4 Steps to Powerful Real Estate Sales Results

Ramping Up Realtor Digital Marketing Successful or not so successful, real estate agents must always be powering up their lead sources. That means building those marketing assets, promoting your offer, optimizing your lead funnel, and nurturing for more closed sales. Today, client prospects know you more from your online real estate marketing than they do…


SEO Forecast – Digital Marketing Update 2020

SEO Spending Continues To Rise The Corona Virus pandemic has had a big impact on the business of marketing and advertising.  With offices empty and factories shutdown, and most promotional channels in a standstill, SEO has had lots of time to flourish. Companies are renewing their efforts in the organic content and search engine optimization channels….


Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Forecast What could be more fun for a digital marketing agency owner, marketing strategist, digital marketing specialist or entrepreneur than understanding their market and where the opportunities for growth are? There’s a lot of non-sense in expert forecasts, from bitcoin to wearables to virtuality reality and the Internet of Things. These may be the shiny…

Social Media

Facebook Reaches 1.7 Billion Active Users

The Social Media Giant Grows at Record Pace The user experience of Facebook couldn’t be more far removed from the world of Google and the Web. It’s a place for chatting and sharing material which has no other purpose than to make others smile, laugh, share their recipes, family pics, celebrations, selfies, and animated pet…


How Big Companies Rule Google Rankings – PPC Advertising

Expertise + Money = Success! Curious about how to get more out of your website and social media efforts? How about capturing more business via Google? Would that change your outlook for 2018?  You can do it, and this post is about how you can do it. It’s going to cost you and also require…


What Advertisers are Paying for PPC Advertising

Are Real Estate Companies Getting Good Value? As a Realtor, mortgage agent, loan company, software startup, auto dealer, or small business professional, you agonize over how to grow leads, get visibility, and generate revenue. Pay per click prices (top form of advertising) show your competition is willing to pay for sales leads and customer loyalty….