Visit to Historic Unionville

Touristy Unionville

Unionville is a very nice, upscale village within the city of Markham, Ontario.  It was the first warm, sunny day of spring up to 18 degrees. I decided to have a quick visit and I ended up staying longer than I expected. What a great way to relax and de-stress.

I like Unionville. It would be nice to live near the old downtown and be able to stroll over to the Starbucks in the morning. Unfortunately, this is one of most expensive communities to live in Metro Toronto.

The historic old downtown section of Unionville (1794)  is a small section of Main street just north of Highway 7. In the past, this downtown had a lot of shops, but the recession seems to have knocked some of them out of business. Today, tourists from Europe, Russia, and China gave it a buzz. Not real busy but it’s not summer yet. I didn’t sample any restaurants today, but there’s several nice ones here.


The first shop I visited is a new sports memorabilia store ( managed by Sam Marasco. It was great talking to him about his business and his own background in social media marketing/sales. And he’s got some interesting collectable items such as 60’s Leaf championship framed photos. Lots of pics of Tie Domi, Wendall Clark, and other Leaf top stars.

There’s a pic of Tie Domi fighting another player, and both of them autographed the photo. Even fighters have fond memories of their battles!


Old Firehall Confectionary

Down the street is the Old Firehall Candy Store, probably everyone’s favourite stop for about 4 years now.  Here’s a look at some of the goodies you can get here.





I grabbed a coffee at the Unionville Starbucks. Wow, that’s the classiest Starbucks I’ve ever been in. The staff were very nice. I’m always impressed by friendly and helpful staff. There’s two levels of seating and an outdoor patio. I sat in the patio and Facebooked back and forth with my nephew in Florida. And sipped a coffee while all those Hong Kong people thronged around me.

There’s often wedding pictures taken at the Old Country Inn where they dress up in 19th century clothing.


Across the street from the Unionville Starbucks is Jake’s on Main restaurant. The outdoor patio really gets busy.


And you’ll see some jazzy cars along the way.


Yes, I had a French Vanilla cone at Flavours Ice Cream Shop.flavours-unionville

I’m looking forward to going back for another visit.

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