10 Good Reasons You Might Be Ready for Move to a New City

Are You Ready to Move to A New City?

What if you discovered that a move to a new city could really give your life a lift? Would you do it? Could you do it? If you’ve been struggling with this thought before, maybe you need to assess your actual state and figure out if another city or country might be a good choice?

I’ve made some big moves over the years, so I know how moving to a new city can be a thrill and revive your personal and work life. But relocating isn’t easy, and it’s usually driven by a salary change, layoff, or personal event and involves the kind of financial pain you’ve probably imagined.

But you know what, if our lives suck, well, we need to pull away from the video games, Facebook posts, hot yoga classes, reality TV shows, cooking classes, and tedious routines and start planning a change.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans make the decision to relocate every year. 2018 might be a record year given how many babyboomers are retiring and how many Millennials are moving to find a good job. 2016/2017 were unusual years where a large number of people sold their homes for outrageous amounts. Off they went to Florida, California, Texas, Costa Rica and other places too weird to comprehend.

I’ve moved about 20 times during my life, and I wouldn’t imagine that’s too far above the national average. Certainly some people don’t move often, particularly baby boomers.  Yet more of us are exposed to the insecurity of todays job market and when money pressures hit, we suddenly become open to the idea of relocating.

If you didn’t have the debt, obligations, and had better self-esteem, would you do it?

My friend Adam from Wisconsin has moved to Australia, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana and Canada. He’s got more courage than anyone I’ve ever known and always finding a way to get things done. He’s had some tough moments but he’s avoided staying stuck. That kind of openness to interesting change is inspirational.

And I’m sure that’s been an influence on when you’ve moved, beginning with when you got out of college. That’s when the biggest changes in direction take place.

A good majority of people get comfy with their jobs, which is fine. It’s a good common sense, low stress lifestyle, where you build wealth and a life. Okay you’ve been there, done that. Very smart but it came with a price which is a lack of challenge, growth, exploration, and just novelty. We all need to grow, face new unstructured situations and shed boredom and the burdens of the past. Some people move just to freshen up their lives and feel alive again.

Sir Richard Branson moved to the British Virgin Islands, and for an old guy, he seems to be doing okay and enjoying things. 

So if you’ve been stationary for a while, you and your spouse might begin considering a move far from the usual. And it doesn’t mean you won’t ever come back. It just means you can sell your house for a fortune and start something completely fun and interesting elsewhere.

I was just thinking of an old school friend who moved to the San Diego area from Canada. What a great choice.  His postings on Facebook show he and his wife are feeling adventurous and having fun again. They had a mini vacation in Mexico. How many people get to do something like that? Could moving be one of the few ways you can relive the joys of childhood?  It’s so good that we have a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over — fresh as a dip in the ocean.

When you have completely new, unfamiliar unstructured situations, whole new areas of your brain get activated, from emotional to cognitive. You pick up new interests and skills and meet new people. The fact is, our brain needs something new to feel engaged and enjoy new relationships. And when the brain is activated, the body comes alive too. For those in poor mental and physical health, a change might be good for its own sake, as they say.

10 Sure Signs You Need to Move to a New City

Now that I’ve got you thinking about moving to a new city, and wondering which are the best cities to move to, let’s see if moving is a actually a good idea for you. Here’s 10 good reasons why moving might be good for you. In fact, if you have many of these factors, it may save your life.

1. You’re Bored, Irritated and Complain a lot – this means there is a mismatch between you and what your current ife/city has to offer. Staying put means putting up with less life than you deserve and trying too hard to make it work.

2. Your Mental or Physical Health is failing – which means you’re eating and drinking too much, lacking energy to exercise, and you’ve stopped participating in social activities.

3. You’re Chronically Unemployed or Unhappy with the Work you Do – your current city doesn’t have the type of work you enjoy doing and you struggle to generate sufficient income.

4. You Can’t Pursue your Passion – if you’re a mountain biker, kite surfer, or snow skier and you live on the dry prairies or in a concrete jungle, you feel trapped and sufocated.

5. You’ve Heard about a Fascinating Place – in the distance is an exciting city of Gold you’ve heard about and you can’t help comparing it to what you have where you are.

6. You’ve Always Lived Where you Do – you’ve lived your whole life in one spot and have never ventured anywhere and time is beginning to run out.

7. You Hate the Climate – you cringe at the mention of snowy blizzards or scorching hot days and you long for the other side.

8. You’ve had a Major Family Change – you’re now divorced or close family or friends have moved or died and thus your current lifestyle has lost its usual anchors leaving your life without purpose.

9. There’s Someone Really Special in Another City – A special person who seems to be all you want can keep you transfixed on that location, waiting for the opportunity to do your Valentine’s thing:)

10. You Can’t Afford to Stay – Those who live in Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, New York City, or the Bay Area are an example of being where you can’t afford to live anymore.

If you can relate to 10 of these move factors, then Wow, you really should be researching the best cities to move to.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that time is running out, opportunities and situations dissipate, and our health could suffer if we don’t move to a place that’s more compatible.  We don’t realize the high health costs associated with disappointment, friction and disengagement.

Write down all the reasons you can’t or won’t move, just so you can see them.

You’re thinking about whether you and your family will have a better life in the new city. That’s the pros and cons comparison thing you need to do. Do your research and identify one city that makes the most sense.

You probably already think you know which city it’ll be. However, after doing your study, you might find that location really isn’t the right one for you, or that the risks are very high.  A quick visit there might bear it out. You could meet a lot of people who can’t wait to get out of that city or state.  And the economy might not be sustainable. Look at the oil price collapse and what it did to the people who just bought homes in the oil towns. There is a possibility of disaster.

If you’re bored, restless, and not engaged in the life you want, it’s a no-brainer. You’re going somewhere.  If you’re young, this is just the first time in your life you’ll go through this so be more proactive. It’s a life skill. Why not be smart about it?

I’d suggest keeping your mind open about the ideal potential cities for you and your family.

And if the cons outweigh the pros, and it seems you’re already living in your own paradise, then you won’t be moving. Still, it’s important to know you have options.

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How to Attract and Capture your Dream Client for 2018

Win Your Dream Client

Are your current clients bubbling with enthusiasm about your work? Are you being a big hit together? No? Well it might be you have the wrong clients. All the drama and misery you’re enduring is unecessary.

If your consulting or marketing agency clients aren’t giving you glowing commendations about your work and contribution, you’re doing no one any favors by continuing with them.

Get the right clients and everything changes. This post on strategy reiterates what should always be your strategy –  to identify your goal/ideal, then work your way back from there. Our beginning is the end – a happy customer who feels one single emotion –  fulfilled.  There’s something for every company or consultant below, and this post is updated constantly. Please bookmark it and come back again.

Let’s Explore Dream Client Strategy.

This is the EPIC post you’ve been waiting for.  There’s tips wrapped in a strategy that will lead you to better business outcomes for you and your clients. And even if you don’t get your dream clients soon, you might discover your current clients suddenly will like you a whole lot more.

Acquiring dream clients is about positive outcomes. The real value in striving to acquire them is in how you improve your technique, strategy, and unique value proposition. You’ll learn more about yourself and your actual value which might sting at first, but soon will be your primary source of  knowledge and skills growth. It won’t be perfect but it will take your life to a new level.

Dream Clients = happy partnership + reaching higher potential + higher earnings + better results

Photo courtesy of Joethetutor.org

You’ve got the Wrong Clients

In business, you could work for great clients or employers who are sincere, intelligent, who want to build extraordinary outcomes. You might earn 100x more with these clients as opposed to a client from hell, who runs you both into the ground. Is it time you jumped off that rat wheel?

Take a quick scan down the page and you’ll see a study and actionable plan to help you supercharge your client acquisition and revenue simultaneously. It finishes with important questions to ask yourself and includes dream client meeeting preparation tips.

I know you’re skeptical. That’s fine, we all are. But it won’t take long for you to grasp the potential of Dream Client Strategy. Here’s the sections:

  1. Why Dream Clients are the Best
  2. Why You Don’t Have Dream Clients
  3. The 5 Steps of Your Dream Plan
  4. Right Now You’re Irrelevant
  5. Two Keys: Optimism and Confidence
  6. Dream Client Persona Development
  7. Planning for Your Dream Client Meeting
  8. More Questions to Ask
  9. The Key Goal to Creating your Dream Client – One Single Emotion

Dream Client Strategy — Sounds Wonderful!

It is, and it could easily generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for you as a freelancer, or millions if you operate an agency. In fact, below you’ll read about a Toronto marketing agency that takes it seriously. And what it takes is faith in yourself.

