Celebrate Your Wins – It Keeps You on Track

Celebration Reconfirms Your Commitment

merrily hackett
Merrily Hackett celebrates a fantastic year of sales and customer service for Sutton Group West Coast Realty – A lot of buyers and sellers have realized their dreams because Sutton West Coast made it easier.

I know of a special mortgage agent who has a panache for celebration and I discovered that trait, attitude or disposition as an important success characteristic for her and anyone else.  It’s definitely fascinated me and I’m not a big Xmas, 4th of July, World Series Win post game, or wedding kind of guy. Although I do like fireworks once in a while.

Celebration is a communication and motivation tool. It’s about sharing moments, milestones, such as your wedding anniversary, sales records, the day you met someone, your kid’s birth and graduation, and or someone’s 100th birthday (like actor Kirk Douglas who just hit 100).  Who cares? They do and you do. In fact, celebration could be related to feelings of well-being and self-respect.

Celebration is an appreciation of success in serving clients or customers – it reveals intent and respect. 

Yet celebrating by itself doesn’t carry much weight unless you make it relevant to your customers/clients and demonstrate what it represents — their success now and in the future.  Making money by itself is an empty success. Maybe this is something that’s missing from your personal and professional life? Why don’t we get that changed around with a series of goals and milestone successes in your career?

Nothing to Celebrate? Maybe 2017 will be the year you become delerious with celebration and happiness

This Modest Celebration?  Reaching 1000 Visitors per Day 

If you’ve read my real estate blog, (10% of you keep coming back) you know I’ve been catering specifically to real estate agents. They’re a tough audience – skeptical of digital marketing.  I promote my significant, personalized unique value proposition as a marketer who can get them in front of huge audiences. I can do that and here’s proof. My blog has just hit the 1000 visitor per day mark as you can see the Google Analytics chart shown below.

I’ve spoken about hypergrowth strategy but few people have had the slightest interest in it. Too conceptual, too far out. Well, wait till you see what’s coming next. (Update: this blog has hit 2,000 visitors per day).

I know, you’re thinking, “Gord don’t give away your data.”  I’m not too concerned because it’s the next 2,000 visitors per day where the real success lives.  In this phase, I begin to target consumers, homeowners, homebuyers, mortgage borrowers, lifestyle seekers, travel real estate buyers, home improvement seekers, and more.

I’ll celebrate again at the 3,000 per day mark — that’s a rate of over 1.1 Million visitors per year.  That’s about how much traffic my major Hotel client had when I started helping them and I got them up to 2.5 million per year. This joy in reaching people via social media, content, millions of blogs, and Google Search is something you can leverage if you feel good about yourself. I’m becoming more enthusiastic about Facebook and its potential too.  Maybe we can share that journey together?


The 4000 unique cities where my visitors live

Celebrate Your Business Future – Let’s Create It Now

I would rather celebrate your big victories and milestones such as 100 deals per year — One every 3 days. Why not? You can do it. I’m showing you how many people are online and searching. Then there’s the social media crowd!  These people will refer business to you as well. And if you’d like to advertise online, even better, I’ll create your high converting landing pages and create an amazing customer journey that will make your customers love you.

If you’ve already got a panache for the real human side of celebration, I’ll give you something to really celebrate.  How about Millionaire status, world travel, a beautiful new home for you, and a better life for your family.

Don’t sit on your duff and dream about it. If you’re already reasonably successful, why would you ever doubt it?  Dust off your old Tony Robbins motivation tapes, watch Home Hunters International episodes, and start planning your big party event. Yes, of course I want to be there especially if it’s in Costa Rica!