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Australian Open Women’s Final – Li Na Wins

A big win for Li Na at the Aussie Open, beating Dominique Cybilkova 7-6, 6-0.  Both women aren’t very tall yet battled the field to get to the final. They had some great shots, although Na was too much for Cybilcova who really couldn’t do much on her first serves. Na gave a fun speech at the ceremony, see the video below.

It’s very tough for short players to win in tennis because of the height of the net.  Most of the men’s champs are about 6’2″, because they’re tall enough to get their first serves flat with no spin. That’s a huge advantage in the mens, and in the women’s game, they have to put a lot of spin on the ball to get it in. Cybalcova at 5’2″ is a real power pack and was happy to get to the final.

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