Meet Inna – She’s Full of Life

Inna is a singer from Romania. She speaks several languages and has a very sexy theme to her music and dancing.  Her videos all have interesting and different styles and themes.

This is a cute, romantic song that was likely shot in California, which has 1.1 million views on Youtube.

Her sexy spirit is definitely captivating. It’s in the beat of the music and the tone of her voice. She has fun with her music.

Her managers have her doing some new themes like the trashy Club Rocker. It’s the wrong direction and is inconsistent with her strengths. Inna is completely unique so there is no competition. This is what happens to people when they ignore their heart — a decline that might keep someone else comfortable but ends up ruining their life. I hope Inna isn’t on that spiral downward.

See more Inna videos.

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