How To Build a Powerful SEO and Content Strategy for 2017/2018


SEO Content Strategy Guide by Gord CollinsThis Book is for business owners, CEOs, marketing managers, bloggers, copywriters, content developers, Google Adsense publishers, social media strategists, content strategists, do it yourself marketers, and anyone who does business online

SEO and Content Strategy combined create even more impact, accelerating engagement, visibility, conversion rate improvement and power up social media strategy .


Key Messages in this Guide:

  1. SEO and Content Strategy are a lower cost channel for sustainable marketing results year after year
  2. RankBrain™ is a new high level algorithm feature that helps Google find the best of the best content that answers user queries fully, and RankBrain™ is the maestro as it determines which sub algorithm gets chosen
  3. Content Strategy is about finding the optimal way to present your unique value proposition to your target audience, and getting them focused on achieving their key goals
  4. SEO is about using semantics to create the right topical context to help users learn, engage with content, get what they want and help Google understand that our content is the highest quality and an exact best match for searcher’s queries
  5. Return on effort is High – SEO and Content strategy captures and motivates prospects who are actively looking for your products/services right now
  6. Understand the real fundamentals in 2017 and you’re rocking for many years ahead!
  7. Social Media communications and results improve when SEO and Content Strategy give it purpose
  8. Success in digital marketing comes from a winning plan, strategy and execution.


Important Questions this Book Answers:

  • How can I get more traffic to my blog or company website?
  • How can I make my site produce better results continuously?
  • How can I rank high in Google search results?
  • Could someone tell me How Google works today?
  • Is SEO even a thing anymore?
  • If I advertise online, do I even need to bother with creating content?
  • How do I make my content better?
  • How do I get good ideas or topics for my posts and web pages?
  • What is semantics and do the words in my posts affect my Google rankings?
  • What is this EPIC content stuff that people talk about?
  • How should I create my content so it fulfills customers needs?
  • How do I do SEO and Content Strategy at the same time?
  • Could someone explain what RankBrain™ is and how it affects how my pages get ranked and seen?
  • What is content engagement and why is Google so crazy about it?
  • How do make my content more engaging so users don’t just leave?
  • How do I know which of my competitors I should emulate?
  • What is Content Strategy?
  • What are the key Content Quality Factors Google looks at?
  • How do I get Google to trust my site?
  • What is domain authority and page authority?
  • How do you optimize your site for the RankBrain algorithm?
  • How should I link all my pages internally?
  • Which keywords are best to optimize for?
  • Should I write content myself or have a pro do it?


Author & Book Info

The SEO/Content Strategy Guide 1.0 by Gord Collins

ISBN 0-9694277-1-10


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Disclaimer: Although every precaution has been taken to verify information contained herein, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for changes in listed material.  The tips and strategy contained herein are for educational purposes and may not apply specifically to your business or personal situation.  The author is not recommending noted authors, websites and businesses and uses them for references purposes only. You should consult a professional SEO/Content Strategist for advice and guidance for your business.


The SEO/Content Strategy Guide 1.0

A thorough plan for combining SEO and Content Strategy lets you set course confidently with actionable and purposeful tactics and tips. Brought to you by a 19 year veteran SEO specialist/content creator who had to be extra creative with optimization strategy and content ideas.

SEO/Content Strategy Guide 1.0 is the first edition of a new approach focused on intense content engagement for human readers as well as maximum semantic manipulation for Google’s ranking system.

You’ll discover the fascinating science in how Google’s RankBrain™ algo master controller thinks as well as the art of fashioning high value, sharable content for your audience. You’ll learn how to create fantastic content that customers crave and which propels your site to the top of Google’s search rankings. And you’ll discover a process to help you build a laser-sharp value proposition that sets you apart so customers want only you and your business.

If you’re a blogger, marketer, CEO, copywriter, web designer, WordPress developer, small business entrepreneur, ecommerce shop owner, or creative content marketer, this book could make a substantial difference to your traffic and revenue, and move your business or career upward.


“Talent is not a measure of success”


That talent isn’t a measure of success might be a hard lesson to learn. It has been for me. My advice for anyone young faced with succeeding in business today, is don’t think your specific talent will make you a success. It isn’t enough. When you get caught in the career meat grinder for the first time, it’s a warning that you are temporary and replaceable, and it just gets worse. Smart people reach beyond what they do personally to a higher plateau to make them master of their domain. It’s important to be sustainable in every way.


The untalented however may actually have an advantage. They don’t rely solely on themselves, but instead explore and leverage the wealth of strategic knowledge available from brainy, talented strategists/advisors, CEOs, investors, managers, customers, clients and others. In this route, they don’t get in their own way. They get the best advice leverage the best people available.


And smart advice for anyone young and old, rich or poor, gifted or ordinary is to learn strategies — big picture paths to faster learning and higher performance. And I’d add, don’t hold back, go for it. You actually can do it, whether it’s a career path or starting a business you love. Live cheaply and put all your efforts/funds into finding resources that will pave the way for you. They exist and this guide might be one of them.

There are few areas of business that offer the ROI that SEO/Content/Social Strategy can. Apply it to your business via a leading technology trend and you could become a market leader. The success of Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg and others is all you need to know that successful people find and ride some tech trend and  launch and scale up a business on that wave. They were ordinary people with a focused attitude and a willingness to be lead by strategy.

And all of them owe a good portion of their success to Google, because being findable is essential to success.

