Preparing for the Post Pandemic Boom

Preparing for the Post Pandemic Boom

Winning in the Post Pandemic Market What can you do when the economy sucks and sales are slow? Work harder?  How about preparing to be the market leader when the economy has its turnaround? Crises are actually opportunities to prepare for the next growth wave where consumers have a different mood and the competitive playing…


New Business Development – Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver – Canada’s Golden Child is Growing Up Many of my US clients have commented that they believe Vancouver is the best city in the World. It might be hard to argue against because not only has Vancouver become more beautiful, it’s also become an economic powerhouse. Vancouver has the type of issues you find…


How to Attract and Capture your Dream Client

  Client Acquisition Strategies Are your current clients bubbling with enthusiasm about your work? Are you being a big hit together? No? Well it might be you have the wrong clients. It may be time to try some new client acquisition strategies and be rid of much of the grind you’re experiencing. If your consulting…

real estate

Doing Business in Beautiful California – Referral Fee of $5000

$5000 Referral Fee? I’m searching for a highly intelligent, big minded, and modestly successful real estate agent in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco. If they buy my elite realtor services package, I will pay you a $5000 referral fee (paid in installments of course with performance bonuses). This means if you help me…

Business Strategies

Smart Choices: Do an Internet Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audits – Ask The Right Questions If  your company’s not meeting your performance expectations, there’s 2 things you can do: 1) pare down your expectations or , 2) prepare a strategy to excel online.  Doing an audit can actually be a pleasant exploration of the business you love but have lost sight of….

Value Proposition

The Unique Value Proposition

  Redesign Your Unique Value Proposition What one business statement makes everything you’re doing make perfect sense? It’s your UVP. Creating this statement can be a fun and illuminating experience, if you’re passionate about your business. I hope you are.   Most businesses fail or succeed due to this one factor: their unique value proposition….