Few agency CEOs bother targeting perfect clients and instead, cast a wide net to work with whoever they get. Word of mouth is a good example of walk in traffic. The difference in money and satisfaction is staggering. And you won’t need hand me down anything when you get this strategy in place.


Imagine if you Landed just One Dream Client


This new EPIC business post covers a repeatable process of determining who your ideal client is and positioning your UVP to attract and win them over.  I’ve done it and I know it’s worth it. Yet it is more difficult today, so let’s be positive and certain that we will succeed.

Dream Clients are the Essence of a Successful Business

Graphic Courtesy of Thinkcreativekc.com

The one thing all successful employees, freelancers, and businesses have is great customers, employers or clients. That’s what success is –  great customers or clients to serve.

According to a study from Mark W. Schaefer, an internationally-acclaimed college educator, author, keynote speaker, and strategy consultant, 3 to 4 buyer personas usually account for over 90% of a company’s sales. Our best clients generate our revenue. You can’t escape this.


As we venture into this topic, you’ll learn a repeatable, ever-improving process of understanding and focusing on the best clients possible. I’m happy to say I’m learning at a high rate myself and I’ll be updating this post with more insight and resources. Please return later.

We Deserve Fantastic Clients not Crappy Ones

Graphic courtesy of http://wonderlass.com/blog/how-to-attract-your-dream-client/

Raise your Standards. Targeting and winning a quality client shows you’re serious about your business. Because if you have crappy clients, the future can’t look all that good. Once you’ve had dream clients, you won’t want crappy ones again. It’s not just money. It’s about living well. And it’s about working with people who’ll inspire and elevate you and make every second count.

Show You Do Care. This EPIC post on attracting and capturing dream clients is well worth sharing with friends and coworkers right now. There’s nothing more important you’re going to read today. From a 5 step plan to tips on how to maintain the dream client relationship, it’s all you need to know to take your business to the level it deserves.

Better still, consider having me help you with your digital marketing strategy and get truly business changing results.


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Why Haven’t You Found your Dream Clients?

It’s most likely because you’ve never tried, understood who they are, or had a plan or strategy.  From experience alone, I believe these are the most important reasons why. Here’s some reason below. Read all of them because the pain and frustration you feel can help you give up on your old techniques.

  • low reach; they don’t know you exist or you were a flash in the pan
  • successful people are busy and you aren’t intercepting or disrupting them
  • successful people are obsessed with their routine business activities not being open to new solutions
  • dream clients prefer specialists who are very good at whatever is their biggest pain point
  • they don’t believe you offer anything special or of significant value
  • dream clients have big expectations in terms of fit and character
  • competition is overwhelming and you haven’t found a way to be more competitive and make the competition disappear
  • you’re not yourself right now, you’re depressed or trying too hard and prospects are unsure who you really are
  • your offer isn’t personalized and relevant enough to them (someone else is more relevant than you)
  • you haven’t done enough research to identify your dream client accurately
  • you haven’t shown thought leader type knowledge of their market and situation
  • your style, tone of voice, and topics don’t appeal to them
  • you’re too much this or not enough that
  • you’re not catching their attention with a specific topic or a news item they’re very keyed into
  • your brand image is unfocused – they can’t figure you out
  • you have too much clutter for them to weed through
  • you’re not telling what you like and admire so they can feel appreciated
  • they don’t believe you really care about what they’re doing

Aside from SEO You’ll need to do some awesome outreach.

Okay, do you see how competitors have beaten you? You haven’t taken control of Dream Client’s field of vision, concerns, or their values. Here’s a simple 5 step plan that gets you on your way:

The 5 Steps of Your Dream Plan

Just to get oriented, let’s map out a 5 Step Beginning Plan:

  1. a brief summary of what you offer and what makes you unique
  2. a brief statement of your target customer or dream client
  3. how you’ll get in front of them
  4. how you’ll convince them of your value and relevance
  5. how you’ll make beautiful music together – you become their dream partner

When I created my dream clients previously, it was easy. There were few competitors and prospects had a unified view of the help they needed.  Now competition is insane and the prospect’s view is fragmented. Worse, many don’t even believe digital marketing works — it’s worthless.

That’s why a plan and strategy are so vital – for reach, visibility, impact, and convincing them you have a powerful and sustainable solution.

However, discovering who our dream clients are, what their interests and preferences are, and then connecting with them on their terms online is very difficult.  That’s where attitude comes in.

Step 1: Define What you Offer

Take my situation as a marketing services provider.

—  I generate leads and sales by attracting high quality targeted traffic and then strategically position my client’s brand and value proposition via epic content marketing pieces so their UVP is impactful, significant, engaging, and convincing, and they sell like crazy.

That’s a little long winded, however it’s important to highlight traffic, engagement and revenue since these are client’s 3 biggest pain points.

Step 2: Describe your Dream Client

—  A SMB manager or professional in California who needs broad visibility on Google and high quality content marketing to engage and convince their prospects

Your ideal client may be in a number of industries in Florida, New York, California or Canada,  so you can break your ideal clent down into let’s say 5 unique categories (e.g., legal, real estate, professional services, travel, finance) and geo location.

Step 3: How Will I get in Front of Them?

— I will use Google, Linkedin, Facebook (and email) to position content in relation to their search for perspectives, insight, data, and solutions they believe will serve their needs.

They will never find me via topics I am interested in. They search for solutions and information using their own unique inquiry process and questions. Therefore, I must write and create beginning with their problems and interests in mind.

Step 4: How Will You Convince Them?

—  By blogging and posting unique perspectives with authoritative yet friendly insight into topics they believe are relevant and timely in their industry, and which makes an emotional impact to create one single emotion that makes them focus on me and my solution.

Convincing means bringing their beliefs into a new alignment and dissolving their fears because they don’t act until they feel good about it.

Step 5: How Will You Make Beautiful Music Together?

—  I will show them how our work together will grow and sustain itself to create a feeling in them that results will only get better in the years ahead. I will reinterate why our dream business partnership will work and how we will share a role in it and help them see the vision of where we’re going.

You’ve got to allay their post-purchase anxiety before they purchase.  You’ve convinced them them, but at the zero moment of decision, you must crystalize with a clear and fulfilling vision.

What I discovered previously is that BIG VISIBILITY gets their attention and is absolutely necessary. That means high Google rankings and a good social media strategy will be part of your “Dream Repertoire.”  Patient positioning on the right topics is where it’s at. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in.

Good prospects will be quietly impressed that you’re in the right zone, and are potentially a good choice. They’ll use their own process to check you out deeper. They don’t let enthusiasm get in the way of good judgement.

They’ll Talk to You When They Know You

So you’re thinking, how do you reach and connect with your dream client if they won’t talk with you?  You have to let them find you, and discover your message of how relevant you are (your EPIC online content).

Did you know your marketing content determines which clients or customers you get? So does your choice of topics, words, phrases, characters, stories and tone of voice. That’s the thing here, is that we need to discover enough about them to build a pathway to their deepest gaps and dreams and then slowly build a pleasant relationship with them.

Right Now, You’re Unknown and Irrelevant

The Missing Piece. Graphic courtesy of https://linkedin.com/pulse/i-am-actively-pursuing-right-opportunity-perfect-fit-jack-albert

If you get turned down or discriminated against, it’s because you weren’t the right fit, which means you don’t fit into their dream. They believe you’re irrelevant to their goals and how they want to solve them.

We need to develop a target client persona and formulate a laser like understanding of the most essential needs they have.  We need to look at their most recent activity and drill down to find the ideal they’re searching for. And we’ll need to speak to them via the media they like. That could be a blog, video, unique web design, visual content marketing piece, or a top ranking spot on Google rankings. They get the ball rolling.

Optimism and Confidence aren’t Skills, They’re a Vital Attitude

I really admire those who pursue ideals, because it takes the time, money, confidence, and an optimistic frame of mind that I want to have. That’s the kind of leader anyone wants to work with. Their forward vision carries you along in their tailwind, lifting your outlook and giving you courage and confidence you didn’t think you had.


High Quality Dream Clients Also pay More

Focusing on high paying dream clients isn’t what this is about. However, dream clients will certainly pay more, and those with no resources might be the wrong clients to get involved with. Price depends on what they feel your perceived value is.

