Key to High Rankings: Effective Outreach

Outreach and Link Building are Seriously Underrated

In life as in marketing, some things don’t get their due recognition and respect.  In the realm of digital marketing and SEO, outreach is the weak stepchild.  That’s because it’s not understood well and doing it well is a challenge.

Admittedly, link building and outreach require confidence and tolerance for frustration.  Don’t worry, if you begin studying the art, you’ll become good at it.

We’re all aware of how vital good rankings on Google are, and Google’s ranking algorithm is heavily weighted on the quality of inbound links to a website. Acquiring links from other websites is the singular most important aspect of high rankings and thus free traffic from Google. There’s nothing like receiving free prospects who are looking for your product or service. They may even be desperate to buy right now!

Pay Google. They Love the Cash!

Google Stock PriceGoogle’s purpose was to make search rankings difficult to obtain.  By increasing businesses frustration in getting free organic rankings and traffic, marketers like yourself are forced to buy more Adwords advertising to get customers. Google’s revenues and stock value have shot through the roof.

Despite their disappearing ad budgets, many marketing managers refuse to take link acquisition or outreach seriously. In fact, many have given up on it. The reason for that is not just a lack of respect. It’s because they have no confidence in their own business value proposition and their ability to create value for those who might link to their website.

Outreach is a process of emailing, social posting, and content placement done with the purpose of getting people to link to your web site. How persuasive  and effective it is depends on your strategy. It is a process of creating value, and personal networking and persuasion.

Link outreach is a demanding process requiring creativity, persuasion, and networking skill. Those who don’t know how to do it well can learn. And those without the time, resources and creativity will want to outsource to link building experts or outreach specialists. Because the end value is tremendous.

By doing it yourself, you avoid having to buy links and risk being penalized by Google.

Here’s my Top Ten Tips for supercharging your link building outreach efforts:

  1. Create unique, compelling content of value to share with bloggers, journalists, top influencers etc.  That might include data, infographics, photos, white papers, videos, or articles that generate good value. Your content has to be valuable to their customers or make them look good. Think of the targeted website owner as a friend whom you need to help.
  2. Have a plan to spread the word about your company and its unique value proposition.
  3. Use email to contact prospective targets and followup with additional emails (persistence)
  4. Use blogger outreach tools and services to make bloggers aware and convince them to talk about your company/article
  5. Find top influencers on social sites using followerwonk
  6. Use Twitter ads and Facebook ads to gain more exposure to target people
  7. Use Moz’s Opensite Explorer to discover who links to your competitor’s (or highest ranking) websites in your keyword category. Visit these sites and study the reasons why the site owner’s linked to your top competitor’s website.
  8. Develop your social media channels so you can reach potential targets directly
  9. Write content for various online news sites, magazines,
  10. Leave sincere, intelligent comments on other’s blogs and blog posts
Check out Moz’s Whiteboard Friday for Link Building tips

If you’re spending $10k per month on Google Adwords, it might make sense to hire and train someone in-house to do link building and outreach. That is, if you have someone creating quality sharable content. Otherwise you will have to find a link building expert.  There aren’t many of them, so be prepared to pay a great deal for the services of the best ones. This is definitely a good entrepreneurial business opportunity for those with the talent and resources.

Even if your value proposition is weak, you can still do a good job of creating sharable content and communicating value.

This process of respecting link building and outreach should encourage you to work on your UVP and your digital marketing strategy and shore up those weak spots.  Give link building and outreach their due respect and focus resources on the process. Even if you do it for 6 months, you’re going to learn a great deal about your product marketing and your target customer.

Link Builders Can’t Get No Respect

Check out the salary ranges for digital marketing pros and compare: Click to Enlarge.

This is an excellent example of how SEO companies/link builders get valuable links — an infographic. Find out more about pay and salaries for other digital marketing jobs.


California Vacation Guide – Eyewitness Travel

California is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the world, and it draws millions of tourists every year. If you’re planning a trip, you might want to see some DVDs or find a great travel book.

