International Living – Living in Central America

International Living – Living in Central America

Living and Retiring in the Tropics?

If you’re looking for a good real estate investment opportunity, you might want to check out International Living Magazine or Viva Tropical. They specialize in helping investors and retiries around the world to investigate buying Central American vacation and retirement properties. Watch out for scams of course, but you might find great deals on vacation condos and retirement properties if you’re intelligent and thorough.

Central American destinations like Costa Rica are growing in popularity as baby boomers tire of the cold North American winters.  Two publications offer a lot to their readers on the central American real estate market.  Although Costa Rica has been the kingpin of real estate investment in this region, there are other countries that are becoing more favourable for investment, even as an immigration investor.

Another good source of Central American real estate investment is They’ve got a wealth of articles, podcasts, and new on countries such as Costa Rica, Equador, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Belize and more.

Check out more info on retiring in Costa Rica and which US cities are best to invest in.

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