What Dream Clients Need

Here’s a quick list of why it’s smart to pursue dream clients, just to ease you into this topic of targeting ideal clients:

  • ideal clients have the specific opportunities/gaps that you can fufill
  • dream clients need your specific skills, attitude, and experience
  • dream clients need your leadership
  • dream clients will appreciate you more and thus will be sustainable clients
  • dream clients want reliable providers/partners — and you’ll be able to cut down on your new client prospecting efforts
  • dream clients know you aren’t the recognized greatest, but they know they will turn you into the greatest — they’re confident they can turn their partners into market leaders
  • they need more money, enjoy more time and freedom, and to be happier
  • they need confidence, focus, and support


You Must Maintain 100% Responsibility for the Relationship

Client management is a big task that we often neglect. But as your client goes, so goes you. You have to take care of your precious dream client.

This is one area I failed in and I’m still having trouble with it. I didn’t remove barriers for them, keep in close touch, nor keep my dream clients primed for ongoing success. Often I left them on their own (sometimes thousands of miles way) where they becamebored, confused, stressed, lacked inspiration and confidence and thus found progress difficult.

Their imagination imploded and they simply lost it. I discovered they are human. Although I could see some of this beforehand and I questioned them about decisions (some poor quality clients for them)  it wasn’t enough to get them back on track.

What I failed to understand well, is that I needed to step up and assume 100% responsibility for the relationship.  0% for them and 100% for me. Not fair, but that’s how it is.

They Think You’re a Leader

Clients view us as dominant leaders – authoritative, fearless and visionary. That’s why they’re hiring us and paying us big money. Yet when I saw that success was making them bored and ineffective, I failed to act and help them overcome their issues. I wasn’t the fearless leader after all.

That’s why you need money in the bank and plenty of new clients waiting. Options give you poise and courage and helps you make better decisions. Because sometimes people in your personal and business life won’t progress or take your advice, you might have to plant your feet. And sometimes they won’t participate or listen.

Let’s face it, if others are taking 0% responsibility persistently, you have to question why you’re involved with them. Or you have to teach them to be more involved in their own success. That’s what client account managers do.

However, in business, dominant leaders need to step up and take 100% responsibility.  You’re there because you’re smarter, more optimistic, skilled, visionary, energetic, relentless and confident. Your outlook carries a company in your wake and you may have to keep the captain of the ship focused on the mission.

Keep your client properly directed, focused, informed, feeling good, and you may never have to face that situation where you have to fire them. You’re not a doormat or a cog in someone else’s wheel. You’re someone building genuine, authentic, mutually constructive relationships. And that means big picture planning.

88Creative in Toronto – Chasing the Dream Client

Some marketing agencies are very specific, such as Toronto’s 88Creative who targeted specific companies — with their gutsy Dream Client List. To me, the fact they had this list shows they are on the ball and driving themselves to big successes with great clients. It’s classic big picture thinking that shows us why a focus on details is the stuff of losers.

We started a ‘dream 100’ client list, thinking about the types of brands and companies that we would love to work with someday, and Warby Parker was on that list,” said Erin Bury, managing director at 88 Creative. “When we heard that they were launching in Canada, we said, ‘okay, this is our chance and we need do something attention-grabbing.’”

Even if 88Creative didn’t land one of their listed dream clients, just doing this makes them think creatively, boldly, to perfect their process, assess results, and improve their attraction to dream clients. I’m not sure of Erin’s full expertise in dream client theory, but she seems very smart. What if you applied this dream client thinking to all of your business activities regardless of what industry you’re in?

And with respect to how 88Creative went about showcasing their attractiveness to dream clients, Erin Bury added, “The goal of this was always to get their attention, but I think the larger goal is to showcase the type of aesthetic we have as an agency and the type of creativity that we put into our ideas.

That creativity can be expressed very effectively in blogs or marketing magazine articles where you explore the topics clients feel strongly about. The type of aesthetic and creativity should be relative to specfic types of issues prospects face. A lot of agencies exercise all their creative genius, but then apply it to the wrong topics and forget to highlight how they approach solutions.

Whenever prospects call me and say they loved my blogs, they always refer to a topic. It’s the topic itself that inspires them and they like that you recognized the importance of it.

10 More Questions to Ask to Identify Your Dream Clients

Back to analyzing who are your dream clients. Think deep:

  1. who have you enjoyed working with in the past and why was it so enjoyable?
  2. what do they talk about most on their blogs and Facebook page?
  3. what is their biggest problems and complaints?
  4. what topics, keywords, and values do they mention?
  5. what is their idea of heaven?
  6. who are they working with right now?
  7. are they going anywhere or are they spinning their wheels? Why?
  8. who do they talk about and link out to on their website?
  9. how do they talk and what events do they attend?
  10. what is the opportunity gap in markets, content, and visbility they could enjoy?

After you’ve done your surfing, stalking, and assessments, you’ll need to figure out what it is about you that will be compelling to them. That willl be the foundation of your future content strategy and your professional brand.

Yes, you probably should develop a list all of their needs, preferences and ambitions and then explain how your company’s solution is best for them or how you’re the ideal person or agency for them.

But let’s cut to the key stuff now.

What are their outlook, dreams, self-image, brand image, goals, assets, tools, staff, and market opportunity? Are they a winner and how do they view providers?

Dream Client Persona Development

You can use persona development solutions to help you understand your dream client better. I’m not sure it will create miracles for you, but it could help you get better organized. Check out Marianas, a company in San Mateo, California. They use artificial intelligence software to build detailed profiles of target customers.

You’ll need to go beyond software and worksheet templates. You’ll need to ask detailed questions about what your client needs, how they think and make decisions, and how you’ll be meaningful to them. Many times, it means getting out there and meeting them so you can learn their values and prejudices. And don’t think for a minute that you can’t overcome anything.

Wise Planning for Your Dream Client Meeting

When your ideal client invites you for an in-person a meeting, things get real. This is where it’s all about them and how you’ll make a difference. I like what I read in an article by Mike O’Horo about the preparation time for a dream client being months or years.

With all that prep for research, website development,  published materials, and content marketing, your next stop is a meeting with them. Here’s some questions ato ask to create your meeting presentation:

When your presentation is good, it makes you look like you care about their buiness. You’ve invested time, thought and energy. it’s likely that no one else has ever peered into their business. You’re the first!  That’s something to smile about.

The Key Objective in Creating your Dream Client – One Single Emotion

Your content strategy matches you up with the emotion they feel about the issue and lays out the connections or path they need to take.

And when they feel one single emotion about you, that’s when your dream client contacts you.  And they feel powerful that they found you and that it was their decision.

You’ll never achieve brilliance in business unless you’re willing to let go of what doesn’t work.  I hope this post revolutionizes what you think about client acquisition and about the content you need to land them. Good Luck!

By the way, SEO and Content Strategy combined will have more impact on your clients than anything else you can do. Clients are always searching, and they’re hoping to find you in those search results. You’d better be there. Check out my book on how to build a dominant presence on Google, engage them, convince them, and show them how you’re the best asset they have.

Ebook SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord Collins

Here’s a few dream client marketing resources you might useful:

How To Use Buyer Personas To Win Dream Clients


How To Make First Contact With Your Dream Client

8 Ways to Make an Emotional Connection with your Dream Client



Are You Ready to Work with a Marketing AI Robot?

Artificial Intelligence is Going to Rock Digital Marketing

The future is here and it’s an exciting one we can share in. It involves software that uses artificial intelligence to manage nearly all aspects of marketing. And a software robot named Albert might be your next coworker. How do you feel about that?

AI represents fears and hopes for many workers in business so I thought it might be a good time to investigate with the goal of discovering the specific skills we’ll need.  The capability of AI is so promising (even without the hype) that it makes you sit back and consider what your role will be? At first, it’s intimidating with the thought that perhaps there is no role for us. Yet there will be roles for us.

Yes, it’s a big change for the marketing world and some managers are in denial about it. They’ll accept AI when they’re ready. If you’re managing an agency, brokerage, or you work in digital marketing, you’ll want to be ahead of the curve on this one. The cost efficiencies and productive power of AI could mean the difference between being in business and not.

AI will create a demand for marketers with entirely new education and skill sets

For us, it’s a chance to take a quantum leap ahead of slower, less optimistic competitors.  In this next series of posts, I’d like to delve into AI and explore how marketing AI can build success upon success.   In fact, with marketing AI, we should expect an entirely new type of digital marketer to arise, free from manual drudgery to explore their best marketing skills and creative powers.

Some Initial Questions for AI Marketing Workers

It’s all about finding the best questions. And here’s some questions regarding what we’ll be doing in future.

