Enthusiasm!!! Learning and Improving Performance

Enthusiasm!!! Learning and Improving Performance

Oh those awful times when we lose our enthusiasm. We lose the vision and our spirit. We lose the connection between what we’re doing now and where we want to be.

enthusiasmSpirit and enthusiasm. How do you get em back once you’ve begun a tailspin into the blahs?  Sometimes your friends, family and even coworkers inspire you and give you momentum. Some people just seem to have a natural enthusiasm regardless of how their situation looks. Somehow, their optimism is intact and on course.

But you can’t always wait for someone else to put you back on the launch pad. You need to figure it out and get back at it. See these 10 ways to get your enthusiasm back.

When my nephews were very young, I asked them if they were going to play hockey. They said no, not interested. We like racing cars. Undaunted, I kept at them “Are you sure you don’t want to play hockey.”

Eventually I got them to play in the garage and pretended I was the hockey announcer glorifying their every move and goal (despite getting slashed in the shins).

It wasn’t too long before they were obsessed with hockey. They lived, breathed, and ate hockey. And they became very good hockey players.  I’m not going to say my enthusiasm was how it all happened but I know it helped.

Sports teams use enthusiasm as a tool with the pregame rally.  So your state of enthusiasm is likely a good predictor of your motivation, spirit and the outcome for your career.  Anyone who is fascinating, memorable, positive and driven likely possesses a good measure of enthusiasm. And when we’re depressed, our enthusiasm is crushed resulting in diminished creativity , poor sleep, lack of vision, and an inability to persist.

Enthusiasm probably is the only teacher you need.