Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Find a Coffee Shop Near You Below you’ll find a large interactive map of coffee shops in your location. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, Sacramento, Orange County, San Jose, Las Vegas, New York, Boston or Miami, no worries. If the coffee shop for you isn’t there, they don’t want…


Big Successes in Traffic are Real – Here’s Some Stats you Should See

Successful Websites Why are some websites so successful?  Is it luck or did they pour a mountain of cash into it? Is a successful website just the front for successful entrepreneurs and talented digital marketing consultants? I think you’ll discover that in most cases, the business owner knows his business and market. It’s not the…

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How to Get People to Sell Their Homes – 10 Tactics and 1 Big Strategy

  10 Ways to Get Homeowners to Sell After you’ve grown tired of waiting for people to call you to sell their home, you may want to try something new, something that’ll create increasing, consistent touch points with home sellers. Sellers, those ghostly inhabitants of your dream world.  This is about creating a fat pipeline to…


Why SEO is Still the King of Digital Marketing

Customers Looking for Your Product/Service SMB owners have 3 key digital marketing vehicles to generate new traffic and sales prospects: Social, PPC, or SEO. SEO doesn’t have the ongoing costs like PPC does. Searchers click on the natural search listings and you aren’t charged a penny. SEO has the reputation of zero cost, high revenue, however it does have a cost….


The Joy of Travel

  Where is the Best Travel Destination? Some destinations are spectacular and create amazing experiences. But there’s no best destination, because there’s a special place for everyone including you. What’s enjoyable for someone else may not be so nice for you. So, I’m thinking you should ask yourself what the joy of travel is for you?…


Mt Rushmore South Dakota

Visiting Mount Rushmore Whenever you travel, you’re hoping for something with its own special feel and culture.  Places like San Diego, Vancouver, Banff have that. So does Mt Rushmore. (See pics on my Mt Rushmore Pinterest page) Mount Rushmore in South Dakota sees more than 3 million visitors per year. It’s a spectacular setting for…