, whether athletes or people who consume dairy products or whose biology just doesn’t handle calcium well. Vitamin K-2 helps to control calcium issues.  Calcium is a component of heart disease so the danger shouldn’t be taken lightly. Anything that ends up in your arteries is bad news.

Brad King’s Ultimate Energy is cocktail of ingredients designed to help men.
They help to increase testosterone and retard estrogen. It has citrus-bioflavinoids, chrysine, broccoli, nettle extract, holy basil, quercetin.  Now can anything that contains “holy basil” be all that bad? Well, the only problem is the pills smell like mothballs, so you have to pick and choose the time you consume them. How about Saturday morning before breakfast:)

Probiotics are biologically active bacteria that are beneficial to our digestive system. They break down food in our digestive tract, yet many of the good bacteria are killed off for many reasons. Then the bad bacteria take over. That’s when you get bad smells coming from your breath.

It’s probably not your mouth, teeth, or nasal region, it’s your lower digestive tract.  Natural Factor’s Acidophilus & Bifidus is a potent mix that can regenerate your good bacteria count. From what I can tell so far, this does work. One problem though, it gives you the farts bad. And it’s the sulphurous kind too, that the police might use to disperse crowds. Ha, ha, good luck with this one:)


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