Me to We Equador

My niece has arrived in Quito, Equador for her teaching trip in a developing country. Part of her training to become a teacher. She’s probably arrived now in the town of Coca near the Columbian border at the top of the Amazon.


That doesn’t sound very safe does it? I hope she’s okay, and can breathe at 9300 feet above sea level. You know, we’re part gypsy, so it makes sense that she’s roaming the world. But she’s teaching, not selling snake oil.

This is a part of the Me to We program which is integrated with Ontario Universities. She has to teach grade 7 & 8 kids while she’s there.  Anyone would enjoy that but an all day bus ride through the jungle would definitely get your eyes wide open.

A Photograph’s Not Enough! – (look at what you’ve done to this rock’n roll clown).  How about some 80’s rock music too with the Youtbue video: Def Leppard and Photograph (Yes, I’m that old. This was produced by Shania Twain’s ex husband Mutt Lange).

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