Time to Get You Pumped Up!

Powering Up Creativity

If you could learn something new that would double your income, would you do it? Let’s look at the incentive — double your income. That’s quite an incentive, but it doesn’t motivate some people.

There’s no one incentive that will work for everyone. That may tell you something about creativity – that the incentive to be creative may be very personal.

Without knowing what your personal motivation is, creative techniques won’t do much for you.

Motivation is important.

Motivation actually comes first. If you aren’t aware of your motivation, you won’t have a reason to be more creative or to solve problems. Motivation is physical, mental and emotional.  Each of us has unique wants ranging from having more spending cash, to be fit and look great, someone special to love, a better place to live, to writing a book, or having an active social or family life. What’s your special mix? Write them down.  You know, if you can’t write them down, it kinda suggests you’re a big phoney.

Think about the things you want right now: money, freedom, autonomy, companionship, health, esteem, sense of purpose and contribution, helping others, or having exciting experiences.

That mix underlies your inspiration.

Find Your Inspiration

Your inspiration is what helps you achieve these things. Perhaps a good job, starting your own business, getting married, moving to a new city, travel, buying a house, or having an active social life symbolize your basic motivations. They are symbols. No one wants to get married. The marriage symbolizes something else. No one wants to work 40 hours a week. A job symbolizes something else. We believe achieving these things will give us something else — something we crave deeply.

We all have multiple motivations, yet there might be something in the real world that promises to solve many of our needs. A good job can fix a lot of things for us. Meeting someone new and exciting can also solve basic wants and desires. Could be emotional, social, and intellectual.

So, armed with that info, you need to visualize something that will solve multiple needs.  With inspiration, your locomotive has the power and forward motion to take you where you need to be.

When I say where, I’m referring to that powered up, optimistic, relaxed, and powerful state of mind that makes you most creative. Once you get into that state, you start to believe you can do incredible things like climb a mountain, write a book, get a better job, find someone incredible to love, or create a successful commercial product.

Look Hard at Your Own Motivations

You need to look at your life right now and think about what will solve your major life problems. Without these things in mind, the creative techniques I’m going to get into will have no meaning.  You must be motivated by the specific things you need to achieve.

I know, it does make you anxious to think about this. When you’re creative, you’ll blow right by things that used to make you nervous and depressed. Your heightened motivation will make you blind to all that crap that used to trip you up. Inspiration and motivation will give you such momentum that you’ll be unstoppable. You still need to learn techniques to succeed, and that’s where creativity comes in.

Now we’re ready to move onto techniques, and learn more about using creativity to position yourself for success.