New Progressive House – 70 Minutes Worth!

A quiet summer eve with nothing to listen to? Here’s some inspiring tunes with the usual hypnotic rhythms to help you relax. Get to know some good new vocal trance, technobass, or progressive house music. A new compilation that we’ve both never heard before. They’re calling it emotional progressive house. Does it stir your emotions? Leave your comment below.

It begins with a 10 second countdown to give it a live feeling, but the songs are excellent. Just a couple of the songs aren’t so good.  The female vocalists are really good, particularly Szen and Audrey Gallagher.

Here’s my Favourites:  The first song, “Your Secret is Safe” is pretty good. Then at the 6:11 mark with Steve Brian and Szen with Neso. Next is the pulsating  Arms Wide Open by Denise Rivera and JP Bates at the 15:00 minute mark. Then at 40:00 is ZhanZen with You & Me.  Then move the slider forward to the 54:36 mark for Giuseppi Ottiviani and Audrey Gallagher with Walk this World With Me a beautiful song. And right after that at the 59:00 minute mark  is Solarstone and Betsy Larkin with “I Breathe You In. Love the percussion. Just use the slider bar to move it to where you want.

..And some nice melodic trance — limited vocals. Just nice background music while you’re working or surfing.

And 2 hours of Romanian Club music

Check out Inna, and Jaytech.

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