University of Toronto Campus

University of Toronto

The University of  Toronto has been a hallowed institution for a very long time.  The value of a university education has been downplayed considerably but it still has a lot cachet with the corporate crowd. A U of T autographed decree gets some HR people foaming at the mouth. My credentials could give some people a Gran Mal seizure too.

Took me a long time, but I’m finally a student at U of T! Well, part time anyway. Studying advertising copywriting. Some very smart people in the class coming from a variety of backgrounds including TV. Looking forward to the full course.

For those of you not from Toronto, a lot of visitors like it and I’ll bet they like some of the buildings they see at U of T. The U of T campus is big and has some interesting architecture such as Gothic Revival,  from more than a century ago. It is a real neat place to go to school. The buildings are loaded with character and the classrooms really feel like it’s 1930. Our classroom window doesn’t even close properly.

Right in downtown Toronto, it’s close to all the buzz in T.O.

Do you watch the TV show Castle? Well, the lead actress Stana Katic, a Canadian, actually studied at the U of T.

Stana Katic of Castle – She studied biology and international law at the University of Toronto.

Okay, enough fun, let’s check out some of that amazing building architecture. This is convocation hall.


Here’s the old Vic building at Victoria College. Pretty scary but very cool

This is Hart House from the outside. This is where I get my coffee and muffin:)

Whoa, it’s the Great Hall at Hart House. I’m sure Harry Potter is roaming around here somewhere.

They have a lot of weddings here. You’d think this guy would have bigger smile!

Here’s the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Ask the librarian for a book from the very top row.


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