Bitcoin Price Forecast
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Bitcoin Price Forecast

Bitcoin Price Outlook Like millions of other investors eager not to miss out on the bonanza, you’re hearing the commentary on Bitcoin. They’re saying it’s a hedge against US economic disaster, and that it will reach astonishingly high prices, eventually. Bitcoin’s was looking to break out into new price territory, and it did break through…

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Expert Facebook Stock Price Predictions

Should You Buy Facebook Stock? Facebook has fared much better than most companies in 2020 despite the pandemic shutdown. And experts feel 2021 will be a phenomenal year for the FB stock and earnings. With a slate of new, hot products, the social media giant is competing in all the right places.  FB’s stock price…

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The Future of Real Estate

The Future of Real Estate While housing markets in US cities waffle back and forth between market crash and price peaks, homebuyers, property investors and Realtors are wondering how real estate will look 5 to 10 years from now. It’s a certainty that new real estate technology (Fintech and Proptech) will shape the path ahead for the real…