And in the online world, everything is magnified. Even if your company is already doing well right now, there’s no law that says it can’t be the next Amazon or Facebook. Modesty and conservatism aren’t really good virtues in business anymore, not in the climb up anyway.

Of all the ways to get seen, heard and respected by customers or investors, SEO/Content/SocialMedia offers the most powerful voice. Use these strategy tips well and never rest on your laurels.

The new approach called agile marketing uses this principle to achieve endless improvement in any channel. The ideas in this guide incorporate agile concepts to help you create epic, evergreen content that is never irrelevant. Whatever way Google looks at it, it always seems to be the best content available for their users.

Have fun with your content and promotion, and never settle for mediocrity. May you always have the best content and perpetual number one rankings. Your biggest victories are coming soon.

— Gord Collins



Table Of Contents


  1. Intro and Welcome to the Era of Content
  • Fail Faster and Get Better Results
  • It Will Only Grow Faster and More Complex
  • Automation and Instant Results
  • Is SEO Still a Thing these Days?
  • The State of Inbound Marketing 2017
  • SEO & Content Strategy Augment Everything
  • Why SEO & Content Strategy Together?
  • Yes, SEO is Powerful, but it Can’t make Pigs Fly
  • Your Significant, Personalized Unique Value Proposition – The Offering No One Else Can Beat
  • Your UVP is the Core of Your Business and Your Strategy


  1. What is Content Strategy?
  • What are the benefits of SEO/Content Strategy?
  • Good Strategy Means Patient Planning and Preparation
  • Don’t Get Pushy, Get Smart
  • Google Search is Huge
  • Social Plays a Helpful Role Too


  1. What Exactly is Content – A Different Perspective
  • The Master Content Plan
  • Why Am I Doing This?
  • Your Content Plan Business Goals
  • Take Your Time and Create the Right Content
  • Evergreen Content
  • Content Strategy is Not Content Management
  • Worthy Goals for your SEO/Content Strategy
  • The Content Strategy Process
  • 3 Examples of Outstanding Content
  • Content Begins with You and Your Target Prospects
  • With Mind Wide Open, Find What Customers Want and Make it Accessible
  • Ask the Right Questions


  1. Powerful CS – Impact, Engagement and Intent Building
  • Impact – What Jolts Their Awareness?
  • Making a Big Impact with Your Content
  • 10 Factors that Affect Impact, Intent and Action
  • Engagement: Getting them Fully Involved in Your Promise
  • Building Intent: Focusing your Benefit Picture
  • One Simple Emotion
  • What is Quality in Content
  • 14 Key Content Quality Factors


  1. Back to the BIG Picture
  • Your Content is Your Brand
  • Content Reverse Engineering and Your Model of Success
  • What is our Content Reverse Engineering Goal?
  • Topic Discovery
  • Are Your Pages Effective and Working as a Team?
  • What is the Objective of Each Page?
  • Epic Content
  • Storytelling – Creating Stories That Engage Emotions


  1. Can’t We Go Viral?
  • Design and Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Content Scannability – Instant Impressions
  • Catching Reader’s attention and Keeping It
  • Your Social Channels – Reach and Outreach
  • Building Social Media Connections
  • Linkedin – Building Credibility with Key Industry People
  • Facebook Engagement


  1. What is Search Engine Optimization Today?
  • Prestige and FREE Traffic are Significant Benefits of SEO
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Content Paths
  • Choosing the Right Topics
  • Your Keyword Strategy — Not so Obvious
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Creative Brainstorming and Flow of Ideas
  • Making a Big Impact with Your Content


  1. Semantics
  • Copywriting That Creates Contexts and Carries Keyword Meaning
  • Creating the Right Context
  • Rev Up Your Imagination – More Important than Keyword Tools
  • Your Paragraphs
  • Trust Factor
  • Here are Google’s Top Trust Factors
  • Building Authority
  • Here are Google’s Top Authority Factors
  • Inbound Links – Volume Relevance
  • Where Will We Get Links?
  • Careful with those Outbound Links
  • eCommerce and SEO Content Strategy


  1. More on-page Optimization Strategies
  • The Title Tag, Description Tag, and Page Name
  • Page Headings and Body Copy
  • Anchor Text Strategy
  • Navigation Menus – Not So Important
  • Shaping your Linking Paths
  • The Amount of Ranking Information is Huge
  • Blogs are the Top Content


  1. GoogleRankBrain™ – Find and Learn Relationships in Content
  • The Quest for the Ultimate Information Source
  • What is RankBrain™?
  • Cool the Hype!!
  • Is RankBrain™ AI?
  • Why Was RankBrain™ Needed?
  • What Does RankBrain™ Do?
  • How Does RankBrain™ Do It?
  • RankBrain™ Myths Busted
  • The Semantic Web
  • Why is RankBrain™ Better?
  • RankBrain™ Doesn’t mean the End of Links and Keywords
  • What Resources Does RankBrain™ Have?
  • Rand Fishkin on RankBrain™
  • SEO Just Got Real!
  • Larry Kim on RankBrain™
  • Danny Sullivan on RankBrain™
  • Gary Illyes on RankBrain™
  • How to Optimize for RankBrain™


  1. IP or Geo-based Content Strategy (and other stuff)
  • Social Connections and Social Media Strategy
  • Why do they Like Social Sharing?
  • Resources and Further Reading