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What Your Spirit Means to You

The Inukshuk is a Canadian symbol of Spirit

What do entrepreneurs, top athletes, and artists all have in common? Spirit and exuberance.  They have an unstoppable love of beauty, expression, and the possible.

Spirit is just the vision of the ideal, the life that will bring out the best in you and exuberance is the power that gets you to pursue your mission.


Look at someone like Richard Branson who does everything and loves everything. Running the Virgin empire forces him to align his many interests. His spirit is infused into his daughter’s heart and mind which is why she is attractive and popular.  They have a great life without limits. Spirits fly when there’s no ceiling — no ball and chain or wet blanket preventing them from realizing their own mission.

Spirited people are popular because their joy of life instantly rubs off on you and you can’t help be swept away. Suddenly you feel the meaning of why the mind needs to be free to pursue the possibilities.

This little guy has lots of spirit and exuberance and that makes him all the more lovable. Kids are like that and young women have that joy, spontaneity, and open mindedness too. Society ruins the rest of us. Why do kids lift our spirits? It’s their curiosity, playfulness and lack of belief in limits.  They just don’t see limits.

Managing Disappointment

So what causes people to lose their spirit and replace it with routine, cynicism, and the status quo?  Is it poverty, a job they hate, failure, disappointment, boredom with life, stale or broken relationships, unstimulating activities friends and family, or watching too much TV? Is it the loss of a valued dream? You know what they say, Dreams Die First.

I’ve almost completely stopped watching television, especially the news, which is always negative and deflating.  If you want your mind always on the possibilities, it is particularly irritating to hear people repeatedly trying to ruin our faith in mankind.

It’s the loss of faith in mankind and the sabotage of people’s confidence that contributes greatly to the disappearance of spirit.  And I mean real spirit, not one fabricated to suit the current situation, or to fit into a clique.  Personally, I hate cliques. They’re destructive and anti-social.  I suspect the religious would refer to cliques as a false god.

What’s crushing your spirit? Why aren’t you doing what you need to do? Take a chance and reclaim it — get it done now, don’t wait.

Here’s an inspiring song I grew up listening to by RUSH!

“Mission” by the Canadian Rock Group, RUSH!

Hold your fire
Keep it burning bright
Hold the flame 'til the dream ignites
A spirit with a vision is a dream
With a mission

I hear their passionate music
Read the words that touch my heart

Spirits fly on dangerous missions
Imaginations on fire
Focused high on soaring ambitions
Consumed in a single desire

In the grip of a nameless possession
A slave to the drive of obsession
A spirit with a vision is a dream
With a mission

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