Dream Homes in Hawaii – Definitely Worth a Look

Dream Homes in Hawaii – Definitely Worth a Look

Is Hawaii Still Relevant? Seems to Be!

If you feel the joy of travel, your favorite TV show is Hawaii 5-0, you have fond memories of Danno or Don Ho, and you love golf, surfing, cycling, hiking, and living in open air homes with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is likely very relevant to you. I’ve never been to Hawaii, although I had a Hawaiian client at one time, and would have enjoyed the visit to that fantastic island.

Friends have told me of a number of adventures they had living there and visiting the Hawaiian islands. From the Hana Highway to the Manakea Observatory, there’s plenty of adventures. Here’s a few photos from professional photographers and designers who feature homes in Hawaii.

It’s impossible to beat Houzz.com for spectacular indoor shots of beautiful homes. Drown your eyes in these elegant interior and exterior views.

Honolua Ridge, Maui, Residence
Maui Paradise
Ownby Design
Ownby Design

I discovered this luxury home on Houzz that pretty well epitomizes the lifestyle of Hawaii. The comfort, weather, room, and views are the stuff of dreams. How about yours?

Media Room
Kona Coast

Enjoy your next vacation in California, Costa Rica, Australia, Switzerland, and all those other places you’ve got tucked away in your bucket.

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