The Perfect Flight

Wingsuit Flying coming to TV

Jokke Sommer is starring in a new TV show entitled The Perfect Flight. It’s a series to be aired starting in October on EpicTV the home of Extreme Sports.  Jokke’s the best, from Norway and he will be doing wingsuit flights with Espen Fadnes, and Jokke’s filming buddy Ludovic Woerth.  Should be really exciting to get up close with these amazing guys as they take flight in exotic locales around the world.

Visit their Perfect Flight Facebook page. Jokke is sponsored by Red Bull.  You can see the TV show teaser here.


Amazing flyby in Rio De Janeiro with Jokke Sommer

Here’s Jokke in Rio De Janeiro. Have a look at the tv ads he did for Vodaphone in Europe. These scenes were also used in his Dreamlines III video.Take a look at some of the amazing flights they’ve taken.  Learn more about Wingsuits and watch a collection of wingsuit flying videos. Here they are in China at Tianmen Mountain.


Looks like an amazing lifestyle, but they have to work. It looks like wingsuit flying is going to go through a popularity boost. But just getting to know these guys and seeing them live out their dream is fun enough for us. Jeb Corlis’s flight through a hole in Tianmen mountain now past 10 million views on Youtube!  See female wingsuit flyer Roberta Mancino.

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