The City of Dubai is an amazing feat of engineering — an ultra-modern city built on sand. Interest in it as a vacation destination just keeps growing. Tourism growth is forecast at 67% to 2016 so obviously the world wants to visit this place. Check it out on their tourism site.

This country is running out of oil and gas, so their visionary leaders decided to create, out of nothing, a vacation mecca which would provide ongoing revenue. Take a look at these pics below and let me know if you think this place is worth visiting or working in. I’ll take a look at working in Dubai. Nothing wrong with investigating a chance to work or do business in the most amazing new place in a long time – the Desert City.

Dubai’s safe, the sun shines every day, and it has some phenomenal tourist attractions. Is it like Vegas, where after your first visit to the glitz, you don’t ever want to go back? Probably not. Warm weather, eternal sunshine, sandy beaches, and modern hotels are pretty tempting, especially that underwater one below.

And what would it be like to stay at the Birj Khalifa hotel at those dizzying heights? Could you get to sleep? This is one of my favourite photos and it’s real not fake. It’s Tom Cruise sitting on top of the Birj Khalifa building, 2600 feet up. There’s a wire harness around him, but he was still gutsy to do it. He’s sitting on some sort of microwave antenna, so I hope they turned it off while he was sitting there. Architects are designing a new building that revolves, changing shape as the floors spin. That will be amazing to see.

Tom Cruise On Top Of The Burj Khalifa

Sitting on top of the world! Is that Tom Cruise performing a death-defying stunt on the planet's highest skyscraper  2


A Dubai vacation would be amazing. Take a look at China, Costa Rica, San Diego, and Banff as great travel destinations.