How to Mindread Your Visitor’s Intent – Customer Research

Knowing Visitor Intent is 90% of the Battle Let’s say you’ve got boatloads of traffic coming to your website, yet nobody’s buying.  Apparently, you don’t have the engaging intent building content to interest them and you’re stumped about what to give them. It’s depressing, especially after you may have tried a few gimmicks without getting any traction  If only…

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Luxury Real Estate in Costa Rica | Luxury Homes in Paradise

Where to Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Where is the best place to invest in real estate for long term gain or for retirement?  There’s plenty of cities in the US to retire comfortably with growth potential, but you’d have to wonder if there is any better potential than Costa Rica Real Estate. This paradise…

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Los Angeles Real Estate Agents | LA County Homes for Sale

Find a Home for Sale and Hire a Great Agent The Los Angeles MLS® Listings, Los Angeles Zillow Listings or the LA Trulia Listings are all good sources of home listings you can peruse.  You’re bound to reveal some excellent houses and condos for  sale in the specific region of LA you want to live in the property…

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First Time Buyers — A House or Condo is a Great Investment

First Time Home Ownership Your dream of owning your own home is a smart investment and it’s doable. It’s been that way for a century. With all the negatives you hear about the economy, home prices, huge down payments, and the cost of living, you may have been pushed  into a state of denial and apathy….


Real Estate Investment Opportunities for Chinese Buyers Grows

Chinese Buyers Lead the Growth of Real Estate Investment The demand for homes in Canada and US continues to grow relentlessly. China buyers are eager to have a piece of the economic revolution happening in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto where prices have shot up. Chinese buyers…