Playing Tennis at the Dome

Well, we’re almost to the end of the winter tennis season, however I managed to take a video of myself playing a junior tennis phenom. Olga is rising star and I feel she will be Canadian women’s champ one day. We played a set and she whipped me 6 love. She just turned 14 and she is unbelievably good. Her serves and groundstrokes are fast as mine and she hits the lines so well. Very tough to return and I’m fast. She’s the real thing and trains hard everyday with her Dad, and she’s getting smart too.

She was too much for me on this day. I’m a little rusty, but playing good players really improves your game. It was kind of neat that she gave me some tennis strategy and techniques tips afterward. She’s only been playing for 6 years and already knows more about the game than I do. Kids learn so quickly and efficiently.

We start off our hitting a little slow but it gets better! Next time I’ll take more warmup time and practice those new tennis tips!

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