SEO – Fast, Easy Track to Big Revenue?

SEO – Fast, Easy Track to Big Revenue?

SEO can be an amazing source of traffic, leads and sales. It’s still looked upon as a guaranteed win but hold on, Google rankings and traffic are very competitive and challenging.

Although SEO is considered simple and FREE, climbing up the ranking mountain takes time, effort, and smarts, and that translates to money.  The gap between reality and expectations is a point of conflict/misunderstanding and patience and perseverance are vital.  Rather than seeing relationships rupture because of unmet expectations, perhaps you should review the quality of your SEO strategy and the amount of effort and resources you’re putting into it? Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Today, SEO is all about social media, outreach, and content quality. These are time intensive activities and a good deal of optimism, confidence, and energy are required. SEO is an underappreciated activity too as you can see from the ultimate measurement stick.  People who create good quality unique content and do link building/outreach are paid poorly. All round, this sets up a negative atmosphere for SEO success.

In this Whiteboard Friday video, Rand Fishkin offers some tips on how to manage SEO and client relations.

How is your overall new business development strategy? Your SEO campaign and social media visibility will be a struggle if you haven’t worked on your unique value proposition and brand image. Whether you’re a business coach or entrepreneur, a well thought out UVP is the foundation of clarity and getting 100% from your efforts.

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