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Stock Market Best Picks for 2021

Finding the Top Performing Stocks to Buy

As forecasted, 2021 has been a good year for the stock market.  Given the hardships of the Covid 19 shutdowns, it’s a miracle how economies of the US, UK, Canada and Australia have survived and progressed.

Fortunately, 2021 is unfolding well and we have stimulus to keep the path paved.  You’re looking for stocks to buy, recommended buys, and you’ll find them below.

While we saw some price turbulence last week, and some doubt about whether this summer will be a good one, the markets have returned today and look good for the next week. Your challenge is to find stocks ready to rise continuously for some time.  Will it be energy stocks, hotel stocks, airline stocks, bank stocks, industrials, 5G, or consumer discretionaries?

Should you just stick to the best of the Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ?  Tech stocks are sketchy right now however Google, Facebook might be the safest. See some best stock picks.  See the top recommended stocks to buy below.

Which Stocks Will Thrive in the Last Half of 2021?

We’re seeing a continued slow rotation into value stocks away from speculative growth stocks. Although Bitcoin is highly speculative and it too has drawn a lot of investors money. Cryptocurrency’s are a gamble and perhaps not for the investor who lacks gambling money.

Here’s the best performer’s from the last 10 weeks:

Best Stocks last 10 weeks. Screenshot courtesy of Barchart.

And these are the fastest growing in the last 10 weeks. It’s all about momentum now.

top gaining stocks
Top Gaining Stocks. Last 10 weeks by price. Screenshot courtesy of Barchart.

Top Buy Recommendations (

GDP forecasts for the next 5 years are promising. Sure 2020 is a wasted year, but steadily each year, it’s scheduled to grow guided by optimistic consumers who demand growth.

GDP Estimates to 2022. Screenshot courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The economy looks up, and with the recovery, consumer spending and infrastructure spending should be able to carry the ball forward.

GDP growth projection for next 5 years. Screenshot courtesy of Statista.

Find the Best Bargain Priced Stocks

Instead, surveil the available bargain stocks. Stocks prices will keep plunging with or without stimulus money. When no one is working, stock values cannot climb.

Now we’re heading into the depth of the Corona Virus shutdown period. Stock Prices will continue their downward trend to perhaps shocking lows.

How To Spot the Best Stock Picks

  • checkout their P/E ratio — those with the lowest drop are ripe for the highest rebounds
  • low priced stocks with high volume – means everyone is evacuating
  • stocks that thrived during the last rapid price growth phase
  • Russell index where lots of small caps will be decimated and then return with vigor in 2021
  • good estimate of the 5 year and 10 year outlook
  • stocks in high growth sectors such as EV cars, 5G, software, automation and artificial intelligence

See today’s top losing stocks and notice Freddie Mac is among them. The real estate sector hasn’t been hit hard yet, but wait a couple of weeks for that hammer to fall. The 5 year forecast for housing though is good. Real estate just hasn’t fallen far enough.

The top losing market sectors are energy and financials.  Google stock price and Apple Stock price will bounce back too, but percentage wise you might not get the same growth as with smaller companies that were hurt more by this recession.

Stock market expert Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money was suggesting to buy specific company stocks as opposed to ETFs. He believed there is better potential there.

Should You Time the Bottom?

Stock market technical people try to pull everyone into the world of formulas. That’s for greedy gamblers. Big picture, it’s simple to see that post-corona virus, stocks will fly back just as people go back to work and start buying things. Yes, earnings estimates, cash flow, debt ratios, and inventories will change. You don’t need technical mumbo jumbo.

You might win choosing almost any sector, except the oil stocks which is a gamble. That’s completely determined by the Saudi Leader.

Here’s some more stocks that are bottoming out to watch:

Trading Losers. Chart courtesy of

You can see the full list at where they have plenty of additional data to guide your stock picks. Also visit tradingview at for more stock prices.

Don’t forget to have a peak at the economic forecast and broad market indicators to help see the bottom of the market better. Investors don’t need to hit the exact bottom to get incredible once in a lifetime returns.

It looks like the bottom might occur in early April, but that’s still a guess.



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