  • how do we use AI to increase social engagement?
  • how do we improve content recommendations?
  • how is the AI robot botching email and social communcitions?
  • how do we align and integrate all digital and offline channels?
  • how do we automate customer communications?
  • who will train us to find the right answers to marketing AI problems?
  • how will we respond after the AI system has moved the customer somewhere through the sales funnel?
  • who will use the AI software to optimize SEO performance?
  • how will we repond to the AI system’s content recommendations?
  • what is the AI system not learning about which content is working well?
  • how many different marketing tasks can we do well on our own in concert with marketing AI?
  • when is the best time for the AI system to warn us about performance issues?
  • how do we help the AI system do real-time customer research?
  • will we have to get involved in data collection and management?
  • who will do media planning and strategy?


AI within the agile workplace. Screen Capture courtesy of rullion.co.uk

Agile concepts and AI technology will be fully intertwined, where an increasing percentage of the population work in freelance, consultancy and temporary positions, moving from company to company. There’s no more “career” in the traditional sense, but instead we build a set of skills and move around companies, helping them to enhance and improve core business areas — Rullion.co.uk report.

Current Challenges

It seems the AI marketing solution companies lack transparency and educational services for customers. They require businesses to dive in with both feet with payment, with no trial period. That’s a problem, however we can see, as they know we can, that AI is undeniable.

What is happening right now, at an increasing pace, is the application of AI algorithms to all manner of processes that can significantly affect peoples’ lives — at work, at home and as they travel around. Although hype around these technologies is approaching the ‘peak of expectation’ there’s a potential fly in the AI ointment: the workings of many of these algorithms are not open to scrutiny — either because they are the proprietary assets of an organisation or because they are opaque by their very nature — from Inside the Black Box, Understanding AI Decision Making.

Leverage the Testing and Optimization Power of AI

The real matter is how well we use it, with what creativity, innovation, and exploration of best results. And that’s actually what this software is all about.  By all means, investigate these AI solutions when you can. It’s time well invested whether you’re like me, creating your next job in AI marketing, or to use to grow your business.

Everyone else is working with robots. It’s marketing’s turn. Photo courtesy of Volkswagen and infoplc.net

These new artificial intelligence solutions will help us do things better and allow us to access our highest potential. Just like they did in the factories, currently in medical fields, AI robots will spare us from drudgery in marketing and allow us to focus on what we enjoy, to vastly improve productivity and competence.

We have little choice really — AI is here. We should be innovative, broad-minded and optimistic about how we can improve business and make ourselves indespensable to our employers, or supercharge our own SMB.

Right now, automation is the buzzword, but soon the emphasis will be back on human creativity, innovation, and connectivity.  We’re evolving from machine learning and automated tasks to where more personality and a better customer experience happen.  The key question is, how will we adapt to AI solutions and add value?

You might have dreamed one day at the office, “wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone smart?” Well hallelujah, your Genie just came through for you. You’ll soon be working with AI marketing software and it won’t give you any backtalk or friction and instead, will come up with improvement ideas all day and night to make you better. And then you’ll be overseeing the process for even better results.

Demandbase conducted a survey that revealed 80% of marketing executives of companies with more than 250 employees believe that AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020 — from Marketo.com

Managers and CEOs who believe Artificial Intelligence as a marketing tool is still a long wayoff and can’t make a difference should reconsider that view. Robots and AI are in common use around the world and have made astonish contributions to product quality and customer service.  Now AI is set to force SMB owners and CEOs to reorganize their marketing teams.

Yes, there’s a lot of hype and it’s a little difficult to comprehend. But it’s wise to start learning how to plan for it, integrate it, execute it, and then optimize its performance.

You’ll need to choose the best AI software and then you need to hire your next generation of marketing employees. For those who fear job loss, the AI software will create all sorts of new digital marketing jobs. So you’re likely to be doing what you like, or create your own job. That’s what makes this topic so fascinating.

I’m in the midst of this revolution in marketing myself. Like 50% of the working population, I’m learning how to stay relevant within this trend of automation of marketing and sales.  Within a few years, it will force us into to a new role or pursue a new line of business entirely.  Do we want to react to these changes or build a strategy to be the best at it?

I’m excited about marketing AI because it offers power to really improve results in PPC, content engagement, testing content, testing SEO, testing conversion stategies and tactics, and optimizing our content strategy as a whole. It removes a lot of waste and friction and replaces it with potential.  With AI, traditional marketing skills become redundant, and new skills which I’ve listed below rise to prominence (I’ll expand on them soon, so bookmark this page).

With AI taking the DM dudgery away, we’ll be more creative, learn more and faster, and have more time for planning a multi-targeted, multichannel integrated DM strategy. Things that make a difference.

AI software can test, assess, and continually improve engagement with individual customers while giving us a good look at the overall picture. Everyone in the marketing and creative department will learn and grow because of it.

When the AI tsunami hits, those companies that use marketing AI will have an opportunity to take a huge chunk of marketshare. Without AI, old school employees and small businesses will be culled in the coming years. SMBs in particular need AI to keep pace with enterprise level competitors.

2017 State of Marketing Report Findings

The 2017 Salesforce State of Marketing report discovered 4 emerging trends:

  • Marketing is undergoing an AI revolution. The marketers surveyed anticipate their AI use will grow more than 50% over the next two years, helping them deliver more targeted campaigns, smarter personalization and higher ROI. (better performance)
  • Marketers are using AI to break down silos between sales, service and marketing, and bringing customer data together (reduce friction)
  • Marketers are making significant organizational changes to improve collaboration (reduce friction)
  • Over the next 2 years, marketers expect strong growth in their use of marketing technology (new opportunity)

Traditional Digital Marketers Will Go Out of Business

One estimate I read suggests $21 trillion dollars of business will transfer away from non AI businesses over to those which do use AI. That will make it the most dramatic business event of the past 60 years.

Will your firm be one of those going-out-of-business firms that sees your surviving clients/customers quickly slide over to your competitors? I hope not. The fact you’re reading this means you’ve seen the early signals and are wondering how you’re going to face this matter of marketing AI successfully. The transition will likely be awkward, with a learning curve.

I don’t have any in-depth successes to share with you just yet, and there aren’t many being told. But it’s early. We’ll hear more victory celebrations such as Harley Davidson and Cosa Bella.

A recent post on the Innovationenterprise.com submitted on Linkedin by Jennifer Von Amerom of Culture&Company recruiters is a case in point. It’s a high level post on AI marketing that’s hard to get your mind wrapped around. The essence of the post was in how AI is already being used successfully in the booming programmatic advertising sector. But it’s moving into all aspects of marketing.

Your Future Coworker Will be an AI Robot

If my next coworker is an AI robot named Albert or Aiden or Eistein, I’m okay with that.  In fact, it would be a quantum leap for me.  I introduced you to Albert, the versatile and helpful AI software robot from Adgorithms. It can make an ordinary digital marketer look like a powerful genius (they have a new small business edition released now I can tell you about).

What AI marketing solutions do so far, is help create better targeted ads, improve ad timing, and even improve ad creative. We all know conversion on clicked ads is about 1% at best, which means advertisers are wasting most of their ad budgets on paid advertising. That’s billions of dollars on poorly targeted advertising, and digital marketing teams stressed out trying to reduce it.

AI promises to help small business marketers understand the personas, click behavior, and needs of individual consumers and website visitors in more detail. At least some AI software solutions will offer insight. Finding the good transparent ones is something you have to begin doing now.

Career Decisions: Making the Transition to Marketing AI

It’s kind of a no-brainer. That’s why I am making a transition to the AI marketing field already. It seems AI marketing tools will require a whole new set of digital marketing skills, both software and creative abilities. It’s wise to begin the transition now.

As AI uses its own ever-improving learning processes (free of human marketer bias), it’ll assume more of all of the work of marketing, including testing of creative and estimating which generates better results. That means even creative people will have more time to think about creative planning and strategy and discussing it with an AI bot like Albert.

What Does an AI Powered Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

Anything or everything. We and copywriters, graphic designers, videographers, and web designers will work more closely with AI recommendations. Will workers need to be more specialized, or have more generalized skills? It looks like we’ll need both.

One of my biggest frustrations in working in digital marketing is the lack of information about the market and client’s website users. People make a big fuss about analytics but the insight it gives doesn’t really help us. We’re stumbling around in a black box.  AI software can test, assess, and continually improve on an individual customer basis while giving us a good look at the overall picture. Everyone in the marketing and creative department will learn and grow because of it.

And the reason for poor customer insight is that no one can test visitor’s interests, personas, and clickthrough behavior, and respond fast enough. Testing in real time, means you can get much more insight from visitors. Human’s can’t do it but AI can. It would be fun to orchestrate all of that.

