Neat Music Video Effects – Slice of Life Round the World

Check out the advanced video effects in this progressive house video. Start off with this cut at [28:07] James Woods & Talamanca – Arrival (Original Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]. At 29:30 there are amazing city scenes and it almost appears as though it’s animation with miniatures, but it’s actually real time-lapse photography. After that is Mindset and Borealis (Tobi Hedges remix) a  nice progressive trance cut.

I’ve listened/viewed this video several times and it just keeps growing on me.  I don’t warm to things or people quickly, but when I do then I’m a huge loyal fan. It’s making me much more interested in video production and the visual arts.  This video is creative and the progressive house and trance music is excellent accompaniment.  If you want to be creative with video, this is a superb example. Great job by TechnoFanSenne and Luscious Melodies. I hope they keep these entertaining slice of life videos coming. I appreciate what they’ve created.

The Allen Watt’s Out of Reach cut at 4:39 with the Northern California people and scenes is excellent. Northern California people are nice (visit my old clients and buy some nice bath & beauty products ; the soaps are very high quality. Definitely a gift item). The Australian scenes are nice too. Man, I wish I could be in Australia, i.e., Melbourne to watch the Aussie Open.

beautifulasiangirlI like the girl at 24.54 pretending to climb Mt Huron, Colorado (14,000 feet) with her boyfriend (19 Hz – Another skin). She is neat. And so is this Asian girl despite the awful tattoos.

At 44:17 it’s Auvic with Voices which is perhaps the best music on the compilation (lots of video from Iceland. I once had a client from Iceland, but I didn’t get to visit. All those giant hot tubs!). And the California scenes are neat too. How do the young ones keep their sanity growing up in So Cal? Maybe this shows you.

Download Luscious Melodies mp3  for your mp3 player/iPod right here. If you love progressive house and dubstep, leave your comment and tell me about your favourites.

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