Pickel Barrel Restaurant Newmarket

Some old friends treated me to a great birthday night out on Saturday. They are so generous, and shows me once again that generosity is perhaps the best personality trait you can possess.

The new Pickle Barrel restaurant in Newmarket is nice. I had to explain to Mike, and Linda that the super loud music coming from the bar is just a psychological tactic to get people to buy more booze. After all, what else will you do when you can’t talk and the TV screens are showing boring irrelevant sports events?  And the booze makes you want to buy more food and booze!  Met Jamie, a member of my tennis club, and my former team captain, and we traded good wishes on the upcoming tennis season. He’s a recruiter working in downtown Toronto.


Mike, Linda and Helen anticipating dinner at the Pickle Barrel. Mike is a former ski jumper, and he was good. Lived in the Alps in Germany before moving to Canada. I’m looking forward to visiting the Alps one day.

The Newmarket Pickle Barrel is in the same location as the now demolished Pizza Hut. They’ve got a nice outdoor patio so I’m looking forward to going back in the summer. The restaurant is divided longways into three sections. The middle section has a few two-person booths, great for a romantic outing, however there’s a lot of traffic back and forth from the kitchen, not really a great experience for diners.  The decor’s modern but not dazzling. There’s no visible TVs to view from the middle section and with all the traffic, I wouldn’t rate it as one of the best places to choose.

I liked the glass divider which featured a gradual mirroring which really tricks the brain when you’ve viewing it. You can’t tell whether you’re looking over into the next section or seeing a reflection of your own section. This is how it looks out toward the lobby.


We all chose seafood this evening. Mine was the  Seafood Trio with a combination of tiger shrimp, basa, and salmon on a bed of rice.  It was great although I wished there were more tiger shrimp. Didn’t care for the green lima beans and it could have used some sort of sauce. Not soy sauce though since that mimics estrogen apparently.

Seafood Trio: Pan-fried Atlantic salmon fillet and panko crusted basa fillet delicately prepared and topped with lemon-herb sautéed black tiger shrimp. Served with steamed rice and stirfried julienne vegetables.


Mike’s dinner was the Seafood linguini which he devoured, so he must have liked it.

Seafood Linguine: Shrimp, calamari and mussels, fresh tomato, chopped parsley, leeks, and julienne vegetables in a light chardonnay cream sauce.

See more of the Pickel Barrel’s menu.

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