Nadal vs Djokovic

One of the Best US Open Finals Yet

Even if you don’t like tennis, you’d understand and appreciate the effort these two great tennis players make to win their matches. They’re good guys and really phenomenal athletes. They take physical conditioning to a ridiculous new level.

Early in the second set, they had a 54 shot rally where they both ran more than 425 feet. That’s back and forth running, with thousands of people watching. I would love to be in that kind of shape. If anyone from Geritol wants to sponsor me, I’m willing to talk.


Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic for the Mens US Open Singles Title 2013

Personally, I like Rafa’s choice of shirts. It’s modern and classy. And he’s playing so well, it’s ridiculous. A lot of people don’t like him, but they’re misunderstanding him. He is a nice guy. He’s not an intellectual and he needs to generate emotion his own way to get up to that level. He’s an exceptional athlete with a unique style his uncle taught him that has made him one of the greatest ever. I’m a Federer fan but Rafa will one day be hailed as the greatest ever.

Did you ever see the resemblance between him and Ben of the Bachelor TV show? That’s no coincidence. Women probably like Rafa and the show’s marketing people probably wanted to seize on Rafa’s popularity.


And Ben was the typical phoney, empty-brained rich kid everyone wants to hate. Anyway, he chose the nasty girl everyone hated so I guess it all evened out.

Rafa had two giant towels the CBS commentators were making fun of. Players reach for their towels after every point they lose as a way wiping off the negative energy around the missed shot I guess. It’s a security blanket, crying towel, and psychological weapon. It used to be even a wristband got you labeled as a wuss. Now they’re bringing out beach towels!

Okay girls, here’s your Rafa feast. Let’s get this over with.


Here’s some video of the game:

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