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Update, Trends, Projections, Forecasts 2020 Next 5 Years

Time passes so quickly on the stock markets, making short term predictions and projections sketchy at best. Even 3 month to 6 month stock price forecasts are difficult but have a look at all the market factors yourself for the NASDAQ, DOW JONES, S&P.

The S&P gained 12% for the week, while the Dow rose 12.7% and the Nasdaq was up 10.6%.  And this week, the top stock market news is the introduction of the new stimulus bill and some easing of the Corona Virus pandemic which gave the markets a boost.

Such a rise is unusual given the number of newly unemployed, flattened retail sales, housing market slide, and falling GDP, as well as the expectation of further layoffs as the shutdown continues.  Although some are calling for some sort of U shaped recovery, the real shape might be a W.

There’s big optimism now, yet when the real matter of unemployment and bankrupt businesses hit, it may kick the market back down.

However, investors seem to like the new stimulus bill enough. However, reports are that many small businesses and people may not get aid.

Here on this stock market news blog, you can get daily updates on the stock market forecast, along with insight on stock market crash indicators, best stocks to buy, and on specific stocks including: Google, Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, and Apple. The report on trending stocks and 5G stocks might be worth a read.

Top Gaining Stocks in April

Top Gaining Stocks April. Screen shot courtesy of Yahoo Finance.

The NASDAQ, DOW JONES, S&P, Russell Index and TSX are producing excellent returns and they just don’t seem to stop.

US Stock Market 5 Year to 10 Year Outlook

US stock markets still have a good 5 to 10 year outlook.  For 2020 however, performance will be significantly lower. For investors, the coming cold war with China will work well for the American economy.  It’s a new world with reduced travel and increasing virtual business.

Until a vaccine for Covid 19 appears, the economy will suffer. The experts said a recession would hit in 2020, but it came for the wrong reason. They said it would be from an unexpected source and they were right.

If the positive market factors continue, the talk might turn to the DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 reaching record levels.

Sorry, this is old news below.

Please check out the stock market prediction post for up to date stock market news.

Indexes Could Rise Again

New records for the stock markets forecasted. As companies report 3rd quarter results, some analysts are expecting good things. The S&P and Dow Jones are just 1% from all time highs and NASDAQ is just 2% away.  The vaunted global slowdown doesn’t appear to be happening, and US GDP is performing okay. Netflix just reported outstanding earnings despite its own slower subscriber growth — yet Apple may show better performance at the expense of Netflix.

Best Performing Stocks

Here are your best performing mid caps and large caps of recent:

Chart Courtesy of Yahoo Finance

Booming Stock Price Trend so Far in 2019 is No Joke

So far this year, the DJIA, NASDAQ, S&P, TSX and the Russell Index have enjoyed strong gains.

The NASDAQ in particular has risen every week so far this year, which has never happened before. NASDAQ is up 1% in the last week, 9% during January and February. It’s riding on the price rises and excellent earnings reports from Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Amazon. Walmart, Microsoft, and a host of other big companies also posted positive earnings during this quarter, bolstering a strong upward trend that should last 2019.

Chart Courtesy of Yahoo Finance

And it’s not just multinational corporations with crazy good profits. Mids caps listed on the Russell Index are doing wonderfully. But some sighs of relief from multinationals who are exposed to tariffs might be driving the indexes of late. Trump has extended the trade Tariff while US China talks continue.

There’s no doubt that investment money that left the market is flooding back in, and Americans are loading their retirement savings accounts to get a bigger tax rebate.

The biggest news of late is the Fed’s turn to dovish overview of interest rates and President Trumps trade negotiations with China. Can Trump create a win-win situation though?

As the trade issues have eased, stock markets in Europe and Asia have had a rebound.

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