Weather Forecast 2020

Scorching Hot Weather for all of July for Eastern North America It’s going to be an unusually hot summer for 2020.  For June, the temps have already been warm, and the heat is forecasted to continue throughout July, August and even September. A huge weather front is setting up to persist throughout the full month…


Ontario Foreign Buyer Tax Short Sighted and Harmful to Economy

Foreign Buyer Tax Didn’t Help Housing Crisis As Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the new Foreign Buyers Tax in Toronto, she ignored recent stats that showed Vancouver’s use of the money grabbing tax was wearing off. Doug Ford has just picked up the old torch and kept carrying it.  Any kind of tax can hurt…


Why SEO is Still the King of Digital Marketing

Customers Looking for Your Product/Service SMB owners have 3 key digital marketing vehicles to generate new traffic and sales prospects: Social, PPC, or SEO. SEO doesn’t have the ongoing costs like PPC does. Searchers click on the natural search listings and you aren’t charged a penny. SEO has the reputation of zero cost, high revenue, however it does have a cost….