Purpose of a Content Strategist – To Make People Happy?

Purpose of a Content Strategist – To Make People Happy?

Everyone Wants to Feel Good – Are You Delivering Happiness?

We’re all up on the idea that people buy on emotion. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the one emotion that pulls that buying trigger is happiness — from a rush of  your happy brain chemicals: endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. The one thing people want is to feel good, secure, and satisfied emotionally.

Happiness, surprise, delight and contentment should be central to your unique value proposition and business model. Yes, your business model.

This post is about what it takes to create a happy customer. It begins with building the right content to attract your new customer, designing content that gets them to do what you want, and supercharging their emotions to get them to break free of their own internal constraints.

If you want to create that rush of happy chemicals in your customer later on, you need to do certain special things now.

If you haven’t done them, then at the point of purchase decision, there won’t be any way for you to supercharge their emotions. And you’ll be unable to change their mental context and surmount their sales resistance.

The Precursors of a Happy Customer

I’m going to introduce you to the Amazing Kreskin, who’s used the power of suggestion to delight audiences for decades.  And, I’m suggesting you design such suggestiveness into your social and web content because later on, it makes sales conversion rates much higher.

A brilliant content strategy is built on customers happiness factors. It’s going to make your UVP compelling and your product/brand fascinating and irresistible.

Begin with your End Goal

Content strategists need a wide perspective, looking far above the dust, pebbles and broken branches that line the mountainside path — on one that’s paved with smiles. Creating a happy experience is vital. What “happy seeds” have you planted your current content? Do you know which happiness seeds will work for your customers?

If you haven’t looked at your content this way, I’d suggest starting now. This is applied psychology and in a sense you are conditioning your audience to accept your service/product as the right one. The ideas you plant in their minds now will provide the foundation for sales conversion later at checkout/contact time.  And they’ll believe these ideas were their ideas. Your customers will be delighted with their purchases, but only you’ll know why. Once they’re happy, they won’t care.

I talk about unique value propositions extensively, but your ability to beat competitors on product benefits alone is limited. You need something more. Seeding happiness is that something more. Then add hyperacceleration techniques later, and you should have them breaking down the doors!

In future posts, I’ll discuss psychological techniques in word choice, phrasing, and topic choice.

Choosing the Right Clients

While your sales team and top management appear to be driving new client/customer acquisition, it’s very likely that your content strategist/developer is actually determining which new clients/customers appear out of nowhere.

That’s the whole point of content strategy — to create the right customer.

Happiness Seeding should be a key part of your content strategy planning. Later on, it”ll determine how they will feel about you, the look on their face when they meet you, how much money they will pay you, how creative they’ll be in pursuing business with you, whether they believe in you, whether they believe in themselves, and how long they will be engaged with you.

If your new client prospect doesn’t meet you with total delight, you didn’t do a great job with your content.

After meeting so many clients over the last 17 years, I can tell you with certainty, that your content determines everything about what’s going to happen.

Focus on how you’re going to make them feel, rather than product benefits and features. If you read most corporate web copy, you’ll see it’s filled with “fact about us” and “aren’t we great” and product features. Now they’re scrambling to change that boring copy to focus on making customers feel good.

Amazing Power of Suggestion

When I was a kid, I loved the long uphill bike ride to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Saturday afternoon. I looked forward to watching the Amazing Kreskin on TV (my family couldn’t afford cable). I had no idea how he did things then. I was amazed.

The Amazing Kreskin foretold what people would feel and say, because he planted it in their brain first. Kreskin was an engaging, distracting talker. That chatter is his content strategy and he expertly changes the listener’s context to make them susceptible.  He got the listener to accept a number, a card, or a location he somehow suggested.  Then when they uncovered the number or card, etc, he foretold it perfectly, like he had ESP.  And more, when people were delighted, it simply reinforced more susceptible behaviour. Viewers were “sold” on Kreskin’s act long before they watched the next show.

Kreskin enjoys talking to everyone. His ideal customer is pretty well anyone — or at least those who have an appreciation of the possible. Your content should have that playful, open and passionate flavour. If it worked for Kreskin, it may work for you too.

How he learned to do this is an intriguing matter, but we might never know. The point for content creators and strategists is how your content alters the viewer’s context and lifts them out of their non-buying rut.  Kreskin lifted viewers out of their skeptical rut. As  part of the conversion acceleration phase, you’ll be moving out of that buying resistance to a new “dopamine” induced euphoria where they’re delighted to become your customer.

Audience members believed in Kreskin and his context of magical omnisicence and thus his subtle suggestions worked so well. 72 and so mentally sharp!

So, going back to where we started, your content strategy suggests a state of happiness and pre-fulfillment, knocking out any negative or resistant mindset they’re stuck in.

Your content will foretell your client relations, how much they divulge about their business, and whether they will let you help them succeed. Never complain about them. You designed everything.

You are Your Content so Make it All about Them and Their Happiness

The beauty of digital marketing is that when you get it right, business is so easy and silky smooth, your Irish eyes will be smiling.

As someone who has influence over content development, you have incredible power. Keep happiness as the focus and you’ll achieve incredible profit and performance goals.


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