Costa Rica or San Diego?

Which would you Choose?

I’m sure Costa Rica’s amazing. I know San Diego is, but then I’ve been there done that. So maybe Costa Rica makes more sense. Something completely new and unfamiliar helps to clear the brain circuits as long as it isn’t boring. Flights are about $300 cheaper than San Diego too.

I’m saving up for a trip to one of these places this fall or maybe in the spring. Right now, I don’t have anyone to travel with but I’m looking for someone just right.  Travel is exciting and you don’t get opportunities like this much. Have to make the most of them when they come along.

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San Diego has a lot of beaches and there’s lots to do there. It’s hard to beat, but Costa Rica must be great for its natural, tropical setting. It’s the in-place to go. I’ve got a tennis friend who rents a bungalow in Costa Rica for $30 a day. It’s in the southern part down near Panama actually, and he goes nearly every year with his wife.

Tonight on House Hunters International, a couple from Ohio were deciding to move to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. And the next show, a family from Toronto was moving to the same place. That’s on the Pacific side. Looks very laid back but it must be a little pricey. Sorry about the poor clarity from my iPhone, but here’s some pics from the shows:



Other Alternatives?



My next door neighbour, Brian just went to Hawaii with his new wife and they had quite a time there. Hawaii is intriguing but very expensive so that’s out for this year.

The Virgin Islands is another excellent choice too. My old client moved there with his wife and never came back. Just didn’t like Boston.


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