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A Taste of California

For couples, there’s nothing more inviting than California. It is the essence of American culture and the pinnacle of North American lifestyle. It’s very romantic whether you’re in San Diego or San Francisco with so much to see and do. The weather is incredible. Places like San Diego have an average temperature of about 20 C everyday and it’s sunny.

Each region of the Golden State offers a unique vacation experience such as surfing off San Diego’s shoreline to golfing everywhere here, to wine tours in Napa Valley to shopping in Orange County.


From San Diego to Los Angeles, to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to Eureka down to Palm Springs in the desert, California’s diverse landscapes and urban areas are the vacation of a lifetime. Definitely, you should plan on a visit.

A California escape is all romance, the kind of experience that can alter your life. It’s the ultimate place to relax yet enjoy exquisite restaurants, wineries, shopping, and summer sports activities.

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy visiting here. Although, my next visit will include surfing. The 60’s surfer culture is still present. And that’s just a small sampling of the mystique of California.

One of my former clients in San Diego is an expert surfer who travels the world just to surf. His advice is to make sure I’m a very good swimmer because it’s a physical challenge. I don’t like the idea of drinking that salt water after falling off the surf board into a foamy wave crash, but it must be a lot of fun despite the fact the water off of California is cold and you need a wetsuit.

To whet your apetite for an incredible vacation, you might want to read a few books and view a few videos on this amazing destination.

A Taste of California

One of my prized DVDs is a collection called A Taste of California. It’s a 6 dvd set distributed by Questar that showcases the best of California’s rich culture.  Although the average guy won’t be excited by these videos, women and romantic men will be. It’s a relaxing excursion into one of the most prized vacation destinations in North America.

It’s hosted by a Brit, Simon Kane, and he visits the 6 regions of the state. From the desert areas to the American Riviera, it’s a relaxing journey through one of the US’s most interesting places.

He’s a great host giving you a unique, foreign perspective of California that makes it even better.  A Taste of California takes you from organic farms to wineries to bed and breakfasts in small quaint western towns.  He chats with famous celebrities, chefs, hotel managers, and winemakers. You’ll see plenty of restaurants offering exotic faire à la salmon pizza with goats cheese and caviar.  Then there’s ballon rides, helicopter rides, whale watching excursions, and aquarium walk throughs, haunted houses, flights in open cockpits biplanes, jazz festivals, visits to incredible shopping plazas and small town boutiques.   There’s fascinating entertainment, golf, and soothing, relaxing, exotic aspas. You’ll see sumptuous meals and romantic music served up at upscale California restaurants and you’ll learn a lot about winemaking from winemakers..

While California is not cheap to visit, this is one trip  that should be on your bucket list.  There are cheaper ways to visit so it’s not out of reach if you take your time to save for it. A Taste of California is an escape to a beautful place and even if you’re not expecting to go there, it is a DVD set that everyone loves.

There is 7 hours of video on the 6 DVD set featuring 18 unique videos.  I’d highly recommend it whether you’re a romantic or you’d like to learn about California’s unique culture. You can order it online at the Travel Video Store. https://www.travelvideostore.com/travel-video-series/a-taste-of-california/

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