Testing Out Content Strategies

I’m excited about how AI can provide more detailed insight so I can test out different strategies, or even build excellent content strategies in the first place. New possibilities. With AI, there’s no need to depend on big teams of digital marketers who may resist forwarding the info you need, nor aid you in what you’re doing.  That friction or lack of teamwork is a big element of “cultural fit” that many hirers obsess over. But AI might remove it entirely. You might say Albert gets along with everyone and is the ultimate team player.

With AI marketing software, the friction disappears and the strategist suddenly gets direct access to great information fast. Whatever thought, scenario, or supposition I can think of suddenly becomes one I can follow. The potential for campaign improvement and personal professional development is mind-boggling. A veritable dam burst of forward motion.

Old analytics systems will disappear as new ones arise to help us engage visitors and capture their buying intent. No more guessing or asking clients or managers for info and permission. Instead we can help the AI software do some harmless testing and discover the strategic potential of an insight. Clients and managers will be looking to AI marketing specialists for insight about how visitors feel and what they might purchase in the new year.

Yes, AI will be able to learn how customers and website visitors are feeling and what their buying intent is based on their interactive responses, questions they ask, and the content they view. AI systems can process natural language — almost like reading the customer’s mind to understand their underlying intent and issues.

Admittedly, right now, I’m a rank amateur in AI marketing strategy.  However, with anything, you’re as good as you want to be. It’s all about attitude. 1 year from now, I’ll be looking back at my newbie status with a smile.

So with AI, you or I won’t need big data expertise or experience. The AI tools themselves will take care of those deep insights and testing power. The software promises to ease time consuming manual work and let us work on higher level strategy. We’ll get excellent results.

It seems to me, that a digital marketing specialist or a content strategist I’ll be able to manage entire campaigns, which the AI software executes and provides feedback on. The purpose of a business is to create a customer, and AI serves that purpose pretty well.

AI Skills Digital Marketers will Need?

Basically, we’ll need to do anything Albert can’t do. In the SMB area, we’ll need to be versatile as our work touches on everything from client communication to creative strategy. We’ll need to weave campaigns together and attend to any aspect that’s ailing.

  • AI marketing software skills
  • content planning and strategy
  • intuition and emotional intelligence
  • campaign planning and strategy
  • search engine optimization
  • deep epic level content research
  • engaging copywriting
  • report generation and interpreting data
  • social media engagement
  • project management skills
  • web analytics and sales analytics
  • conversion optimization skills
  • client communication and management
  • outsourcing management

Additional Resource on AI marketing:

https://www.forbes.com/sites/forrester/2017/06/15/how-marketers-can-prepare-for-ai-powered-marketing /

8 Ways Intelligent Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence


It’s Good to Share: Tell your friends and coworkers about the AI revolution in marketing. It’ll affect everyone in your office.

If you’re considering venturing into the AI marketing space and you’d like to have someone enthusiastic about helping you implement it, please contact me.

Content Personalization Software

Should you Personalize your Content for Each Visitor?

Trends happen. Content personalization is one of the most important and exciting trends in digital marketing in 2017. In 2018, it may be that personalization is a top factor in impact, engagement, and sales.  In a nutshell, this is about delivering unique customer content experiences and using it as a way to learn more about your customers.

It’s not easy to meet visitor’s demands and make digital marketing work in the era of extreme attention scarcity.  Yet we do have a way to create awesome, epic content experiences that make an impact.

That’s to use Content Personalization Software. Let’s take a good look at why you might want to use it.

If Customers Believe They’re Special — Maybe We Should Too

Artificial intelligence software can help with personalized content however, it’s a little pricey. This is why content personalization software is likely the right entry point to a massive shift in how you do marketing. Let’s discuss why and how content personalization will help your business. Powerful software combined with the strategies I cover in The SEO/Content Strategy Guide delivered could be a game changer for your business.

Content personalization has been around for a while. Today, they’re adding AI driven testing to speed up results. Personyze, Onespot, and Ezoic are a few notable solutions you can get familiar with to help you customize your content and grow your revenue.

Back in the year 2000, website visitor attention span was 12 seconds. Today it’s about 8 seconds! Visitors scan quick to see if your content is relevant


A Perfect Fit for Your Content Success

Here’s the real goal of your digital marketing process:

Build high volume visitors via SEO or PPC, identify the few visitors who really matter, then build high quality content to suit their needs personally.

I’m not going to say your content sucks.  However, would you agree that it could be better? Would you also agree that visitors likely are bouncing because they feel they’re wasting their time? Content engagement is crucial to Google rankings and conversion rate success and we can never be good enough.

Feeling a Little Dubious About Automating Insight?

3 Reasons Why Your Current Web Content Doesn’t Work

Number 1 Reason: Your content topics and presentation of them do little for 90% of your readers, including your top prospects. To discover those interests, you must test to find them. The personalization software speeds that process up, and can actually respond to each individual visitor. You can’t accomplish this any other way.

Typical site bounce rate: 80%.  Each of your visitors have their own unique interests so responding to them manually is impossible. With content personalization software, we can learn what each visitor wants based on the landing page they arrived at, the combination of content they did see, layouts, types of images, videos, data, downloads, copy, headings, keywords used, page load speed, their click path through your site, how long they engage with certain pages, and more.

The software can collect, process, and remember a lot about a particular visitor. And with some Artificial Intelligence learning, it can help us discover the best content paths overall, which could open up the volume of leads and sales you are hoping for.

Number 2 Reason: Your traffic is low volume and low quality. The few visitors you’re getting aren’t well-qualified visitors, just people surfing who stumbled on your site via some extraneous topic. You need better visitors and that’s done through PPC, organic search engine optimization and content optimization.

Number 3 Reason: You’re going it alone without fresh ideas, professional help, software, or a focused strategy. This is why most small business people avoid SEO and Content Strategy and digital marketing. If you’re unsure who to ask, just starting asking anyone and work your way through to the best content strategist.


Are You Getting the Results you Need?

Is it time to assess your website, SEO, and content strategy and get revved up for a better year in 2018? Contact me now at 416 998 6246 to discuss your goals and needs.


Do you need New, more Relevant Content?

Or can you use what you already have? You can modify whatever you have if it’s appropriate. However, all this data below suggests you need content built for your best prospects.

A study conducted by OneSpot discovered that 87% of respondents reported that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

Demandbase Content Personalization

Personalization Software Advantages

The advantages of personalization software is impressive. You can tailor your content experience for each visitor, or visitors from a specific city, create custom promotions, and test constantly to improve your lead success. You can identify your most important visitors and serve the ideal content for them.

  • deeper engagement of visitors/customers
  • content sequencing
  • behavioral targeting
  • hooking your visitors on arrival better
  • lower cart abandonment
  • reduce wasted time/cost of ineffective content
  • create dynamic landing pages
  • perform multivariate tests
  • discover real KPIs
  • customized promotions
  • recommend relevant content
  • improve remarketing emails
  • improve socialmedia engagement
  • personalize your content and content marketing

The advantages of content personalization go further. When content is relevant, visitors are more likely to share on social media, more likely to create links to your site, and boost your authority and brand value to customers. And more content isn’t the goal. It’s creating the right content that matters that generates real sales.

Graphic Courtesy of Onespot.com

Onespot is just one provider of content personalization software. Have a look at their features and new developments at onestpot.com. Does content personalization really work? Delta Faucet boosted pageviews by 49%, created 4X more clicks on CTAs, and quadrupled on-site engagement.

Creating, designing, and managing a content strategy is hard work. But when you automate this and make it work for each individual visitor, you’re giving your value proposition a healthy booster shot.

This software could provide an excellent learning process for you too. We can conduct a content audit, measure key statistics, find the best targets/segments, create content for them, then continually optimize it to improve sales.

By using your CRM and analytics reporting, you can discover which content is generating the best results. And it won’t take long to improve your content and grow your visitors interest in you or your business.

Ezoic Ad Testing

Ezoic is an artificial ad testing software for publishers. However, they will soon provide a level of content testing too. They do this for FREE! If you’re a publisher who makes money off of ads, the Ezoic is a great choice.  By testing your content, and personalizing it using ezoic, you could increase your ad revenue significantly.

Content Personalization has been a big priority for several years now, and the pace is picking up considerably along with the arrival of more artificial intelligence marketing software. This is one more way I can add value to your marketing campaigns.

With all these strategies, software and opportunities available, you can create a superior market position and start giving the market leaders a rough time of it. You can be competitive and create a unique niche that competitors can’t mimic.

It’s time to take content strategy seriously by combining software with high quality content.

Call me at 416 998 6246 so we can get started.


Take a closer at artificial intelligence marketing software, SEO Services San Deigo, Content Strategy, and high quality blogging.

