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8 Top Vexing Real Estate Agent Problems

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Real Estate Agent Success

It’s summer selling season. Time to start feeling really good.

And it’s peak selling season from New York to Toronto to San Diego and Los Angeles. Right now, you and hundreds of thousands of other Realtors are wondering how they’re going to gain visibility and distinguish themselves in their market.

Someone’s not going to get that home seller and home buyer attention. Yet some will, because they’ve resolved the BIG 8 Realtor Problems. If you examine each one and solve them right now this spring, while you’re motivated and alert, you have a chance to truly make your career outstanding.

Let’s Get To It: The BIG 8

1. Missing Value Proposition – Let’s tackle the number one issue right away. Your UVP sucks. Why should a homebuyer or seller work with you? Why are you the most relevant person to help them with their buying selling experience? Are you personally aligned with their goals?

How will you get them their dream home and negotiate a great deal? Did you indicate it on your website? Seeing is believing so your content has to convey your expertise, authority, and how wonderful it is to work with you.

The UVP has evolved. It’s now the personalized, significant, unique value proposition and it underscores everything you do. If it’s missing, even a great Internet marketing specialist will struggle to do anything for you. Visit the websites of the agents in your marketplace, and find out what their value proposition is. How would you go one better than them? How would you become buyers’ and sellers’ dream agent?

2. Poor Online Presence – Another big issue. With no presence online, how will you communicate and reinforce your value to prospects? How will you even reach them and nurture an ongoing relationship? How can they believe that you can reach the market? Are you old school relying on the MLS? A good website with great content shared via social media and syndication can make a big difference. Advertising too will give you exposure at key times to buyers who eagerly looking right now. Presence is an attitude that you want to get seen and be known as the most helpful agent.

3. No Impact! – You’re not awesome, you’re run of the mill. Wow, that sends the wrong message doesn’t it? Why would you want to work with someone who isn’t authoritative, fun, generous, and effective? Make a big splash with your content and social postings to wake prospects up.

Create something dazzling like an epic blog post, or entertaining, jaw dropping video, or give them a free ebook, or run a cool contest that’s a shared experience for winners so people pass the offer around their office. Use big fonts, big graphics, and show them the impact you’ll have on their lives. Be Bold.

4. Missing in Action – You’re not present in your marketing communications. Maybe you handed it over to a low price agency to pump out depersonalized, syndicated content. If you’re not engaging everyone can see it. People want to see the real you online, so you must be doing personal posts, making comments, offering stories and insight from your own personal experience – (significant, personalized).

This is the only way they can relate to you and bond with you emotionally. It’s emotion and personal connection that creates that phone call.

5 Missing or Poor Quality Content – In the mobile, digital era, good content is what people are hungry for. It’s not just data, it’s about support for their quest. Good content shows you’re enthusiastic about your business and your desire to help your customers.

Online content is more than fodder for Google’s search rankings. Great content associates you with the customer’s ideals and intent. It aligns you with their dream. It makes you look like a leader. If other realtors have excellent content, they’ll grab up that prospect because buyers and sellers are surfing the web. By the way, stats show visitors go for the mls listings or your blog posts.

6. Transaction Oriented – this is where the Realtor looks at a sale as an isolated event where they collect a commission. It’s about not being deliberately strategic and goal-oriented. But what if this one sale is used to help promote you online in a more meaningful way?

We all know having a listing is vital, but what do you make out of that listing? Get more yard signs out, and advertise heavy with your one listing. Make the listing the focus of your online content. Leverage the heck out of it. Talk about the home, its benefits, the neighborhood, and invite comments on social media from people in the neighborhood. The listing is bait, put a hook in it and watch it draw many more prospects.

7. No Google Rankings – Search is huge whether free organic results or PPC ads. You have to be there. These are the house hunters and home sellers who are online doing research. They’re the most qualified prospect possible and easiest to convert.

Get your ads right at the number 1 position because through my experience, I can tell you that this is the position that converts. Don’t let that searcher get to another realtor’s content. Stats show they sign with the first Realtor they find. Be that Number 1 Realtor and get an uncontaminated lead.

8. Ugly Website – Okay, you got me here. My site is ugly too. And I agree, an ugly web design, with poor graphics and a non-inviting, non-engaging interface is an awful statement. I’m inspired now to get my new site up and running.  A $30k website from Real Estate Webmasters is wise if you can afford it.

Whoever you fire to redesign your new website, make sure it looks and feels right. You’ll find WP templates that work very well, although you’ll have to look hard to find the right one. Visuals and how the site looks and feels are really important. Images? I would chose bold imagery that’s not like anyone else’s. Differentiation is hard but you have to achieve it.

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These aren’t the only challenges Realtors face when building a productive website and lead conversion strategy.  Check out this post on how to convert Internet Leads featuring a video from Kevin Ward of Yesmasters.com. And see this post on how to make an impact and how to be more engaging.  Internet marketing is tough but the solution isn’t to automate – it is to give your visitors and clients what they need.

Fix these BIG 8 Realtor problems and the market should open up to you. And remember that this isn’t going to happen overnight. You need some faith in yourself and the people you hire. If there’s someone missing from your team, find them and hire them. Don’t continue on year after year with same old formula. Try something bold, new, courageous and you’ll be rewarded.

Of course, Tom Ferry and your brokerage manager have a different view of Real estate agent problems. They’d point to transactional issues – such as aggressive tactics, cold calling, etc.

Follow-up, CRM, drip campaigns, and all else are kind of telling you that your pitch or value proposition didn’t work. Now you’re chasing the prospect. That’s not fun. The last point in this graph from socialsinergy is a good one too about agents wearing too many hats — jack of all trades, master of none.

Your number one job should be to optimize your value proposition and then get your digital marketer to get that communicated to everyone. That’s building a powerful brand that lasts decades, and which other agents won’t overcome.

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