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It’s the social media era, yet not too many people blog (2 out of 10?).  But who’s got time right? People should make time to communicate their experience and values. Communication is everything today. If you can’t communicate, you don’t exist.

“Blogs? Isn’t that just some weird diary? Isn’t there a better way to spend your time?” If you write for a living, a blog is an absolute must. Writers need to hone their craft and show their degree of comprehension, expressiveness, and persuasiveness. We become creative through practice.

For anyone though, a blog is a vehicle of learning and a voice of inspiration. Someone cares about what you say and think and feel. They matter. They might be some special to you or your next employer. You get to show off  your joie d’vive. That’s what they’re looking for.

Your blog will lead you to the love of your life. You could even tweet about it:)

Sure you get to express yourself, but a blog is an input — a source of insight, especially over time.  It does help organize some of your thoughts. It also helps you celebrate your experience in the present, to be happier with your current lot in life.

People get to see a slice of you which is very helpful in quality relationships, although it might damage superficial relationships, but what do they do for you anyway?

Everyone has something to say. You have to think much more highly of yourself. There isn’t one person alive that doesn’t have something inspirational to share with others.

Is it too personal? Perhaps, but do you want to live your life in the shadows? How happy is that? Get over yourself anyway. This is about other people and encouraging them to live the best life possible. They’ll read it, experience it, and they’ll get the message. Yours is a good message.

Although my blog appears to be about me, it isn’t. It’s about the individul pursuit of happiness and living one’s precious time with people who matter.

Be an Inspiration

You get to introduce other people to exciting things they would never have known about. Their life is richer because you took the time to share with them.

Consider older people who are already giving up and are winding down their lives. Suddenly, they see that life is worth living and it’s never over till its over. Be an inspiration to someone.

I like to learn from everything. That’s a bit annoying I guess, but I never stand still. There’s a great life waiting if you decide to build it. Your blog shows you’ve got momentum and purpose in your life. You won’t just get that from your spouse, job, or paying down a mortgage. You have to build and weave your incredible story yourself.

One of the most fun parts of blogging is is writing about your travels (you’ll be exploring life too). It makes those trips so much more meaningful, instead of having those memories dissipate into a foggy, vague past where you second guess on whether you could have spent your time and money more wisely.

Set up a free blog at or and start celebrating a better life.

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