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San Diego Real Estate Forecast

San Diego’s Real Estate Market

It’s hard not to forecast San Diego as a good housing market from 2017 through 2020 just as it is in LA, San Francisco and the Bay area. Buy if you can find anyone willing to sell.

The gorgeous climate, wonderful lifestyle, improving California economy, increased immigration of workers here, beefed up military spending, and proximity to Mexico and the Asian block countries means it is perfectly positioned for big housing demand and very high home prices. 

There’s no better place to relocate to if you’re established or your business is doing well. San Diego will give you back everything you give it and more. I’ve had amazing clients in San Diego.

San Diego is an exciting place to live and for real estate investment. Similar to South Florida, it’s younger buyers in the US and foreign buyers that are eyeing property here. And while many experts call for only moderate price increases, you’ll see the stats below are suggesting higher San Diego home prices and decreased availability. It’s the right time to sell your San Diego home.

What’s San Diego’s achilles heel? Lack of housing development and urban intensification. Another problem might be politicians trying to suppress growth in this little piece of heaven.  But San Diego’s smack dab in the middle of everything. They’ll be under extreme pressure to stop the resistance and net migration into SD County.

Political Resistance to Population Growth

In the face of huge demand, politicians will be under the gun about putting the Kaibosh on SD’s amazing real estate fortune. This factor will ensure prices will rocket out of control.  Are local SD County politicians and the California government doing much to grow housing developments inland? Will the exodus of illegal Mexicans ease the issue? Are illegals buying homes?

Demand for homes in San Diego County will never subside. It is one the best places on earth and prices will stay high. For homeowners here, it is on of those infrequent opportunities to cash out and make a killing. You only need a dream and somewhere to go.

Here’s an easy to understand Forecast of San Diego’s real estate future.

San Diego’s Real Estate Forecast for 2017 is Rosy

And that’s despite the negative outlooks of some toward all of SoCal. February 2017 saw significant price increases (e.g., La Jolla up 29% year over year for detached houses and 55% for townhouse condos) and it’s driven by the California housing shortage crisis. Because of that, we’ll see big home prices right through the spring. The same outlook applies to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

This graphics below shows housing is in short supply and affordability is plummeting. It’s an emergency situation that forecasts big rent increases and strong home price growth. Since home building takes time especially in a heavily regulated environment, there’s little chance of diminished demand. With incomes increasing and millennials coming into their family building years, the stage is set for rocketing prices.

The Three Tiered Market in SD

This excellent chart below courtesy of First Tuesday, shows how demand for lower priced properties is almost a separate world. It’s this more steep tier that is most likely to see huge price growth. Will this turn into a San Diego housing bubble as part of a US housing crash?  The 2007 real estate crash saw big drops in luxury home prices in SD and this time around, we have to wonder if foreign money will vacate fast if the market heads downward. My opinion is that California and San Diego are pretty strong and there’s no other compelling destination for foreign money.

3 Tiered Real Estate Chart Courtesy of first tuesday

It’s an excellent opportunity for rental property investors who want to capitalize on the severe housing and rental property shortage. Property owners near the I5 with waterfront views in La Jolla, Del Mar, Claremont, Solana Beach, and Encinitas may not have much to be concerned with.

As long as the Trump ecconomic surge continues, San Diego’s outlook should be bright.

Should I Sell My San Diego Home?

You could hang onto your home for another 20%, but if enough San Diegans do keep their home off the market due to greed, the repercussions could be serious. This holding onto property is happening all over North America. With nowhere to go, there’s likely not going to be a big selloff anytime soon so price rises could elevate. To ease this crisis, governments could offer incentives for home sellers to let go of their property? For sure, new housing will not ease this crisis. What will make a difference is Realtors convincing people to sell their homes and move on with their lives.

Screen Capture courtesy of SDAR

The housing shortage is a  global phenomena, not just in San Diego. All the in demand cities are seeing foreign that’s fleeing other countries boost up prices in New York, Palm Beach, Toronto, and Miami. The new problem we may face is a shortage of construction workers, which could raise construction costs. That will put upward pressure on resale home prices.

 Considering Buying or Investing in Real Estate in San Diego?

Here’s 13 factors you should be weighing when buying or selling in San Diego County:

  1. Housing Demand – High overall demand – “all cash bidding wars” in some cases
  2. Housing Supply – Throttled, supply is far from what’s needed
  3. Mortgage Rates – Continuing Low, especially in light of global economic slackening
  4. Down Payment and mortgage rules – Banks are withdrawing FHA loans however some are offering downpayments as low as 3%
  5. Regional Employment – Very low and falling
  6. Buyer Income – low yet rising quickly
  7. Home Prices – High and rising – out of reach for most buyers – many consider San Diego County homes grossly over-priced
  8. Demographics – Millennials coming into family and home buying years and their income is growing fast
  9. Number of Renters – increasing fast
  10. New Home Construction: slow (100k to 140k per year) and illegal workers being chased out
  11. Economic-Foreign Trade – Trump expected to raise US GDP and add fuel to incomes and home prices
  12. President Trump – uncertainty of what Trump will create and how much interference he’ll see
  13. Taxes on Sale of Home – Tax situation is great for sellers

What will the San Diego Real Estate Market Look Like in 2017?

2016 was a great year and there’s no reason to believe the market will falter. In fact, San Diego’s situation is very similar to the Los Angeles real estate forecast.  Typically, SD’s housing market doesn’t pick up until after the main markets have grown. Normally, it takes years before demand for high end luxury homes reaches speed here in SD.

The market right now is in waiting mode for US buyers to get richer – particularly Millenials entering their family raising years.  Sure there are South American Buyers looking for homes right now, as well as Russians, but that demand could dry up soon.

With the new Trump Era fully engaged, job growth will pick up steam in Southern California. This will drive growth in places like Escondido, Del Mar, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and San Diego.

San Diego Home Prices

Take a look at San Diego’s historic price chart courtesy of SDAR. Detached home prices are up $300,000 in the last 4.5 years. We’ll be looking at similar price growth rates in 2017.  Many experts are commenting more on a possible housing crash, which would include San Diego.

If you’re thinking of selling, this might be the best time to contact a San Diego Realtor and begin the process. There is no vertical price rise on the graph, or glut of first time buyers with underwater mortgages, but 29% price rises in La Jolla might be a signal of trouble ahead.

My guess is that we’re in for good times for a while in San Diego. Make sure you review the Los Angeles report and the Toronto Real estate forecast to give you a better understanding the global foreign buyer demand that’s affecting all markets. US home builders should  be optimistic about demand and put pressure on legislators to free up land and offer incentives.

Case Shiller’s home price index for San Diego is 229 compared to the national average of 185.

Screen Capture courtesy of SDAR Stats
Screen capture courtesy of SDAR Stats

According to SDAR, home prices are up 6% to an average of $540,000. The real estate trends reflect the general demand as shown in the Los Angeles Market report.  A sharp rise in real income, combined with lower unemployment, rising GDP, and fewer listings available points to higher prices in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  But things are heating up as we saw in La Jolla where detached homes rose an astonishing 29% to an average of 2.26 million. These rates are only seen in other cities such as Toronto.

Screen capture courtesy of SDAR Stats
Screen capture courtesy of SDAR Stats


About Business: Should San Diego be a Startup Haven?

Forbes published their top cities for startups report and they chose San Diego as the best place to launch a new business. You probably wouldn’t get too much argument that a medical and security software startup would thrive here, but is SD better than silicon valley at anything else? Blair Giesen of Thevoiceofsandiego.com is a little skeptical that investors are here and that San Diego is a tech hub. But don’t tell that to San Diego Startup Week who just had their 5 day convention. And conventions are one big advantage San Diego does have.


San Diego Has All the Charm and a Good Economy – But are You Communicating That Well Enough?

California was just named the 5th largest economy in the world and it’s had a great year in 2016. That’s amazing, but does San Diego’s small business and startup growth compare to that of LA and silicon valley? Some of the data below suggests that despite growth in manufacturing and professional services, talented workers may not want to move to SD county. With the Trump presidency firmly launched, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles may be headed for boom times.

Source: Wallet Hub

Which industries are best for startup businesses in San Diego?


Team Up with the Right Partners

Should San Diego Chamber of Commerce and San Diego Regional Economic Development be doing more?  Although some startups have found success, it isn’t easy to succeed especially in digital marketing against tough competition. Companies would be wise to get connected with companies and investors in other cities, perhaps Canada or the UK to build a wider base of success. By networking and accessing those components that don’t and never will exist in San Diego, SD might be able to compete equally with LA, NY, Boston and Silicon Valley. What shouldn’t be underestimated is the desire of companies in Vancouver or Toronto or London to work with SD companies. Motivation is a key factor in performance.

