Master SEO’s Top 12 Tactics

Master SEO’s Top 12 Tactics

SEO Never Stops Delivering


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It’s been 20 years now since I began doing search engine optimization and it continues to deliver the highest ROI of any marketing channel for myself and my clients.

The traffic potential is greater than ever. People never stop searching in their endless quest for more info, directions, decisions, and value.

Although people believe everything has changed in SEO, in reality, it’s pretty much the same even with its new RankBrain master algorithm controller.  I explain this in the Guide to SEO and Content Strategy.

Google Controls Rankings and Adsense Payouts

Google made the changes not for better results, but to force spammers and small businesses to pay for Google advertising. That worked surprisingly well since their profits are up billions. Read about Google stock performance now and compare them to Facebook, Apple, and Netflix stock performance. This has made Google stocks some of the best performing ever on the NASDAQ.

If you’ve given up on SEO because you heard it was irrelevant and that social media is everything now, you’ve misunderstood the truth. The fact is, Google is still the major source of quality referrals and revenue for most businesses.

What is Modern Search Engine Optimization?

Modern SEO revolves around sophisticated keyword phrase choices, epic engaging content and powerful outreach strategies. It’s about really good visual content that engages readers so they stay and then share it online.

With respect to keyword choices however, Resonation is where the sophistication comes in. Using keywords in your links and headings won’t give Google the quality signals it’s looking for.  Google assesses your page, your site, the trustworthiness and authority as well as the keyword themes of the pages that link to your page to gauge its keyword relevance. You still get much of your ranking from other websites.

Google’s new ranking emphasis also revolves around content engagement. They can see if your content is engaging to visitors or if they’re bouncing off of your website.

What are the Top SEO Ranking Factors?

Google reports that they use over 200 factors in ranking web pages (and they are more focused on single pages now than ever before).  I cover the key ranking factors in my SEO Book, but here’s a quick list of what your SEO expert will have to take into consideration.

Here’s the 14 Most Important Ranking Factors:

  1. Keywords in copy
  2. Keywords in headings
  3. Keywords in page url
  4. Quality of websites/pages linking to your site (authority, keyword themes)
  5. Visitor engagement
  6. Synonyms, related words and stemmed variations in the copy and near text links in the copy or clickable buttons
  7. Good paragraph structure
  8. Keywords near links
  9. Links from other websites that have a reputation for that keyword topic
  10. Links from very trustworthy sites (Google’s trust factor)
  11. Social cues: links amongst and to your social media pages (as long as you link them to your website)
  12. Fresh, frequent content
  13. Traffic to your site and time spent (yes Google does track it)
  14. Expert internal linking of your content

Each of these ranking factors are important so use them all well. Google looks to the core unique content on your pages and filters out anything that is repeated such as your footer links and navigation menus. There’s not much your webmaster or designer can do for you now to raise your rankings. What they need to do is stay out of the way and not screw up robot access or key content navigation routes for users and Googlebot.

Creative, Passionate, and Focused Experts are Worth Every Penny

For all intent and purpose, your content strategist and copywriter are your SEO team. Look for SEOs that are compelling writers who create fascinating, unique, original material woven into your content fabric. Sophistication means moderation and focus in orchestrating your symphony of Google cues.  You’re creating the ultimate experience for Googlebot, Google searchers, and most importantly your customers and clients.

By all means, check out my new Content Strategy Book available for purchase.

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