Costa Rica Real Estate | Retiring in Paradise is Possible

Would You Like to Live in Costa Rica?

The economy, and the housing market are volatile and insecure into 2022. Yet the US is still considered the most stable and promising country to live in the world.

However, there is no certainty that the economy will thrive and the housing market won’t crash. In fact, if you wait to sell your house, you may end losing a good deal of hard earned equity. Should you sell your house and move to Costa Rica? A lot of Americans, Canadians, Brits and Germans are.

And with the US dollar keeping its stellar value, there is an opportunity to live and buy real estate in Costa Rica, the World’s most beautiful natural locations.

The retirement industry is a huge sector of the US, UK, German and Canadian economies. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide will be retiring in the next 10 to 15 years. It could be the best part of their lives if they make the right choices. The opportunities exist for a spectacular lifestyle in your golden years.

The leading edge of the baby boom generation are already sliding into retirement. They’ve learned that time actually speeds up as you age, and they’re wondering if there’s more to this one precious life.

There is.  And the biggest part of the baby boom bubble, the younger ones are also looking ahead with a more open mind to these types of travel and lifestyle experiences.

A travel experience could lead to buying some real estate in Costa Rica.

If you’ve visited sites like International Living Magazine, you know there’s some pretty exotic places you could buy property in or retire to. Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Columbia, Spain, and Thailand are just a few destinations you might seriously consider.

Right now, you’re vaguely interested, thinking that it isn’t your style or you can’t afford it. While Central American real estate prices will likely rise in the years to come, there’s plenty of opportunity to buy and selling your property when you need to will likely turn out well. Once your initial skepticism, fear and feelings of undeservingness subside, you will probably look into this more seriously. Your first foray might only be to travel there.

You may own a high priced home right now and could sell it and buy a property in a locale such as Costa Rica and begin living a relaxed, healthier and more active lifestyle and significantly less taxes. These places have all you expect including golf courses, beautiful beaches, scenery, wildlife, nice restaurants, good health care, and a much lower cost of living.

Costa Rica has to Be the Top Retirement Destination Preference

Yes, it’s a big step and requires planning. Places such as Costa Rica may require a larger investment and income than you might realize. It’s not for everyyone.

Visit my Costa Rica Vacation post and you’ll get a good idea of this eco-friendly paradise and why this could be good for you. And it doesn’t have to be a forever visit. You buy or visit for any number of years and then move onto a new destination.  Remember, that the purpose of life is to live it.

And living or retiring in Costa Rica is about as good as it gets.  Costa Ricans live the longest. They have more people over 100 years of age than any country so this should tell you something.


Take a look at a this fantastic collage of photos from the world’s most beautiful country — Costa Rica.


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Don’t forget to see the post on Costa Rica vacations. It’s chock full of info, videos, photos and more about life in Costa Rica. Remember the Joy of Travel, it’s restorative healthy building effects. Create your memories.


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