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Sell A House Now or Get a Better Price?

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Sell your House

You’re only thinking about selling your home right now, and you may actually have to sell fast through no fault of your own, or due to divorce, taxes, etc.  Yet after many years of contemplating, you’re realizing these prices are excellent and this is the best time to sell.  The market wants your house now and through 2022.

There’s a chance the market could crash but not likely. You can hire a good Realtor, one with a solid real estate marketing strategy and presence. The good ones I know are very strategic. Yes, the blitz to create bidding wars, but it’s all planned where buyers are attracted and drawn in strategically. So smart.

You want the best price the market will pay.  Leave nothing on the table.  That wealth belongs to you.

And selling your home strategically is more fun and rewarding when you’re expecting great outcomes.  This house selling experience will be a good one, if you follow this approach below.  You’ll find strategy and tips below along with some other resources.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say “oh, we should have done more and sold for more. Our advisors told us to sell it fast, and it listed and sold real quick.”  How sad are those kinds of statements?  Yes, you should strategize and get full market value, absolutely! But without good marketing, you’re going to give away tens of thousands of dollars, or more.

Homeowners are nervous about getting the best price for the sale of their home.
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Don’t Sell Your House Fast

You don’t have to get desperate or greedy and sell now, just smart to get a great price for your home.  You’ll discover a better attitude about selling your house and some advanced techniques to build its value via marketing and preparation.

Some of you will be wealthy. If you feel guilty about the extra money you’ll make then by all means send the extra to me so I can help other home sellers. I’ve got some home selling tips that will help you sell for more below. Don’t “Sell house fast“, sell for more money.

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Time to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Home prices will keep on rising and you have some time to plan and prepare your home for sale. You might have been told to sell it like it is and don’t make improvements. That’s not smart.  All the buyers who see your house, will see the curb appeal, the cleanliness, features and possibilities and it will affect their bid prices.

A home is a marvelous product to buyers. When it’s dressed up nice, they become more motivated to buy it from you.

No one knows more about this truth than luxury home Realtors. They aim for perceived value not what the market will give them at any point in time. Luxury Realtors stretch time frames, increase visibility, promote the value and opportunity, push the dream surrounding the luxury property, and they ultimately get a huge commission for getting the best selling price.  Luxury home sellers expect that and use real estate marketing to its fullest. New Realtors or low quality Realtors, just sell it for a quick buck.

Don’t Sell Your House as Is

If you sell your house as is, because it marks you as a sucker – someone with no sales savvy.  Selling as is would cost you and you can’t write your mistake off.  While you think you’re getting the best price for an empty unwanted property, the buyer will see it just as you’ve presented it. And your bids will be fewer and lower.

You’re the one who must generate the best selling price. Everyone else including your Realtor and buyers reps have their agenda. Don’t follow it. Do more and get all the market will give you.  You’re the boss, you’re in control.  Fair market price is whatever the market will pay.  If the market isn’t paying, it’s because you didn’t reach buyers and convince them of the value of your property.

Right now, people really want your house because there’s almost nothing available for purchase or renting. You’re not responsible for their desperation and impulsiveness. And many buyers have the cash to buy your house for a big price. It’s no problem such as this Bay Area bidding war event.

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Coaches Give Pep Talks for a Reason

Or, you can sell, rent somewhere, and enjoy your windfall, perhaps the only windfall of your life. This steep climb in house prices only happens every couple decades or so. It’s very infrequent. Don’t look back on today with doubts about how you managed this selling of your asset.  The stock market won’t provide these kinds of returns.

Homeowners are believing this is the top of the housing market price curve and prices will head back down as interest rates rise and more homes are built. But hold on, the economy is roaring, construction materials and labor costs are rocketing, and interest rates are going to be really low for a while. Whether you ask for more or not, other home sellers will be cashing in on the price bonanza.

You should sell your house, but why not do it strategically to get a higher price?  Your house is the most important financial asset you’ll ever have. Play this sale right and you’ll be happier for the rest of your life.  This sale of your home is about your happiness and that of your family. Don’t just call a Realtor and let them sell it in one day. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table to the strangers looking to buy your home. That’s money your family needs, and your Realtor should respect the needs of your family.

