Google Glass – Alternative to Go Pro?

Catch all the action when you’re mountain biking, on a roller coaster, or going to a concert with Go Pro cameras.  You can wear them on your chest or head allowing you to make some great video.  They are fairly pricey but are the dream of every mountain biker. I wouldn’t even mind wearing one while playing tennis. No one’s done that yet.


But Google Glass is coming out soon. So would you buy an HD Go Pro Hero3 for $200 and up, or wait for the Google Glass which will have an HD camera but a $1500 price tag! Youch, maybe if I win a lottery.

Of course, it will let you connect to the Internet and have GPS and other info at your disposal.

If you’re not up on it Google Glass is a device built into a pair of eye glasses. The device project an image on the right  frame. So you can see info about things you’re looking at. It could tell you where the local Tim Horton’s is or the phone number of a restaurant you’re passing by. This is just basic stuff. The potential of glass is vast. It has a microphone and speakers too.

You can video your ride down whatever trail or mountain you’re on. If you’re hang gliding, wingsuit flying, pole vaulting, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, or watching a concert, you’ll have some great video.  It’d be great while you’re travelling. No need for a clunky camera.

There’s plenty of jokes about people on dates videoing each other while talking to their Google Glass. Yes, you can do voice searches on Google with it too.

$1500 is a lot of money. However, you could do all you need to do with the glasses and then sell them to someone else. Although, right now, Google makes buyers sign a waiver saying they won’t sell their glasses on eBay or somewhere.

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