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Companies in Silicon Valley have a challenge ahead of them as we progress through the Covid 19 pandemic. The path back to profitability  in 2021 will be challenging and will not be local.

The exodus of IT and creative talent and companies to Florida, Texas, Arizona and other states, means Silicon Valley companies must look to virtual solutions to contain staffing costs. Talent + costs will become the big differentiator for businesses across the Bay Area.

You’re on the right path to finding the expert you’re wanting.

Expert SEO Talent in an Agency?

It’s competitive in the SEO arena now. Finding dedicated, expert search engine optimization talent in a Silicon Valley agency is not likely.  Signing exceptional SEO experts where they live is the key. It’s a virtual world and great talent is available.

My clients in Silicon Valley, San Diego, Sacramento and Los Angeles had this progressive vision. The rule is simple, don’t be distracted by flashy advertising and SEO marketing buzzwords. Finding an SEO expert who can do the:

  • in-depth industry and topical research
  • create a viable customized content strategy
  • build authority and topic leadership
  • creation of additional value
  • build actional insights from analytics
  • help you take everything to the next level

is what successful digital marketing is all about in 2021.

The expert you hire may not yet be the authority in your industry, but if it looks like he has that kind of potential, all you have to do is guide and coach him to achieve those heights.  Topic expertise will ultimately win, if it achieves the reach needed.

Your SEO’s creativity, determination and drive are what will power you to the top.  Look for those qualities.

2021 will make Silicon Valley Companies Look Outward

Clearly, many talented digital workers will not come back to San Francisco, San Jose, Mountainview, Cupertino or Oakland. The cost of living, taxes, commute time, and distractions are a problem. More companies will be forced to relocate.  Those who don’t will struggle to find competent programmers, designers, SEO experts, content strategists, and digital marketing specialists in the Bay Area.

As an example, my client Manage Casa located in San Francisco, a property management solution provider is one such firm. They have their talented staff located outside of the Bay Area. Up against other software companies with hundreds of millions in investment funding, they must achieve sensible business costs.

And for any California companies looking to expand into the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Canada and even into Florida, Texas and New York, outsourcing to experts can offer added benefits.

If you’re a startup in Silicon Valley,  you need to be more progressive, confident, and hire the talent needed at the right price. For stellar services, a little more research is needed. Fortunately, you’ve already discovered who has the knowledge, skill, creativity, and drive to give you the best results from SEO.

Whether you’re an IT company CEO, real estate broker manager, travel or hotel company, in Silicon Valley, you’ll want to get these essential services:

  1. SEO company which can conduct a full digital marketing audit
  2. SEO expert who has exceptional depth into Google’s algorithm
  3. SEO expert who truly does understand your company’s market and unique value proposition
  4. SEO content creator who has the ability to develop deep expertise in your industry
  5. social media poster with excellent engagement skills
  6. hard working SEO expert who doesn’t use spam to jeopardize your success
  7. has SEO tools but does not rely on technical gimmicks

Creating the SEO Successes You Need

Ranking number one on competitive phrases, optimizing the content of an entire site, capturing huge traffic, and creating engagement with visitors is not easy. Building and leveraging your brand and UVP is not easy either. It’s important to respect how big the challenge is and who can make your SEO effort successful.

Here’s just a few of the companies I’ve helped build successes on Google, Bing and Yahoo through 22 years of high rankings and big exposure.


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