Positive People: Start Sharing and Watch Your Business/Life Grow

Positive People: Start Sharing and Watch Your Business/Life Grow

Is Sharing a Key to Success?

It’s no coincidence that the happiest people I network with online are the biggest sharers and likers online. One person in particular Likes and Retweets more than she Tweets. She’s great and it’s the intent of her sharing that matters. Another woman I know is very giving, with a little nudge. When you make the initial effort, she reponds generously. Having sharers on your side is a big plus in this age of “it’s who you know.”

In this blog post, I’d like to explore the connection between sharing, positivity and success. What’s behind the desire to share things on social media and help others in general?

Pic courtesy of Stanford.edu

Have you thought about why there is social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin were created with the goal of connecting, sharing, appreciating and growth.  And, to many users, SM are an opportunity to connect personally, professionally, and help others feel good.

Some will share the beauty of their vacations, positive thoughts, antics of their kids, special occasions out, while others offer their wisdom, insight and encouraging words to inspire us and lead. They connect and they share.  I wouldn’t say they are intoverted or extraverted. They just have this motivation to share as though they’ve got too much joy inside and have to give a bunch away.

Sharers are great leaders and enablers – we desperately need enablers

Children it seems, share naturally. A 2008 study by Psychologist Michael Tomasello revealed that children gave and shared freely without any adult prodding or expecting anything in return. The little whipper snappers are downright nice it seems. This tells us that our culture may be why we stop sharing and communicating. It could be that positive people simply haven’t been exposed to enough highly charged negativity and never had their spirit broken.

My question to you is that if you’re not particularly positive and collaborative, how will you fare in the growing sharing economy? Can you relearn to be more positive and sharing?

They have an almost reflexive desire to help, inform and share. And they do so without expectation or desire for reward, Tomasello said.

Screen capture courtesy of askideas.com

Sharing people are unique and worthy models for us to emulate.  Many of them share even though they’re surrounded by negativity, poverty, criticism and limited opportunity.  The point here is that just maybe, sharing is a remedy for a lot of ails at work or at home. Sharing greases the wheels and is consistent with our belief in community. And sharing helps others through encouragement, acknowledgement, and education.  There is no downside.


Positive people believe they will achieve their life’s dreams and goals. Pessimistic people don’t.

Positive People Have an Underlying Intent that Speaks without Words or Actions

If you look at the positive people in your life, what you may see is their general intent.  What they share with you at any moment may not be extremely valuable, but you know their intent is to slyly lead you to your solution with a breadcrumb trail of info and light.

On social media, these incurable sharers have kids/grandkids to boast via Facebook while others might send you a funny email, a question, adventure video, a wise quote, or a helpful ebook. They use whatever they have to brighten your day. Very positive people are sociable and share a variety of things.  Their generosity channels are wide including everything from Linkedin to Instagram to text messaging all to share their enthusiasm and connect with others. Negative people on the other hand may have no social media accounts at all and resist connecting. Silence has its own intent. Of course, there are plenty of negative people using social media too.

So Why Should Sharing be Important to You?

If you’re not progressing and growing in business, achieving new opportunities, creating and sharing value, it’s likely because you’re in a mental rut — stuck in the culture around you. If you let new fresh ideas in, like these, perhaps you can move ahead and get more accomplished out of life than 9 to 5 tasks.  You might get that started by sharing. Break out of your rut right now by connecting with someone online and giving their business a shout out. People will see you’re positive!

Are you staying top of mind with customers, generously blogging and Facebooking to keep them informed? No, well, your competitors probably are. Sharing quality information, resources and opportunities show you care.

Below, you’ll find 18 characteristics of positive people. After you read them, you’ll get the bigger picture.

But first, you’ve seen UK philanthropist Richard Branson share a great deal online too. Some might not like his exotic locale of Necker Island BVI as the home of this generosity, but it could be a test of your positivity. He’s enjoying the beauty of the British Virgin Islands and sharing it with us to inspire us. He does a lot for entrepreneurs including being an icon to give us hope that what they’re doing has meaning and is worth it. Positive people make you believe it is worth it.

Graphic courtesy of quotationof.com

Negative People Don’t Share

In complete contrast, negative people share very little. Their deflated spirit leaves them unable to empathize, give encouragement, reveal something about themselves and their views, or share valuable information or opportunity. Their ungiving conservatism leaves everyone else paralyzed and stuck, and emulating their pessimistic frame of reference.

How many emails or FB messages do you get from others telling you of a great job opportunity, or refering you to a new business connection, sharing news, or giving you a shout out? It doesn’t happen that often does it?

When is the last time you gave someone a shoutout with no thought of getting something in return?  Positive people do these things.

The matter of giving and generosity are vital to business too. Bosses who are stingy with praise, information, guidance, and support actually undermine their company’s profit performance, customer service, and client relations. They’re like a tax on success.  One of the reasons I started my own business was to be free to be positive, progressive, successful, and to escape the political culture that drained my spirit and left me feeling empty.

If you’re working for that type of manager or business owner, you know exactly what I mean.

If you haven’t read this post on how to stay positive by Henrik Edberg of the Positivity blog, please do right now.  Being positive is one thing, but staying positive is yet another. Edberg’s post is very energizing and can help you escape what’s dragging you down.  And don’t forget to share it with others.

Mimi Ikonn talks about the role of culture in negativity and in creating negative people.

Positive People Traits

While most of us will quickly describe a positive person as friendly, optimistic and spirited, there’s actually a lot more to the positive person’s character structure.

While responsibility, conservatism, surrender, and frugality might be positive traits to some people, they don’t really meet the key characteristic of a freely giving and caring person who encourages others to live the best life possible.  Penny pinching and prudence just don’t make the cut.

Here’s 18 of the most important characteristics of positive people:

  1. they make tough, challenging things seem simple
  2. they are encouraging of themselves and others – builds people up
  3. they have empathy and can sense the best things to do
  4. they are generous and share easily
  5. they are progressive and not afraid of the future
  6. they are social yet are serious and effective by themselves alone
  7. they lead and take chances because they’re not afraid
  8. they treat everyone equally
  9. they use humor to take away the edge of conflict
  10. they make anything seem possible
  11. they’re not afraid to be passionate and show enthusiasm
  12. they know you don’t have to be perfect
  13. they’re thankful and appreciative
  14. they’re considerate and respectful
  15. they’re ambitious and optimistic because it’s good for everyone they know
  16. cooperative to create a better result for everyone
  17. they spend and invest in enterprise because they’re optimistic
  18. they’re flexible and will change course for better outcomes

Success Through Sharing

Everyone defines success their own way, and we’ll get lots of sarcasm and guffaws about things like money, autonomy, friends, happy family, travel, good health, fitness, popularity, owning house, respect, marriage, education and owning your own business. Whatever it is you think comprises success, it likely will come from helping others and that’s where sharing fits in. When you’re sharing, it’s like success in action — proof that you are making it happen. With that in mind, you should start making it happen now.

How to Start Sharing

  • retweet 10 of your Twitter followers posts each week
  • share 1 blog post per week (It should be a good one!)
  • comment on your families Facebook posts and shares
  • comment on others Facebook posts and shares
  • share a good article on Linkedin
  • comment on 3 other professionals articles
  • wish others happy birthday and congratulate them on a new job
  • Tweet 3 times a day
  • promote someone else online
  • share your opinion on your FB or Twitter page
  • share a free ebook you read
  • share a job posting with someone unemployed
  • Tweet someone’s big sale event:

  • Like a Realtor’s home listing:

  • Comment with appreciation on someone’s amazing vacation:

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