The market determines the price for your house, not comps. Some Realtors may not want to market or sell hard to get that extra $40k to $100k or more possible. We’re in a time of intense bidding wars, and with the right home selling strategy, you can get enough to pay off your Realtor’s commission. A good Realtor knows this.  Those real estate agents with a strong real estate marketing reach can grow the audience of buyers and you could have quite an auction for yours.

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Some market critics are calling for regulations and the type of auction based home selling they use in Australia to cramp demand. But we’re not in the old era, we’re in the digital age, where digital real estate marketing services can open your property to huge audiences and should.

There’s Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and more online places that have huge reach to buyers who may want your home. Real estate sales/marketing costs are a drop in the bucket when you consider how much more money you can generate via them.

Dream interrupted. On the way to selling your house or condo, you don’t get your price. And you have to pay out a lot of fees, taxes, commissions, and then you have to buy or rent another accommodation somewhere else.

The end profit is always a lot less than expected. Oh, that was disappointing.  Yet the outcome is in your control. Where do you want to end up?

Smart People Take The Value of Their Lives Seriously

Have you ever noticed people who are wealthy are sticklers for getting what they want from any situation?  It’s like their life depended on it.  It’s a quiet assurance that what they’re dealing with is of real value.  And many wealthy people are successful battlers, hagglers, and sales negotiators extraordinaire.

And while you’re sometimes irritated at their insistence and persistence, they don’t get ripped off. Secretly, you wished they were on your side.

Rich people insist on getting full value. It’s like they say to themselves “because I’m worth it.”  If you thought like them as a habit, you’d be enjoying an easier life.

Rich People Build their Value in All Transactions

Most rich people build value over time through capturing full value in each transaction. They know the importance of their real estate investment and they know where value is. In this case, it’s a house, condo or increasingly, a piece of land. They’re rich because they’re smart, clever, and persistent.

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You need to respect this process of insisting on getting the value you deserve because others are strategically trying to take some value away from you.

The pivotal and key sales point for you is that this money is what you start with the rest of your life. With the fullest respect to yourself, you deserve to get the best home price possible.

You probably earned every penny of what your home is worth. And if you didn’t, you’ll need every penny to survive the rest of your long life. Even if you’re in bad health, you’re going to live a lot longer than generations of the past. You need that money.

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Real Estate Brands?

Most Realtors don’t do real estate marketing well, especially in the digital era. Their brokerages have systems, but the Realtors I’ve worked with have always told me, the brokerages offer next to no value. They collect their broker commissions and then charge for a small office cubicle. And now, no one wants to meet in an overcrowded office. It’s what brokerages do, because they can.

There’s a big problem with the multiple listing services and competition, which is why brokerages (big brands) offer little of value other than their aging brand name. And today, especially with young buyers, that brand name has little impact. Younger buyers are brand agnostic. They focus on the dream home and a low mortgage rate.

As older buyers become fewer, you have fewer buyers willing to cough up free money based on brand image. Your Realtor has to sell to all these subgroups on their terms and preferences.

Digital Real Estate Marketing

And we’re into the AI real estate marketing era where Realtors are able to attract and identify excellent buyer prospects. These are home buyers willing to pay the price for their dream home but they’re mysterious online buyers.

The low inventory situation is in your favor. Buyers are more respectful of your right to insist on your price and therefore willing to negotiate fairly. So even if demand should flag in September, Realtors who are using AI guided marketing systems should be able to bring you higher quality buyer prospects.

This also saves you time and aggravation.

Some real estate agents or Realtors have a good list of home buyers and they’re a force to be reckoned with. Others have an active marketing focus on Google/Facebook/Twitter that positions them first in their niche markets.

I know several Realtors, one a client, who have mastered marketing to the luxury real estate market segment in places like Boca Raton, Sausalito, Calgary, and in Boston, Toronto and Vancouver. They can bring some great buyers to ensure you get the best price for your home in those cities.

