Stock Market Forecast 2022 Predictions & Outlook
Stock Market

Stock Market Forecast 2022 Predictions & Outlook

Stock Market Had a Bad Start Today After 4 straight days of losses, the Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ, and Russell 2000 were down again today.  The culprit?  China’s housing market and the US debt ceiling (US could default without increasing spending and raising the debt ceiling). All media eyes were on the China housing crisis…


Hotel SEO – Los Angeles San Diego Orlando Miami New York Boston

Hotel SEO Excellence The Corona Virus pandemic devastated the travel industry in 2021. From hotels to cruise ships to Airbnb rentals, and restaurants to airlines, companies have teetered on the verge of bankruptcy. And just in the nick of time perhaps is this spring’s huge wave of travel and hotel demand. In fact, yesterday (March…


Why SEO is Still the King of Digital Marketing

Customers Looking for Your Product/Service SMB owners have 3 key digital marketing vehicles to generate new traffic and sales prospects: Social, PPC, or SEO. SEO doesn’t have the ongoing costs like PPC does. Searchers click on the natural search listings and you aren’t charged a penny. SEO has the reputation of zero cost, high revenue, however it does have a cost….

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Instead of Fearing Disruption, Why not Leverage It?

Why You Should Believe in Disruption The word disruption means entirely different things to many people. Increasingly, it’s becoming a very positive word in our vocabulary, particularly digital marketers. As you can see in the graphic above, disruptive companies are thriving. Is your business disruptive, or being disrupted? Are you looking beyond the waves of change…

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Condo Market Heats up in Toronto, Vancouver and San Diego

Realtors Looking at Strong Market for Condos The market for condos in North America’s hottest cities is heating up as housing becomes scarce.  The low Canadian dollar is making all Vancouver and Toronto properties an attractive investment but condos are the hidden gem for investors. The market in San Diego too is also being driven…