Your Sales Strategy Upgrade for 2017 is Here

Your Sales Strategy Upgrade for 2017 is Here

Don’t Go Into Hibernation – Spring 2017 is Coming

Now that the Chicago Cubs won the world series in a squeaker, we know they’ll be celebrating and get some down time over the fall and winter. A deserved celebration yet many major league players will let themselves go over that time and come back out of shape and prone to injury in 2017. Not so good.


Bears don’t hibernate anymore. They go into ninja training:)

As a business person, your business has its sales cycle too.  Most sales are weak after the holiday season, and this so called quiet season gives you the time and energy needed to develop outstanding digital content. This may be when you can create a fantastic video that gives your brand a huge boost. Or maybe your weak content can be made more impactful, engaging, and trustworthy? Now’s the time to build a strategy. Think about where your your digital marketing could be more powerful and get it going!

If you have some doubts right now about next year’s performance, that’s your mind urging you to pay attention and deal with it.

I’ve highlighted some important business development steps you need to take now so that not only will 2017 be a sure hit, but you’ll you hit some home runs next season and raise your batting average.

For a real estate agent, the big spring season is coming and if you ramp up your web site content, Google rankings, and conversion strategy now, you’ll hit your mark. Wait till spring, and you’ll be desperately pushing your marketer to pull off last second miracles.

It’s like a baseball player preparing for the World Series in 2017. If they don’t take it seriously, then the chances of them excelling next season are slim. It will be one of those “coasting” seasons the fans hate to see (and know they’re paying the player’s huge salary during their bad year).

Mentally, emotionally, and skills and resource wise, you need to begin the climb to more opportunity and leads, and to begin to perfect your sales conversion strategy for 2017.

2017 Forecast: Winners Win and Losers Lose

An intelligent sports coach knows he or she needs to have a game plan. If the other coaches are poorly prepared, then the chances of victory are high. Either way, he’s prepared to recruit the best players and train them the right way, before the season begins.

Similarly, it’s likely your competitors are poorly prepared and slack off during the winter. They come back in March or April to begin, but by then, the winners are already determined. Their game plan is hurried, unsupported, and poorly executed despite all their self-deceit and puffed up pride. That’s when the doubt creeps in about their sales and prospecting skills and competence as a realtor or business person. Avoid those demons and dark moments by being prepared.

Business is won and lost through preparation — set a great foundation and you’ll win and dominate your market segment. Winners win and losers lose. That’s how business is. If you had a bad sales year, it doesn’t mean you have poor skills. Rather, your business development strategy is poor — you lack a good game plan and powerful follow through. You need the foundation before you have anything to follow through with.

2017 Forecasts: Interested in knowing more about the US housing market, Los Angeles real estate market, or Toronto real estate market through 2017?  Read up on the key factors in forecasting sales in any market.

7 Stages for your 2017 Spring Training Process

  1. Refresh Your Target Market – have the demographic, ethnicity, buying power, and circumstances changed and are there new buyer and seller opportunities out there?
  2. Do an Asset Inventory – does your website rank well, have great content and generate a lot of leads? Contact a digital marketer who can help you create a digital marketing strategy to design and build your traffic generating and lead generating resources. Without traffic and leads, the rest of your plan is in jeopardy. Don’t skimp on this phase.
  3. Build a New Excellent Website — You must have your own website, under your control and customization to achieve real results. From visibility to appearance to mobile friendliness, you need a site that delivers quickly to people using any digital device. Do you have videos, blogs, photographs, and other interesting content for customers to delve into so they can understand your value? You can avoid spending all your funds on web development and put them into something that returns leads and sales.
  4. Review your Brand Image. Are you approachable and engaging enough? Does it sound like you enjoy your business and delight in the city your work? No? Maybe a change in how you view yourself and your market is in order. Do you come across as professional, sincere, trustworthy, and someone who can produce boatloads of qualified offers for sellers? Work intensely on your personalized, significant unique value proposition (or brand image, they’re actually the same thing). Summarize what you offer and understand why prospects are eager and delighted to be able to work with you. When they think they’re lucky to work with you, you’ve gotten your value proposition across beautifully.
  5. Get Visible on Google. Whether it’s through the paid ads or free search engine results, being top ranked is very important. In fact, no rankings could be disastrous to your long term career. Think intensely about your lack of interest in the world’s number one source of leads. Find a really good SEO consultant with good all round skills to build a plan to create superb content that creates rankings, shares, likes, and visitors. No matter how engaging you think you are, the focus of all conversations is “something tangible” whether it’s a home or condo, market statistic, or event (moving). Your content is that tangible thing and when it becomes a medium of exchange, it’ll be passed around like houer’derve’s at an upscale house party.
  6. Create a Social Media Strategy. Whether you like it or not, buyers and sellers are using social media. Social media users are eager sharers and supporters — they can help you. Engaging with people on social media can be fun whether it’s instagram or Linkedin. You need a comfortable process to reach them, engagement them, and motivate them to work with you.
  7. Create a strategy document. A strategy document gives you the active process of how you’ll use the assets you’ve created. Don’t create a marketing plan or business plan — that’s for investors and bankers. This is a process document that helps you visualize and get excited about what you’re going to do in 2017.

Perfect your Lead conversion process – from beginning awareness to inquiries to signing sales contracts, the full sales funnel process needs to work without nasty gaps. You can use your CRM and lead management tools to help however you should review your process and your conversion stats to understand why it isn’t working. That takes some study and you may have to test different hypotheses and tactics. Better to test these processes during the winter instead of waiting till you’re inundated with sales calls.

This complete process of leads and sales improves will result in sustained improvement year and and year out for decades ahead. You’ll learn from increase leads, inquiries, social relations, and battle in the marketplace.

Winners Win because they Prepare Well

The preparation and strategy alone makes them a formidable force in any market. They start on the periphery but over time you see them becoming more prevalent each month whether it’s in Google search, social media or in the neighborhoods with their sales signs.

Winners don’t waste their winters in hibernation. This is early spring training. The 2017 season isn’t far off. Show you’re making a commitment to yourself — you’re the toughest one to convince. When you turn business success into a personal mission, a fun pursuit of a better more meaningful professional life, you’ll find the motivation to improve every aspect of your life. This success stuff is contagious so take a bath in it.

If online success is the key (and it is) then you should be contacting me. I’ve got the right skills and production capability at the right price. But price won’t be of much concern once we start dominating your market.

It doesn’t matter whether your market is Los Angeles, Toronto, San Diego, San Francisco and the Bay area, New York, Seattle, Denver, or Boston. We can be the big Kahunas in these markets. Your will and finance, combined with my skill is a sure winner. Let’s get started!

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