You’ll find plenty of books on California at the library or bookstore, but the best of them might be Eyewitness Travel’s California Guide. With over 600 pages packed with full colour pictures, hotel listings, tourist sites and detailed descriptions of California’s historic and cultural heritage, you’ll learn plenty about any locale in the Golden State. This book has quality construction as well with glossy paper. It is durable.


The book has the whole of California divided into 12 regions. From surfing in San Diego to to visual explanations of the earthquakes along the San Andreas fault (I felt a 4.3 quake when I was there and that was scary enough), to Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, Disneyworld, and Yosemite Park.


If you’re a history buff, you’ll like how much of the state’s colourful history is quickly explained and depicted pictures of artifacts. It’s a visual journey of California’s past and present. It’ll take you some time to read, but if you need something to relax with these long, hot summer months, it’s a great read. It’ll get you revved up for your next visit.

I must admit, I haven’t read even half of it, but my primary interest is San Diego and Yosemite Park.  It’ll take you many visits to see all of the incredible sights in California, but I can’t think of too many more compelling places in North America. (except the Rocky Mountains)

A Taste of California

For couples, there’s nothing more inviting than California. It is the essence of American culture and the pinnacle of North American lifestyle. It’s very romantic whether you’re in San Diego or San Francisco with so much to see and do. The weather is incredible. Places like San Diego have an average temperature of about 20 C everyday and it’s sunny.

Each region of the Golden State offers a unique vacation experience such as surfing off San Diego’s shoreline to golfing everywhere here, to wine tours in Napa Valley to shopping in Orange County.


From San Diego to Los Angeles, to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to Eureka down to Palm Springs in the desert, California’s diverse landscapes and urban areas are the vacation of a lifetime. Definitely, you should plan on a visit.

A California escape is all romance, the kind of experience that can alter your life. It’s the ultimate place to relax yet enjoy exquisite restaurants, wineries, shopping, and summer sports activities.

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy visiting here. Although, my next visit will include surfing. The 60’s surfer culture is still present. And that’s just a small sampling of the mystique of California.

One of my former clients in San Diego is an expert surfer who travels the world just to surf. His advice is to make sure I’m a very good swimmer because it’s a physical challenge. I don’t like the idea of drinking that salt water after falling off the surf board into a foamy wave crash, but it must be a lot of fun despite the fact the water off of California is cold and you need a wetsuit.

To whet your apetite for an incredible vacation, you might want to read a few books and view a few videos on this amazing destination.


A Taste of California

One of my prized DVDs is a collection called A Taste of California. It’s a 6 dvd set distributed by Questar that showcases the best of California’s rich culture.  Although the average guy won’t be excited by these videos, women and romantic men will be. It’s a relaxing excursion into one of the most prized vacation destinations in North America.

It’s hosted by a Brit, Simon Kane, and he visits the 6 regions of the state. From the desert areas to the American Riviera, it’s a relaxing journey through one of the US’s most interesting places.


He’s a great host giving you a unique, foreign perspective of California that makes it even better.  A Taste of California takes you from organic farms to wineries to bed and breakfasts in small quaint western towns.  He chats with famous celebrities, chefs, hotel managers, and winemakers. You’ll see plenty of restaurants offering exotic faire à la salmon pizza with goats cheese and caviar.  Then there’s ballon rides, helicopter rides, whale watching excursions, and aquarium walk throughs, haunted houses, flights in open cockpits biplanes, jazz festivals, visits to incredible shopping plazas and small town boutiques.   There’s fascinating entertainment, golf, and soothing, relaxing, exotic aspas. You’ll see sumptuous meals and romantic music served up at upscale California restaurants and you’ll learn a lot about winemaking from winemakers.balloon-rides-california.

While California is not cheap to visit, this is one trip  that should be on your bucket list.  There are cheaper ways to visit so it’s not out of reach if you take your time to save for it. A Taste of California is an escape to a beautful place and even if you’re not expecting to go there, it is a DVD set that everyone loves.




There is 7 hours of video on the 6 DVD set featuring 18 unique videos.  I’d highly recommend it whether you’re a romantic or you’d like to learn about California’s unique culture. You can order it online at the Travel Video Store.