San Diego’s wonderful leisure climate and opportunities are a powerful draw to bring smart talent, business entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. All that’s needed are people who believe in San Diego!

Check out SDEDC’s downloadable infographic of the current economic stats (June 2016)



Should SD be Leveraging the 4 Pillars instead of Leaning on Them?

San Diego has 4 key industries including maritime/naval, healthcare, tourism, and research.

Although US naval fleets and operations are the biggest engine of business and tax revenue in San Diego, the future of war doesn’t look good. If defense budgets stay at current levels, that’s fine, but San Diego needs to grow and diversify to generate greater opportunity, investment and of course jobs.

percapitasandiegoAccording to dot.ca.gov, in 2012, most employment sectors in San Diego enjoyed job growth. And the city’s current 4.2% jobless rate is extraordinary. Most cities can only dream of that. The largest gains occurred in professional services (+5,700 jobs), leisure and hospitality (+5,400 jobs), and retail and wholesale trade (+4,500 jobs), and education and healthcare (+4,300 jobs). The only sector that lost jobs was government (-1,400 jobs).  

It’s expected that from 2013 to 2018, growth will average 1.9 % per year and the fastest rates of growth will occur in information and professional and business services with annual rates of 3.8% and 2.9%

Compare SD’s per capital income growth to San Francisco’s pictured here at right, and you can expect more skilled, creative talented IT related workers to choose Palo Alto and Mountainview rather than San Diego to work and live. But for startups, it might be better to stick to Toronto (see Entrepreneur.com’s vote), Vancouver or Charlotte. Boston, LA, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley are expensive. And Sergei Brin of Google agrees.

Don’t launch your startup in Silicon Valley. During the boom cycles, the expectations around the costs – real estate, salaries – the expectations people and employees have … it can be hard to make a scrappy initial business that’s self-sustaining. Silicon Valley is good for scaling that opportunity, providing more capital and allowing more risk.” — Sergei Brin stated at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit June 27, 2016

From 2016 to 2020, SD’s population will grow about 180,000 and per capita income will grow about $4,000 to an average of $58,428. The professional services sector will see the strongest job growth in total of more than 20,000 new jobs.


San Francisco’s average income is $30,000 above San Diego’s. It will take a lot for San Diego Businesses to overcome that, and the fact that Silicon Valley is full of investment money.

And in this graphic at right, we discover that per capita income will rise much faster than the California average (other CA counties will do much better).

High wages in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountainview, Santa Clara, San Jose will draw high skilled IT workers like flies. However the Bay Area is pricey and the cost of doing business there will eat away at capital and profits.  Silicon Valley looks to India for alleys but Donald Trump might throw a monkey wrench into their machine.


REAL ESTATE: High volumes of sales and soaring home prices indicate that compared to the rest of the nation, California metros are benefitting from strong housing sector growth in 2013. San Francisco is considered by some to be the strongest market in the country, closely followed by several other California metros including San Jose, Sacramento, Orange, and San Joaquin Counties.


Where will you find San Francisco apartments for rent? Are you looking for the best cities to invest in real estate in 2017? Where is the best Vacation destination: Costa Rica or San Diego? Is this he right time to sell your home? Reports suggest people don’t intend to sell their homes so what impact will that have on the US housing construction forecast?  How will first time buyers ever get the mortgage financing they need to buy?

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Hotel SEO – Los Angeles San Diego Orlando Miami New York Boston

Hotel SEO – Creating Customers out of Travellers

Whether it’s cheap flights or business class hotel bookings, you know how searchers look hard on Google for the right rates and locations.  

And while expedia, hotels.com, trivago, and airbnb are also well aware of the power of Hotel SEO and have big outreach via social media, there’s plenty of opportunity to build traffic for your hotel or B&B Inn.

Today, it’s all about the customer journey, the experience they have while searching. That search may begin with “cheap hotel rooms” but with excellent search engine optimization and expert content strategy, the path that travel consumer takes can be managed. We an show them a better solution than cheapest hotel rooms, New York, or San Diego hotels.

SEO is just the beginning. Content strategy and content engagement pave the way to hotel bookings and revenue

How much Traffic can Hotel SEO deliver? A lot.

In fact, I doubled a major hotel’s traffic and made a big impact on their bottom line. This was traffic generated via Google, Yahoo, direct visits, and other website referrals. Adding a million new visits per year makes Hotel SEO a respected profession. I’d be delighted to perform SEO for your hotel brand.

I do love travel and hotels are recognized as convenient, safe, and comfortable accommodations. Your SEO specialist should have a passion for destinations. My personal favorites are Banff, San Diego, Costa Rica, Whistler BC, and Florida. Any many more locales await!

And while AirBnB has put a good deal of pressure on the hotel industry, hotels have innovated.  Years ago, hotel marketing communications were formal and narrow thinking. Yet today they’ve opened up to more personal and creative interactions with travellers looking for fun, helpful and engaging content.  There are alternate paths on the hotel customer journey.

AI Solutions for Hotel Marketing

With artificial intelligence marketing software beginning to roll out, the role of Hotel SEO specialists will evolve. The new AI marketing software brings unbelievable insight and power to SEO specialists. Now we can test content for impact, clickthrough conversion rates, and engagement improvement. AI marketing and content personalization software is a godsend to those looking for big improvements.

How to Build Hotel Search Rankings?

Achieving rankings, wide and deep, actually requires a lot of content, ingenuity, and social connectedness.  There is original content and then there’s more content that we might glean from your property databases. Whatever can help us generate rankings and build our relevance to RankBrain and searchers.

The strictness and avoidance of risk that major brands have as their achilles heal, is just one area where your small hotel can exploit. On a local level as well, many hotels won’t play the give and take that high performance SEO takes. So whether it’s local SEO or large scale Hotel SEO, there are niches and opportunities where you can beat the big brands and get solid exposure.

What do You Need to Win your Google Rankings?

  1. bold, confident keyword selection (head and longtail both)
  2. clever, engaging content constructed as a whole on your website
  3. high performing EPIC level visual content
  4. high quality, sharable blogs, pdfs, videos, photos
  5. interesting, engaging blog posts using semantically relevant copy
  6. high quality travel-related stories

Good Content for Engaging Behavior

Yes, as I demonstrate in my new SEO Book, there is no dichotomy between SEO and Content Strategy. You can align and combine to make Google and customers have the same pleasant and and convincing experience. Let’s get your Web presence optimized from top to bottom.

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Marketing Agency San Diego Los Angeles San Francisco – Blueprint for Success

Understanding The Marketing Service Ecosystem


If you’ve ever wanted to launch your own marketing agency, in San Diego, Los Angeles or Boston, you’ll be glad to know I’ve worked for those who have done it. They became quite wealthy and enjoyed fantastic exposure to the latest technology, ideas and had money to travle worldwide. There’s a lot of benefits.

If you like the idea, then Paul Roetzer’s new book The Marketing Agency Blueprint should be a vital and fascinating resource. And I might add that my new book and services might be part of your future too.

The Marketing Agency Blueprint is chock full of ideas, advice and resources on how to build a successful digital marketing agency. The market for marketing agency services is increasingly complex so this type of book is excellent for clarifying goals and building a plan of attack.

Just about everyone and their grandmother is launching a marketing company today, so if you’re serious, you’d better get a copy of this book. Roetzer describes a new type of agency that uses the best available media channels to win. He says pure play digital agencies will likely go out of business along with traditional agencies.

This is a disruptive, bold approach for marketing businesses, and I suspect it will require a good deal of confidence for many agency owners to implement his new era plan. Even if you don’t follow it, you’ll learn a good deal from this book.

The Marketing Agency Blueprint

What’s exciting about Roetzer’s treatise is its insight into the marketing services ecosystem. You’ll understand how marketing is changing and how agencies must evolve to excel in this era.  Roetzer emphasizes an agency’s willingness to be entrepreneurial, tech savvy, open to change, and execute faster than competitors as keys to success.

I would counter that excellent new business development strategies, powerful UVP, a relevant brandgiving, networking,  reaching influencerscustomer awareness, and excellence in choosing clients are vital. But you’ll find he does address some of these matters.

He says top agencies will pivot on the depth, versatility, and drive of their talent. Yet that discussion actually opens up the weakness of the book and some of his recommendations, as I’ll point out below. As much as I like a book, idea or venture, to not understand its weaknesses is unwise.