Here’s 7 Easy Steps to Take to Get Your Price

  1. Find a Steller Realtor — your judgement in choosing the best real estate agent is critical to getting the best price. Basically, if you leave it to your Realtor, you’re getting the best price they can get. It’s not about negotiating either. It’s about the marketing process that generates a group of eager, qualified buyers who will compete for your home. If the Realtor doesn’t understand this, don’t hire them.
  2. Work with your Realtor to Create a Powerful Selling Strategy — if you don’t motivate them to put things in high gear to use an intelligent buyer lead process, they probably won’t do it. It’s hard work that requires intelligence and strategy and you’re the commander in chief who can demand it.
  3. Set an asking price that attracts buyers — 10 to 15% below comps is fin because your marketing will build a bidding war event.  Only you can only set an attractive price to buyers if you’re ready to ensure there’s enough good buyers to bid up that price.  Good marketing is your security.
  4. Get your home inspected — not knowing what is wrong with your home from their perspective puts you at a big disadvantage in negotiations. And if they know you don’t know, they’ll really take advantage of you. Your Realtor who said they are the great negotiator for the ages, will be on their knees in the dark. Know what your strengths and weaknesses and how to play them beforehand. And if you’re selling the home as is, then your lack of inspection tells buyers your house is a big blind gamble.
  5. Stage your home professionally — home stagers are proven to be well worth their money. They take the price lowering features out and bring in the items which help you achieve true market value. They learn through experience what gets buyers into a frenzy.
  6. Conduct a blitz marketing campaign that brings in a lot of eager buyers — it’s all about location?  Well yes, it’s about all of them meeting at your location with their wallets, on a weekend of intense competition.  There has to be a time element to get buyers focused and bring out their maximum buying intent.  I know a Realtor who lives off of this blitz strategy and he dominates his market.   The weekend brings focus and seriousness into play. Either they get into the game, or they’re left out. Good Realtors know how to force a serious mindset in buyer prospects and their agents.  Time is used as a selling tool yet it still has to be done well.
  7. Negotiate value with the buyer — Blind bidding on your property or negotiating with buyers.  Even the top buyers will waver on the value of the home. Your Realtor has to be sure of the full value of the home and to respond and then up the ante through communicating added value.  Let buyers think they’re talking you down, when you’re actually finding ways to prove the home’s extra value.

Using Time as a Selling Tool

Many Realtors don’t appreciate the selling power of time.  Used well, it can produce astonishing results. Selling right now in the summer is best. More buyers and they’re eager to buy.  Certain weekends, they’re under pressure to get results and they’ll be more sincere in their bids.

The timing of the showings is all engineered to create a bidding war. Bidding wars are common even in 2021 and this is how you get closer to the actual value of your property– with more high quality buyers showing up for a viewing.

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And when junk leads show up at the open house, their cynicism can ruin the mood of the good buyers present. But good buyers recognize each other and they know they’re going to have to play hard against each other to win that home. A lot of buyers will recall the time when they bid on a home and nervously awaited their fate.

Blind auctions won’t work because buyers can’t see their competitors intent (or desperation) so they won’t bid as aggressively.

There’s No Fate: You Decide Your Selling Price!

Fate and complacency should never be a part of real estate sales. A good Realtor will wean any fatalism out of you at this time. They rightly want a greater commission in a calm, strategic and professional way.  However, you’re in charge of your future and the selling price of your property not your Realtor.

A Realtor is a professional helper, however, handing the sales process to them without being intimately involved isn’t wise. If they’re a pro, they’ll be eager to involve and educate you about what they’re doing. Anyone with a passion for something wants to share the strategy, event, milestones and processes with you. They enjoy the commitment to the selling experience with you.

This selling experience is the essence of professional Realtors lives. They’re sales pros. And your feedback is essential to generating top value. Professional home staging, virtual staging, mortgage financiers,  and then sophisticated promotion on Facebook and the Realtor’s website are important.

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