The Real Problem: Clients are Doing Things In-house

Roetzer doesn’t get into too much about how to get rid of the current nemesis —- the in-house specialista. In-house specialistas are replacing marketing agencies. They’re in the driver’s seat, have lots of time, inside knowledge of the client’s business, and the boss’s belief that in-house is the way to go.

Another issue is that clients are giving up on traditional advertising and turning more to integrated, multichannel marketing.  However, this book does guide you in how to become relevant again and build the confidence to really delve into clients mindset so you can “create” a new client out of one you’re losing your grip on.

What is his solution really? Hire versatile, skilled talent and use a marketing platform to provide solutions faster and more adeptly.

Hybrid Agency – Adapting to Provide the Ultimate Service

The book discusses how a new hybrid agency business model will guide successful new agencies. This isn’t really new, but I do think his book clarifies the matter.

In Chapter 2, he describes agency models and which attributes of them are worth saving.  Strangely, in Chapter 1, he suggests revenue production should replace billable hours as the payment model.  This bizarre reordering of Chapter materials is disorienting, but I’d advise skipping past Chapter 1 and come back to it later. He offers plenty of other disruptive ideas which you and your clients may or may not like.

In Chapter 3, a very good one, he discusses how to assess excellent talent which he dubs “Hybrid Pros.”  However, he doesn’t discuss how to motivate and compensate Hybrid pros. This last point hurts his credibility a lot. Are we supposed to keep compensation strategy old school while we change everything else? How does that make sense? It’s almost as though he doesn’t like where his own disruptive, innovative system is leading, or that his own employees will be reading his book.

Here’s Some More Money. But I Don’t Want Money

Bait business
Old School Motivation is Going the Way of the Suit and Tie

I’ll help Paul out on this one. If you’re going to motivate employees to learn, perform, be creative and engaged, keep them from jumping ship, and dedicated to the “team is everything” theme, you have to compensate them and let them create a work life that lets them access 100% of their potential.

Star Hybrid Pros will want a good salary but they want other benefits too.


Employees and their specific lifestyle, learning style, desire for experience and engagement, and unique motivational rewards have to underpin  your business model.

Such incentivizing is certainly part of Google’s business model and is how they foster creativity and imagination.

Optimally, you have to give them freedom to add value, grow and feel empowered. This way, they will generate the revenue you’ll need to pay them. Basically, they’ll pay themselves and you’ll get a sizable cut.

There are 7 more chapters including building a scalable infrastructure, controlling the sales funnel, and optimizing inbound marketing strategy. There’s plenty more insights from Roetzer to filter through. I’m going to explore all of it further chapter by chapter because I think it answers a lot of questions, and stimulates interesting thought on how to run a business today.

The Marketing Agency Blueprint is a good read for anyone in business, even those who don’t need a marketing agency.


I hope we’ll speak soon to collaborate to help you build the most cost effective yet productive digital marketing agency.  Let’s talk now at 416 998 6246.

I serve local businesses in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and Phoenix.

New SEO Book

The SEO / Content Strategy Book 1.0 is Out!

It’s not available at Amazon, Google Shopping, or Barnes & Noble yet, but you can learn about the latest development in Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategy, all in one book.

SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord CollinsThe SEO / Content Strategy Guide 1.0 epitomizes the new approach to marketing where products need to be evergreen assets and work in tandem with artificial intelligence.

Besides the basics of SEO explaining how to build a powerful keyword strategy and linking sophistication, you’ll discover how to align your content with how Google spiders and ranks your webpages. There’s so much more to learn about advanced SEO in the book. It’s readable and a fascinating topic.

Whether you’re an eCommerce shop owner, dentist, landscaper, plumber, auto shop owner, Realtor or mortgage agent, or marketing agency manager, this is one book you need to read.

From Value Props to AI Robots

Marketing is going online and it’s increasingly driven by AI robots and a sophisticated presentation of your digital content. Your business and brand is your content. This guide will help you understand what your marketing goals should be and what assets and strategy will help you get your message across with laser clarity.

It’s all about making your customer feel good.  That one single emotion they feel before buying is the key. That’s where all friction, doubt, and fear subside, and where the customers commits completely to buying. This book will help you generate that one single emotion.

You’ll discover this is much more than your usual SEO Book or Content Strategy Book. It’s a system of strategic digital organic marketing. Because FREE is a powerful inducement. Save some money doing SEO so you have more for your marketing staff, PPC, and content development. Watch your complete marketing mix be amplified through this amazing strategy system.

Order the SEO / Content Strategy Guide Online Now!


Coffee Shops

Find a Coffee Shop Near You

Below you’ll find a large interactive map of coffee shops in your location. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, Sacramento, Orange County, San Jose, Las Vegas, New York, Boston or Miami, no worries.

Cool Social Coffee Shop in Los Angeles – courtesy of LA Confidential Magazine

If the coffee shop for you isn’t there, they don’t want to be found! And while you might find Starbucks shops and McDonalds Cafes galore in most cities intown or on the road, the most popular and prevalent, you should check out other shops and bistros for a special organic or Costa Rica flavor.

Some independent coffee shops offer exceptional atmospheres, fun, relaxing and with views!  Find one below, local to your specific geolocation.

Where are the most popular coffee drinks?

  • Americano. A shot or two of espresso with a little added hot water.
  • Cappuccino. is an Espresso with some steamed milk topped with foam.
  • Café au Lait. Half coffee with half steamed milk.
  • Espresso. Brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans
  • Latte. Made with espresso and hot steamed milk, but milkier than a cappuccino.
  • Breve. American variation of a latte: using steamed half-and-half mixture of milk and cream instead of milk
  • Macchiato. Espresso macchiato, is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed
  • Chai Latte. a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs

What is your Favorite Coffee Shop and Coffee Drink?

Global coffee drinkers consumer more than 2 billion cups of coffee per day, and the coffee industry employs 5 million Brazilians, and millions more workers in Costa Rica, Columbia, and Vietnam. Coffee sales represent about 80% of revenues for many restaurants worldwide. And let’s not forget how many workers it employs right here in the US from Los Angeles, to Miami to New York and Chicago. Literally millions of jobs depend on the sale of coffee.

Which coffee shops brands have the most locations?

  • McDonalds McCafe – 1300 locations
  • Costa Coffee – 1700 locations
  • Tim Hortons – 4300 locations
  • Dunkin Donuts – 10,000+ locations
  • Starbucks – 20,00+ locations

Coffee is big in America (Starbucks had an income of 4.2 Billion dollars last year) and it’s becoming big in China too. And that means thousands of coffee shops are springing up in countries that have normally not been big consumers of java.

America Divided on Which Coffee Shop Brands They Prefer

Coffee Brand Map courtesy of Maptitude.com

Most searches for a coffee shop near me are likely to involve a Starbucks downtown, on a highway, or near an airport. The map below plots them out in detail with driving directions, sometimes a picture, and a menu.  You may have to push the “+ button” until you drill down to specific areas where coffee shops near you will appear.


Find Coffee Shops Near Me

Find restaurants near me Los Angeles, restaurants near me in San Diego, and restaurants near me in Toronto. Enjoy dining out tonight with the food, drinks and atmosphere you’re hoping for. Enjoy your visit and make some beautiful memories.

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Restaurants Near Me

Finding the Right Restaurant Fast

If you’re a vacationer in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Las Vegas or San Francisco, you’re likely on a highway right searching with your smartphone for a great place to eat with just the right atmosphere.

Where to eat right now? The right food at the right location. It’s the same for anyone visiting Boston, Miami, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle or New York too only you might be in a cab or uber car frantically hoping to find a good restaurant or even a nice coffee shop.

What you’re hoping for is the food you feel like eating now, in a restaurant in a safe area of the city with the right ambiance and great service that makes you feel wanted. In the local restaurant listings provided in the map below, you can see reviews and ratings that might help you pick a good one.

Don’t forget to click on the audible directions and Google will take you right to the restaurant’s doorstep.

Coffee Shops Near Me

Never fear, you can scroll down this page and find a large interactive map of fine restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, burger joints, fast food joints, or bars with a menu and a view, and  local to your specific geolocation. What type of food you might enjoy near you? Here’s a list:


  • Thai
  • American
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Seafood
  • Vegan
  • Chinese
  • Bar & Grill
  • Subs and Sandwiches
  • Salad Bar
  • Sushi

Restaurants Near You Right Now:

Find restaurants near me Los Angeles, restaurants near me in San Diego, and restaurants near me in Toronto. Enjoy dining out tonight with the food, drinks and atmosphere you’re hoping for. Enjoy your visit and make some beautiful memories.

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